The Mis-Entitlement of Black Men and the Miseducation of Black Women

The Mis-Entitlement of Black Men and the Miseducation of Black Women By: Ryan D. Daniels
I’m going to preface everything I’m about to say by saying I love black men. If it weren’t for a black man I wouldn’t exist. HOWEVER, I believe in calling BS when I see it.
A few years ago one of my Facebook friends, Val, recommended that all of the black women on her friends’ list read a book called “Is Marriage for White People” by Ralph Richard Banks. The title piqued my interest and I copped a cheap used copy off of Amazon.
The book arrived during my Thanksgiving break and I had nothing else to do so I started reading the book and from a few pages in I was hooked and shook. I realized that the odds for highly educated upwardly mobile black women who want to marry an equally educated black man are bleak to say the least. The book confirmed some of the hunches I have had for years about dating as an educated black women who have only dealt with black men.And I have blogged about this in the past.

Fair and Foul Part III

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De’Andre Hicks should’ve been drafted number one in the professional football league draft. However, due to an injury caused by a traumatic accident that still haunts him he dropped to the last round of draft after missing almost a whole season. He finds his place with the back-to-back national champions the Carolina Cougars but his competition for the starting position is the best albeit most troubled wide receivers in the league, Jay’Von Riddick. All De’Andre wants to do is provide a better life for his mother and to be able to give his girlfriend, Alana, the things that she deserves as she sacrifices to support his dreams. Will De’Andre succeed? Or will he be left to wonder “what if”?
Alana Mitchell is smart, ambiguous, and beautiful and she knew she loved De’Andre the first time on the campus of Florida Technical University. Alana is following in the footsteps of her father, a successful corporate attor…

You're Good, He's Just Not Ready

You’re Good, He’s Just Not Ready By: Ryan D. Daniels

Originally posted August 29, 2016
Before going any further with this piece commit this phrase to memory: You are never good enough for a man that isn’t ready.
So girl, what’s up? What’s wrong with you? I mean you’re smart, you’re pretty, you can cook, you gave him some soul-snatching sex, you are the total package but yet he isn’t ready.
The conversation may have went a little bit like this:
You: "Hey, so we've been kicking it for a minute. I'm into you and I can tell you're into me too. I wouldn't mind us being exclusive." Him: "I mean you're a good girl. You're cool, I like you. But I'm not ready for a relationship right now." 
Understand this you can have all the characteristics I listed plus some but if a man isn’t ready he isn’t ready. Your positive attributes hold no weight to a man that isn’t ready. Why isn’t he ready?

Self-Care Ain’t Chocolate, Wine, and Retail Therapy

Self-Care Ain’t Chocolate, Wine, and Retail Therapy By: Ryan D. Daniels
Chocolate, a whole bottle of red wine, and a trip to the mall are so often classified as “self-care”. However, they are not the only way to take care of yourself and to treat yourself well. Here are a few more ways we may not consider when it comes to living our best lives.

The Power of "In Spite Of"


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