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Don’t Be Me: The 8 Dating Mistakes I Made

Don’t Be Me: The 8 Dating Mistakes I Made By: Ryan D. Daniels
My grandma is an extremely wise woman and one of her favorite adages that she reminds me of when I’m beating myself up is, “Hindsight is 20/20.” Meaning we can always look back and see exactly where we messed up at. In all honesty, I have not had the greatest luck in love. Yes, some of the blame belongs with the men. But a lot of it belongs with me. I decided to take two years off from dating so I could take stock of where I continued to make mistakes in my dating and love life. I seek to write to help people avoid the mistakes I’ve made and here we go.
My 8 Mistakes 1) Involving with myself with unemotionally unavailable, uninterested men, or men who only wanted to play games. This was a big one. For some reason, I constantly chose me who made it clear they weren’t with it. My ego thought I could win them over or that I could change their mind. Do not just listen to what a man says you also need to watch what he does and if th…

Taking The Good with the Bad

Taking The Good with the Bad By: Ryan D. Daniels
Friday before last you could not tell me ANYTHING. I had just purchased my dream car, a Mercedes Benz SUV. I had just got a job offer on the spot at the type of school I dream of working at (well funded, great teacher pay, and in a diverse area). Sunday morning I woke up depressed wondering where it had all gone wrong. Saturday night as I was traveling back from an event at my alma mater, Elizabeth City State University, I’d crashed my own car trying to avoid hitting a deer as I coming off an exit. I was two minutes away from my apartment and my mind had been on getting home and devouring my Panera Bread leftovers.

I’m Not Bob The F*ckin’ Builder (And Neither Are You!)

I’m Not Bob The F*ckin’ Builder (And Neither Are You!) By: Ryan D. Daniels
“Can we fix it?” “Yes, we can!” “Can you fix it?” “No, the f*ck I can’t!” You can fix a broken window, you can fix a flat tire, and you can fix a leaky sink. However, broken people need to fix themselves. That is a word right there! Receive it! Recently, I reconnected with a boo thang from college. Things between him and I never got right in college because I graduated ahead of him and moved on with my life. However, things are different now I’m about to move to the areas he’s in. I’m single, he’s single and when we reconnected at the event there was definitely chemistry. So I asked myself, what the heck why not go for it?


Acceptance By: Ryan D. Daniels
“I don’t care about you. I don’t even think about you. I’ve moved on and I’m happy. I have a girlfriend, we’re happy.” A few days ago I was on the receiving end of those words. They didn’t sting as much as I thought they would it was more so like a small pinch.
It is widely believed that there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depressing, and lastly there is acceptance.

Why Letting Go Of Magical Thinking Allowed Me Happiness

Why Letting Go Of Magical Thinking Allowed Me Happiness By: Ryan D. Daniels
“This is your life. This is your life. This is your life.” This the mantra I repeat to myself every morning when I first wake up and look in my bathroom mirror. This is my life. My raggedy car, my oddly shaped body, my stressful job, the cold other side of my bed, and the list goes on of the things that encompass my life. This is my life.