Letting Our Wounds Speak for Us

Letting Our Wounds Speak for Us By: Ryan D. Daniels
Last night I ended up my couch crying and in my feelings. I was in the midst of a text conversation that was going left...real fast. I didn’t know what had set me off but I told this guy that my expectations for us were low and whatever we had going on wouldn’t amount to much of anything. He didn’t say much but he didn’t try to argue against my point.
I was upset so I sent the screenshots to a friend with much sounder judgment than my own. She responded and she dragged me, she asked me why was I pushing him away and why was I asking in such a self-sabotaging manner. I sat there and thought about it and went back through the text conversation I had turned an ant hill into Mt. Everest which an hour’s time span. And what makes the situation that much sadder was I had no idea why I had lashed out at him other than the fact he wasn’t saying what I wanted or felt I needed to hear at that moment.

You're Good, He's Just Not Ready

You’re Good, He’s Just Not Ready By: Ryan D. Daniels

Originally posted August 29, 2016
Before going any further with this piece commit this phrase to memory: You are never good enough for a man that isn’t ready.
So girl, what’s up? What’s wrong with you? I mean you’re smart, you’re pretty, you can cook, you gave him some soul-snatching sex, you are the total package but yet he isn’t ready.
The conversation may have went a little bit like this:
You: "Hey, so we've been kicking it for a minute. I'm into you and I can tell you're into me too. I wouldn't mind us being exclusive." Him: "I mean you're a good girl. You're cool, I like you. But I'm not ready for a relationship right now." 
Understand this you can have all the characteristics I listed plus some but if a man isn’t ready he isn’t ready. Your positive attributes hold no weight to a man that isn’t ready. Why isn’t he ready?

Being a Hard Rock is Exhausting

Being a Hard Rock is Exhausting By: Ryan D. Daniels
Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem... For those amongst us who think “X Factor” is a remix of “Nice For What” the above quote is a line from Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing).
Over the past years, my love life has been for a lack of a better term, shitty. A lot of disappointments and false starts but hey that’s just how the cookie crumbled and I ain’t tripping. However, these disappointments and hard heartbreaks have hardened me. I can be jaded, I can be blasé, and I can be harsh. I’m measured, I don’t get my hopes up, and I’m never willing to put myself out there.

Self-Care Ain’t Chocolate, Wine, and Retail Therapy

Self-Care Ain’t Chocolate, Wine, and Retail Therapy By: Ryan D. Daniels
Chocolate, a whole bottle of red wine, and a trip to the mall are so often classified as “self-care”. However, they are not the only way to take care of yourself and to treat yourself well. Here are a few more ways we may not consider when it comes to living our best lives.

Reclaiming My Time

Reclaiming My Time By: Ryan D. Daniels
Since July, I have probably blocked more men that I have blocked in my whole entire adult life. Why? Because I’m done allowing men to waste my time and I’m dead set on reclaiming my time. And that's word to Auntie Maxine.
I have a saying that time is more important than money. I have lost a lot of money or squandered a lot of money. But the beautiful thing is I can make everything one of those pennies back if I do what I need to do. However, I have also lost a lot of time or squandered a lot of time. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I work I will never be able to get those precious seconds back.

The Power of "In Spite Of"


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