Beautiful Music©

Beautiful Music ©

“So what are you saying then, you’re not fucking her?!?!” Chauncey tried to grab my hands as I reached to slap him. But it was too late my hand had already connected with his face. “Angela, why we got to go through this? I love you. I’m not fucking Jane nor is Jane fucking me.” “Chauncey, whatever I trusted you but fine if you want to be with the bitch then be with the bitch.” I felt the warm tears running down my face as I sat on the edge of the bed.

I had fallen in love with Chauncey due to his creativity he was a musician I was a singer. We made beautiful music together in the studio and in the bedroom. I was sixteen when we met he was seventeen. I thought I had found a kindred spirit in him. Now I’m nineteen he had become a big time record producer seemingly overnight and over the last few months our relationship had turned sour. It went from us staying up all night writing songs and collaborating to us not talking for days and exchanging evil glares. 

“Chauncey, I saw the fucking text messages. Oh Jane I miss you. Oh Jane I need you. Oh Jane, Jane, Jane. What the fuck Chauncey?! What I’m not good enough anymore?” Chauncey sat down beside me, “Jane is a friend, who needs help.” “Fuck Jane, what about me? Do you know how I felt reading that shit? It reminded me of when we first got together. How good that shit made me feel.”
Chauncey looked me dead in the eyes with those dark, bedroom eyes that used to put me in a trance. “Angela, I still love you. And I still feel the same way about you.”

Jane was Chauncey’s so called “protégé” she wasn’t all that talented, but with the right team she’d definitely blow up. She had that look that the industry loved; very generic and easily molded. In today’s industry it didn’t take much talent to make it just the right team. Chauncey spent more time with her than he did with me. I didn’t want to sound paranoid or jealous so I didn’t say anything until today when his phone was vibrating like crazy and I went to shut it down. All I saw was these lovey-dovey text messages between him and Jane. As I read the text messages it felt like my heart was breaking. Chauncey had once been my support system now he was doing this to me. 

Chauncey moved closer to me and kissed me on the lips then down to the spot on my neck that he knew always made me wet. He whispered into my ear, “I love you, Angela forever and for always.” He slowly moved me back on the bed and moved between my legs. He slowly pulled my sweatpants off revealing my red lace underwear.
    As much as I hated Chauncey I loved him. I looked into Chauncey’s eyes as he slowly took my panties off and unbuckled his belt. He took his pants off and threw them to the floor. He took off his white T revealing that ripped chocolate brown body only God could have sculpted. Chauncey moved his soft hands under my tank top and removed it then he unsnapped my bra so quick I didn’t even realize it was gone. Chauncey just gave me this mischievous smile. He took off my boxers and slowly moved his dick inside of me. I bit my lip trying to keep from crying not tears from the sex but tears from the mental hurt. How could I so willingly have sex with a guy who was blatantly disrespecting me? The hurt of knowing the person inside of me didn’t love me anymore. I placed my hands on top of Chauncey silky ass waves. I thought back to the first time we’d made love. It had been my first time ever and I remember stroking my hands up and down his head to forget about the pain and that smile he’d given me.

I looked at Chauncey as he awkwardly stroked away to his heart’s content. He didn’t even fuck me the way he used to. He was talking shit about who’s pussy it was, blah, blah. It was so half-hearted it was pathetic. That mess went in one ear and out the other. He thought he was really doing something I conjured up a couple of porno star moans and a few Oh Daddies’ to stroke his ego.
That was until his cell phone rang, I recognized it as Jane’s personal Ringer ID the same as mine, “Let’s Get It On”. Chauncey sprang up from between my legs to answer, “Yes babe. What is it?” I heard Jane’s annoying voice on the other end of the phone, “Okay I will be right there.”

Chauncey almost broke his neck to get up and put his hoodie, sweats, and sneakers on.. I sat up on the bed and headed straight for the shower. I was sick of this shit! I took a long shower. I got out of the shower and slid on a pair of jeans, a tight white tank top, a long gold chain, and a pair of gold flats. I headed straight for the closet and packed the few possessions I had at his crib. The tears continued flowing. 
I stuffed them all into my Louis Vuitton duffel bag. I was heading back to my own apartment and staying there for good but I heard the doorbell ring. I went to answer it and there he stood, Black. Black was one of Chauncey’s artist and probably the finest dude I’d ever laid eyes on. He had on a black Ralph Lauren polo with a big white horse on it, a pair of light blue jeans, his long diamond studded chain, and a pair of black and white Jordans. He was dark chocolate, he had thick sensuous lips, beautiful brown eyes, wavy black hair, and this southern accent that kept me hot. I just loved listening to his music and some nights I fantasized he was making love to me instead of Chauncey I almost fucked up one night and called Chauncey by his name. 

“Hey Angela is Chauncey here?” I quickly attempted to wipe tears away, “Oh nah I’m sorry Black he isn’t. But come in.” Black came into the living room and sat down. Black gave me a concerned look, “What’s wrong, Angela?” I quickly wiped away the remaining tears, “I’m fine, Black.” Black placed his hand against my arm, “Are you sure?” I tried to lie, but what’s the use. “Me and Chauncey. It’s over.” Black gave me an unsurprised look, “Damn. So you found out about Jane, huh?” I shook my head and gave a pissed off smile, “So you knew, huh?” Black looked away, “I’ve known for a minute. But it wasn’t my place to tell you.” “It’s okay.”

“You deserve so much more though if you ask me, Angela.” I smiled, “Thanks.” I made eye contact with Black. “No need to thank me.” I decided to change the subject. I would have my sister circle to talk about Chauncey with. “So I heard you in the studio working on some new stuff?” “Yeah, matter of fact that’s why I came by here. Chauncey and I were supposed to be doing some work tonight on this beat.” “Word.” “Yeah do you want to hear it?” “Of course.”

Black and I made our way to the dimly lit studio on the second floor.
            Black went over to the shelf and pulled some of his recordings. He put them on the beat that was signature Chauncey. But Black’s rhymes is what made it hot. “I love it, Black.” “Thanks, Angel.” I laughed at my newfound nickname. Black started rapping his verse to me, Her ass too thick, his lips too slick, her hips too perfect... Black made it seem like he was rapping about me, “Sounds good to me.” Black seductively licked his lips, “It should it’s about you.” My nipples instantly started to harden, Black instantly took notice of my braless titties. He reached across and rubbed his fingers across my nipples. My pulse moved to between my legs. He licked his lips again, and I repositioned myself in my chair. “Oh really?”

Black knew he had me and I wasn’t going to front on him. If he wanted me he could have me no question asked. Yeah, some girls might say I’m trifling for screwing my man’s “best friend”. But the feeling was mutual. Black scanned my body, and I knew it was over. I had been good to Chauncey and he’d started treating me like shit over a new piece of ass. “Yes, really. Angel I’m going to be straight up. I wanted you from the moment I saw you.”, he said so seductively.” “Are you serious?” “Yes Angel.” Black turned his chair to face me more directly. I got up from my chair and straddled him and placed arms around his neck. I smiled “See the thing is Black. I want you too. I want to feel you. Every since the first time I saw you as well. At the pool party that time, I remember how your trunks outlined your dick.” He moved his hands slowly down my waist and rested them on my ass.
I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Black give it to me.” I started sucking on his earlobe. I sucked on his neck where his pulse beat was. I reached for his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. He just bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes. Black slowly moved me away, “Nah Angela this is about you.” He motioned for me towards the black leather sofa in the corner. I got up and made my way over to it, and laid back. Black removed my tank freeing my breasts he slowly started sucking on my breast and rubbing on them. I let out a soft moan; his lips were soft and succulent just as I imagined them to be. I ran my hand across his head. “Ummmm Black…” Black just moved to my other titty and started sucking on it and he pressed them together and started working magic on them both at the same time. I unzipped my jeans, and kicked off my shoes. Black removed my panties and spread my leg. He looked at my wet, glistening pussy, and smiled. He moved his head between my legs and he moved his tongue between my slit to find my clit. My hands gripped the couch. Black sucked on my clit, he kissed me inner thigh. He swirled his tongue around inside of me. He started teasing my clit with his tongue and he knew exactly when to hit the spot. He gently bit my clit, “Oh shit, baby. I’m coming.” It felt like my body was exploding from the orgasm. My body hadn’t felt that good ever. 
I pulled away from Black, he looked at me with my pussy juices shining on his lips. “What’s wrong?” I smiled naughtily, “Nothing just get naked.” I stood up and helped Black get undressed. My mouth hung open when I saw his dick, he was damn near nine inches. I knew the bottom was about to get knocked out of my pussy. “Lay down.”

Black lay down and I got on top of his face, and moved my face closed to his dick. I slowly moved my mouth onto his dick. Black was already giving my pussy a tongue-lashing, I started giving Black the Karrine Steffans treatment. All I can say is 69 was a very good year. The black chair was covered in our essence.
We both came at the same time, we laid there spent until we got our second wind.

I got on all fours as Black came up behind me and slid his dick inside of me. I had to grip the chair again to keep from screaming. It felt like his dick was up in my stomach. Black started working my ass over; he was giving me this intense mix of pleasure and pain but I loved it. I felt my pussy walls shuddering and the powerful energy release of my climax. But Black didn’t stop to let me catch my breath.
I got on top of Black and started riding him. I looked down into Black’s eyes and saw this look of ecstasy. He closed his eyes as I slowed down and speeded up my rhythm. Those years of dancing really helped keep my hips in my rhythm with his body. As I came, Black bent me over the chair and started tearing me up for real. I started crying it felt so good. 

Black and I continued fucking like animals. “Fuck me, Black! Ohhh shit baby.”
Black was a silent lover, which is good if you used to a dude who thinks he’s Mr. Marcus. Black just smiled and placed his hand on the part of my back between my shoulders. “You like this, Angela?” I couldn’t answer I was too overcome with pleasure to answer. I just nodded my head. Black flipped me over and put my legs over his shoulders. Black was giving it to me so damn good. Black drove deep inside of me. His face had this focused looked on this face like making me come was his only goal. That was driving me crazy. I placed my hands on the back of his neck. I was a few strokes away from another orgasm when my head slowly looked over towards the door. Black’s eyes followed mine. I saw both Jane and Chauncey standing there with their mouths hung wide open. Jane’s dress was hanging off and Chauncey shirt was covered in lipstick. 

“Keep going, Black.” Black continued fucking me, “Oh shit, Black.” Black dick was still going deep inside of me, my back arched, he lifted me up and fucked me until he came all inside of me.

I just smiled at them both. Black looked at Chauncey and got up to get dressed. Black had given it to me in the worst way since Thursday; my ass could barely even walk. 

“What the fuck are you doing, Angela?!” Chauncey screamed at me at the top of his lungs. I just laughed, “What does it look like my dude? You’re a big boy you should know.” Black gave Chauncey an evil glare, “Black you supposed to be my boy.” “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Jane just looked at me with a shocked expression as I stood naked and smiling. Jane’s ass wished she had it like me. All I can say is get like me patna.

I slowly started putting my clothes back on. Black and I triumphantly walked out of the studio past both Jane and Chauncey.
Chauncey called me every type of bitch imaginable but you can be surprised what some good dick can do for your attitude. He told me never to show my face at his house again. Which was fine with me, I collected my duffel bag and headed out the door. I got into my car and Black followed me to my place, where we took off right where we started. In the morning Black and I made love again.

Now a year later Black and I both are topping the charts. Jane and Chauncey aren’t fairing as well her album debuted on the chart at number 55 and Chauncey beats have become less and less popular.


Anonymous said…
You got skills sis!!! Keep on writing, I see big things for you for real.
Anonymous said…
okaysoo i see we have a Zane sex chronicles protege on our hands....these stories are amazing!! u got somethinhere..stick to it!!!...Marquina
Anonymous said…
Lol yessss thats what he get see men dont realize when they have something good i love it lol i done read alll your stories all the way to this one which is the very last one up here please write more im becoming a big fan and im telling alot of people about this website

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