How Things Change©

How Things Change©

“Yo Mike I need a favor?” “Yeah man. What you need??” “Gina is flying out to Atlanta and she needs somebody to pick her up from the airport and take her to the hotel. S doesn’t know anybody in Atlanta except you. So can you do that for me?” “Yeah sure Geno. When is she coming in?” I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, “Tomorrow. Two-Thirty. Her cell number is 484-658-6352. And I’ll give her your number. And thanks Mike.” “No problem, man. But I got to get back to work.”

I hung up with Mike and turned my attention back to my computer screen. I had a proposal that was due Monday and I wanted to be done with it by today so my weekend would be clear.
I thought back to my childhood; Geno and I were best friends then there was his sister Gina. Gina was about four years younger than us but she always wanted to hang. She was a tomboy. She could fight like a boy, play football with the boys, and act like a boy with the body to match. I hadn’t seen her in about seven years since I had left California for college. 
Last Geno had told she was in college studying journalism. I hadn’t seen how she looked in years. The last time I saw her she was in a pair of baggy jeans, a big white T, and some beat up sneakers. 

Friday I left work around one to get to the airport in time to pick her up. Geno had told me Gina would call me when she landed so I could know where to pick her up.
I heard my phone ringing I bluetoothed it through my speakers in my BMW. “Hello this is Michael Davenport.” I heard a mockingly deep voice reply, “Hello this is Michael Davenport.” then I heard a snicker, “Gina is that you?” “Yeah it is.” She made the voice again, “Mr. Michael Davenport. I didn’t know you were doing it big like that, Mike.” I laughed, “I’m doing a little something.” “Word, I feel ya. Well I’ll be waiting at Gate five.” “Okay.”

Gina didn’t have the same whiney voice she did when we we’re younger. When I arrived in the pick up area. I didn’t see anyone that looked remotely looked like Gina. I called her, “Where are you?” “Standing in the pick up zone. Where are you?” “I don’t see you what are you wearing?” “A jean jacket with a black dress.” “Okay.” I hung up and started scanning the crowd for a jean jacket. 

That can’t be Gina I said as I looked at a shapely woman in a short jean jacket, a tight fitting black wrap dress, and a pair of black stilettos pumps slowly walked towards me. I gave her an incredulous look, “Gina?” “In the flesh.” I couldn’t believe my eyes Gina was totally different; gone was the skinny boyish figured it was replaced with a curvaceous body. There were no more cornrows now she rocked a sleek bob and clothes that hugged every inch of her body now replaced the baggy clothes.

“Damn Gina you look amazing.” “Thanks and the same can go for you as well.” “Thanks.” I said as I peeled my eyes away from her. “Now are you going to help me with my bags muthafucka’ or we just going to exchanged pleasantries all fucking day.” I smiled, “That’s the Gina I remember.” She laughed, “I still got it in me. After all I did hang with you and Geno.” “True.”, I said as I placed her bag in my trunk. I opened the car door for her and got into the driver’s seat and pulled off.

“Damn this shit is nice, Mike.” “You like it?” “I love it. What’s this? The 745, right?” “Yeah fresh off the lot.” “Mike you are too much left the hood and blew up. Big time!” “Like I said I’m doing a lil’ something. But what brings you to Atlanta?” “An interview for an internship with a public relations firm down here.” I looked at her, “You in public relationships? Miss fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you too.” Gina bust into laughter recalling that scene, “Yes me. I grew out of that whole phase once I got in ninth grade. I realized I had to grown up and be more friendly to people. I mean I came out of my shell.” My eyes scanned her body, and this time I licked up lips “I can see that.”

We drove to her hotel I walked her inside. The hotel was full of people some type of convention was going on. “Thanks for the ride and everything Mike. I appreciate it because I didn’t know how I was going to find my way around Atlanta.” “No problem.” I walked with her up to the front desk. 

“Yes, how may I help you?” “Yes I have reservation in the name of Gina Taylor.” The young blonde clerk scrolled through the computer briefly and looked back up with an apologetic look on her face, “I’m sorry Ms. Taylor. But you were mistakenly bumped out of your room.” Gina gave her a puzzled look, “Bumped out? I have had these reservations for five months.” “We’re sorry but a big motivational seminar is going on at Phillips Arena and we had a big influx of guests. This occurred by accident I assure you.” I saw tears forming in her eyes, “Can you recommend any other hotel in the area?” “Ms. Taylor this is a very big seminar as far as I know every hotel in the metro area is booked.”

Gina mumbled under her breath and walked away, “Damn what am I going to do?” “Gina you can stay with me.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “I mean I don’t want to impose.” “You won’t trust me.” “Okay.”

Gina and I left the hotel, “I can’t believe that shit! My reservations have been in place since I found out about my interview.” “It happens like that sometimes.” “Yeah you’re right.”

We arrived at my house, “Damn Mike! You got all this house to yourself?” “Not to myself there is someone.” I thought I saw a hint of disappointment on her face, “Oh who?” “My dog Chaka.” I saw what looked to be a look of relief on her face, she laughed, “Oh okay. That’s cool.”
As we walked into the house she looked around in amazement, “This is beautiful.” “Thanks.” I gave her the grand tour concluding with the guest room in which she’d be staying. She laid her bag down and sat on the edge of the bed. “I really appreciate this Mike for real.” “You’re welcome.”

“Is that suit Armani?” “Yes it is. Good eye.” “Damn Mike, it looks good on you.” As she said it she licked her lips, please don’t tell me she was flirting with me. “Yeah thanks.” I walked out closing the door behind me, I went downstairs to my office to finish some stuff from home. 

A few minutes later Gina came down with her laptop in hand minus the jacket and the high heels shoes that had been replaced for a pair of black bedroom shoes. “Mike do you have Wi-Fi?” “Yeah.” “Okay what’s the password?” I typed into in for her and turned my attention back to what I was doing. 

She sat down in a chair across from my desk. She the only noise being made was the rapid tap of fingers on her keyboard. “What are you doing?” “Finishing up this paper that’s due in one my classes so I can e-mail it to my professor.” “Such a diligent student.” She smiled, “I try.”

Silence followed again, “Mike?” Without looking up from my work I replied, “Yes?” “You know I had the biggest crush on you back in the day.” “Nah I didn’t.” “Why do you think I always wanted to hang with you and Geno.” “Because you were rough as hell.” She laughed again, “True. I just wanted to drop that tidbit of information on you.” “Oh okay.”

Around five my stomach started growling, “Mike, I’m hungry.” “Damn Gina you read my mind.” “Well then take me somewhere to eat. I already checked your fridge you ain’t got shit.” I gave her the finger and laughed, “I do have enough.” “Don’t even try to play me I saw all those take out menus in the kitchen.”

“You got a point, let me go feed Chaka and I’ll be ready.” “Cool.”

When I returned Gina was standing at the door, waiting with an impatient look on her face. “Took you long enough.” “I was only gone like three minutes.” “I don’t think you understood me. I’m hungry.”, she said with a playful attitude.

“So where are we going?” “This Italian place I’m sure you’ll like.” “Sounds good.” When we arrived we got a quiet table near a window. Gina and I had a wonderful conversation over dinner, we found out we had a lot in common, and caught up on what we each had been doing in years since we’d last seen each other. When we arrived back at my house Gina told me goodnight and headed for her room. I heard the shower running, I went into my room and did the same thing. I let the shower run over my six-five frame. When I got out I put on a pair of athletic shorts and a T-shirt. I was on my way downstairs to let Chaka in when I saw that Gina’s door was slightly cracked. Curiosity killed the cat this I know. But I had to peek. 
What I saw was beautiful, Gina was just stepping out of bathroom with the towel around her body. She slowly dropped it revealing her tender breasts, small waist, and gorgeous hips. I looked as she wiped off her soft bronze skin. I felt my dick swelling in my pants. I moved my hand down to my dick and started rubbing it through the thin material.
 I must not have been the only one horny because as she rubbed towel between her legs, she let out a soft moan. Then she dropped the towel and started rubbing on her pussy with her fingers. She lay down on the bed. The way the bed was positioned I got a perfect view of her spread eagle while fingering herself. I watched as her fingers moved in and out of her. Her eyes were closed, she placed a pillow over her face to muffle her moans as she climaxed.

I couldn’t take it anymore and went into my room shut the door. I lay down on the bed and pulled my shorts down. I stroked my dick up and down, and closed my eyes and replayed the images of Gina in my mind. I moved faster and faster until I felt myself bust. I went into my bathroom and grabbed a towel to clean off with. I got myself together and went downstairs. 

Gina was on the couch looking at television wearing a tight fitting white tank top that was thin enough that I could see nipples and a pair of black boy shorts. She looked at me, “I thought you were sleep.” “I thought u were as well.” I sat down in the chair opposite of her, “I let Chaka in because he was at the door crying to get it.” “Thanks.” “You’re welcome.”

I looked at Gina she was sexy no doubt about that. I wanted her but how could I step to my boy’s sister like that. “Why you looking at me like that?” I broke my gaze yet again, “Gina you look terrific.” She smiled, “Some would say close to spectacular.” “I’m serious.” Gina grew silent and acted as if she didn’t hear me. Ten minutes later she spoke, “So do you like me now?” “What do you mean?” “Mike I had the biggest crush on you when we were younger. But you never paid me no attention, I mean yeah it’s an age difference between us. But you still could have been nice to me. Gina leave us alone, Gina get out my face, Gina why you look like a boy.”

I saw the hint of tears forming in her eyes, “That hurt me Mike. That’s partially why I got my shit together. Because do you remember that time I wanted you to be my first.” I put my head down because a memory which had long since been forgot came back, “Yeah I do.” “Do you know how much that hurt me? I remember you’re exact words, Gina you act like a boy.” “I’m sorry Gina. I really am.” “It’s okay.” “Gina I was young, and stupid back then.” “Like I said it’s okay.” “No it’s not.”

She looked at me, “How are you going to make up for it then?” I thought about it. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. I walked over to where Gina was and stood right into of her I kneeled down and kissed her touching her breasts. “Do you still want me is the question?” She pulled me closer by my shirt, “I never stopped.” As she passionately returned my kiss. 

I took her hand and led her upstairs to my bedroom. I laid her down on my bed; I gently kissed her feet and sucked on her toes. She let out a soft moan as I made my way up to her inner thighs. I kissed on them and lightly bit, her legs were so soft and smooth. I pulled at the waistband of her shirt and removed them, exposing her waxed pussy. I ran my finger across it, “Sexy.” “Thanks.”

I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. Gina let out a soft moan. I placed one hand on each one of her thighs. I slowly worked my tongue up and down her pussy, then down to her ass. She gasped a bit as I lightly bit her soft ass cheek. I started eating her pussy like it was my last meal. Gina placed her hand on the back on my head. I felt her body shake as she came. I lay down on the bed. Gina gave me a dumbfounded look. “Sit on my face.”

Gina did as asked her. She sat on top of me facing my feet. She started riding my tongue as I stuck it inside of her. She reached down and pulled my shorts down from over my hips exposing my saluting erection. She repositioned herself on my face and started giving me head.
I thought I had died and went to heaven the feeling was so intense. She took me into her warm mouth. She was moaning and grinding on my face. I took my tongue out her pussy long enough to taste her ass. Gina let out a low moan and came all over my face. 

I gripped the sheets as she continued moving her head up and down rapidly. I felt the pressure building up inside my dick as I came inside of her mouth. I looked at her as she got off me and turned around.

“Damn this is a vision.”, she said as she shook her head. She removed my shirt and started rubbing chest. She lightly bit me on my chest then lightly tickling my nipple with her tongue. She ran her tongue up and down my stomach, planting random kisses along the way. She kissed my neck under my chin, my ears. She bit me on my neck. 

I closed my eyes, “What are you doing?” she asked “Remembering this moment.” “Let me give you something I remember as well.” I picked Gina up and got on top of her, I spread her legs revealing her dripping, awaiting pussy. I grabbed a condom out my nightstand drawer and put it on.

I positioned myself between Gina’s legs, I slowly slid inside of her tightness. Gina bit her lip and looked me directly in the eyes. She placed her hands on the back on my neck, I placed my hands by her head. I worked deeper into her, “Oh shit Mike.”

 I kissed her gently on her forehead, as I continued stroking with a passion.

Gina gripped her fingernails into my back, “Michael.” I felt her pussy walls shuddering and tighting on my dick as she came, “Gina, turn over.” Gina turned over and read my mind, she got on her hands and knees. I came up behind her and licked her ass cheek. I slowly slid inside of her again, I pumped in and out at a ferociously. I smacked Gina out her ass, she let out a pleasured scream. “Mike! Fuck me.” Gina met each one of my strokes with equal vigor. “Oh my god, Mike that’s my spot.” I pulled out and looked as her juices ran from her and onto the sheets.I tasted her again, she threw her head back. I grabbed her by her hips and went back to giving her all I had until I felt my impending climax. I collapsed on the bed I was so dizzy. Gina fell out on the bed. “Damn Mike.” “What?” “I hope I get that fucking internship.” “I do, too.” I saw as I wiped sweat from my forehead.


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