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Damn I was nervous, I never usually sweated but today I had sweaty palms and butterflies fluttering in my stomach. As the train speeded through the dark underground, when I arrived at the station. I quickly grabbed my bag and headed out into the hustle and bustle of New York City.

I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out the sheet of paper on which I had written down the studio’s information. I quickly read over it and hailed a taxi. This was my first time ever leaving the calm and collected serene countryside of Oklahoma. And damn if it wasn’t a change. I told the taxi driver where I wanted to go, he gave me a crazy look in the rearview mirror, what it meant I didn’t know.

When I arrived in front of his studio. I took a deep breath, paid the taxi driver and went up and I looked for his name on the list of building occupants I found it and pressed the buzzer. A deep, velvety smooth voice replied, “Hello.” “Yes this is Amber Lee.” “Ahhh Amber come on up.” I heard the door unlock and quickly grabbed it and walked into the lobby of the building.

I went over to the stairs and ascended them to his third floor studio. I knocked on the door; I was also nervous because from the picture I had seen of him he was fine. I was sure as hell about to find out though. When he opened the door, I couldn’t believe it, he was gorgeous. He was six-one, caramel skin, emerald green eyes, a baldhead, inviting smile, and a nice build. He was wearing a tight fitting plain gray T-Shirt, a pair of loose fitting comfortable looking jeans, and a pair of black Chuck Taylors.

He broke my stare, “You must be Amber.” He said as he extended his hand, “Yeah I am, and your must be Todd Montana.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Come in.” “Thanks.”, I said as I walked into his studio which as I look around I can see doubles as his apartment. “Nice place you have here.” He gives me that same beautiful smile he gave me when he introduced himself, “Thanks. Can I take your coat?” I slowly take it off and give it to you.

“Please have a seat, Amber.” I sit down on the couch I look around his studio. Different photos from different places all over the world of people, places, and random things are scattered all over the walls. Against one wall is his bed it sat on top of a mahogany platform, the bed itself was a mahogany bed with burgundy and gold bedding.

Todd came back into the room and sat in the chair across from me, “So how was your trip?” “It was good. It was about three hours we hit some turbulence. Then once I got to New York I found the subway station fine and I followed your direction which were good might I add.” Todd was giving me a silly smile, “You have a funny accent.” My face grew hot with embarrassment I had said I was going to talk only as necessary. There was no way I could cloak my southern accent though.

I try to play it off, “So I’ve been told.” “It’s sexy though I like it. Matter of fact you’re sexy. Those pictures I saw of your on Myplace were the business that’s what got me interesting in you.” “Thanks, but I have to be honest I was apprehensive about taking you up on your offer at first, I didn’t know if it was legit, I had to goggle you, and make sure.” “Well trust and believe, I’m legit. I’ve been in the photography game since I was in high school” “Yeah your work is amazing.” “So have you ever modeled before.” “Nah to be honest, I never gave it the slightest thought.” “You should have, you have this beautiful exotic look I saw you were Brazilian when I first saw you. Because of your skin and hair. What are you anyway?”

“Thanks, um I’m black and Indian.” “Cool.” Todd’s eyes scanned my body. “Could I interest you in something to think?” “Sure water would be fine.”

My head was spinning as he walked away. I couldn’t believe this was happening to little ol’ me. It was a crazy. One day I had went to my Myplace account and I had a new message from some guy under the username tmontana, he told me how he thought I was gorgeous and that I seriously needed to consider modeling. He went on to say he was a photographer and that he would love to help me build a portfolio. I first I didn’t believe him because it was some creeps crawling the Internet. We transferred messages back and forth. I googled him made sure he was legit and agreed. My mother and father had protested but I had to let them know I was grown and no longer lived with them and could make decisions for myself. I was a sophomore in college majoring in Business Administration, so it wasn’t like I didn’t have anything to fall back on.

Todd had convinced me to come to New York by paying for my plane ticket and put me up which I thought was the sweetest thing ever.

Todd came back into the sitting area with bottles of water for the both of us. We held conversation for a while longer. “Amber I was thinking of a natural look for your photo shoot.” “How natural?” Todd looked away and quickly said, “Nude.”

“Uh uh. There is no way in hell I’m getting naked.” “Listen Amber you don’t have to be complete naked. But you have such a beautiful body, it’s a piece art within it’s self. We’re going to start out slow with some headshots. Is that cool?” “Yeah the headshots part is. But the nudity hells no.”

Todd took me over to his studio and picked up his camera. He instructed me on how he wanted me to pose. I followed his instructions and he quickly snapped a few pictures. “Let’s take a look at them.” He hooked his camera up to a laptop. He pointed to a few pictures, “See I love these because they really bring out your eyes and accentuate your features.” “Thanks.”

“Let’s take some more.”, I posed against one of the brick walls and Todd snapped away, “Beautiful, beautiful. Look this way. Smile. Turn around.”

“That’s it. They turned out great.” Todd showed me the pictures on the laptop, “They’re excellent you photograph well.” I said with a blushing smile, “Thanks.” Todd slowly stroked my chin and gave me an inviting look, “No thank you.”
I can’t explain what his touch did to me, all I knew is that I wanted him and I wanted him bad. I didn’t really have anything real sexual experience except with my ex-boyfriend Barron.

Barron had been my first, my last, and my only. We had broken up when I caught him in bed with some girl who also stayed in my dorm. Barron wasn’t adventurous at all and had the nerve to say he didn’t want to have sex with me because I was freaky enough for him, whatever.

I didn’t know if Todd was feeling me or not so I wasn’t going to make a move. “Todd I hate to be rude. But I’m hungry.” “I was wondering when you were going to say that. I want to cook for you since you’re my guest.” I can him a suspicious look I had never met a man who definition of cooking went further than the delicacy of milk and cereals and oodles of noodles, “You can cook?” “Of course I can.”

“Wow.” “Have you ever had Cuban before?” I can him a disbelieving look, “Surrrreeeeee, we have lots of Cuban from in Oklahoma.” Todd laughed, “My bad well you’ll get to taste it tonight amongst other things.” “Amongst other things like that what?” Todd looked at me and gave me a smile like the cat that ate the canary, “Oh nothing.”

Todd went into the kitchen and started pulling things out of the refrigerator, beef, beans, onions, garlic, and other stuff I had no idea what it was. “Do you need help?” “Sure if you want to.” I walked into the kitchen, “Can you chop this up?”, he said pointing to the garlic and onions. “Sure.”

I stopped chopping away, then he waste some boiling hot water on himself. “Shit.” I dropped the onions and went to help him, “Are you alright?” “I guess.”, he said as he took off his shirt. I felt my panties instantly get soaked. This dude was RIPPED, his stomach was red where the water had hit. “Let me help.” I said as I got some ice out of the freezer.

I walked over to him and slowly placed one of the ice cubes against his well-defined abs. He cringed at the shocking sensation, “This will make it better.” I rubbed it against his abs, my freaky half wanted to jump out and hold the ice cube with my tongue and run it up and down his abs. But I was a good girl, well for right now at least.

“Feel better?” “Yes thanks.” I walked away and went back to cutting the onions and garlic. I looked at Todd still shirtless, he had a tattoo of angel wings on his muscular shoulder blades. On the side of his neck he had a tattoo of the word gifted. I could started imagining my arms wrapped around that neck, my fingernails digging into his back, I bit my bottom lip imagining the pleasure he could give me.

Shit! “Shit!” I looked down and I had cut my finger and it was bleeding a bit, I wasn’t going to die Todd turned around, “What’s wrong?” I held up my finger helplessly, “This.” Todd came up from behind me, “Let me take a look at that.” He kissed it lightly, “There all better.”, he gave me a cute smile. “Your lip is bleeding too.” “Huh?” Before I could react, Todd was kissing me full on the mouth. Damn he could kiss I felt myself get weak in the knees and my head get dizzy. He pulled away from my lips, then to my earlobe where he took hold of my earring ring and pulled it lightly with his teeth and let go. I let out a small moan.

Todd pulled away, “I’m sorry Amber. I can’t do this.” “Why not?” “I don’t want you to think I’m casting couching you.” “Are you?” “Of course not. Let’s just finishing cooking.”

Todd and I finished cooking dinner. We sat down at the table, Todd opened a bottle of red wine. He poured two glasses, he handed me mine. “Thanks.” “You’re more than welcome.”

“Todd how did you get interested in photography?” “My father was a photographer and he passed when I was young. He left me all his cameras and equipment and I just fell head first into photography.” “What’s your favorite thing to photograph?” “To be honest the human body. The grace and motion of it all is amazing.” I listened as he talked he had this smooth voice that covered me like velvet/

“Enough about me. Are you single?” “Yeah, I’m bout as single as single can get right now. Are you?” “Yeah a lot of women can’t deal with my lifestyle on they’re insecure the get jealous because I’m photographing all these beautiful women, for the two the traveling, I don’t travel for work I travel for myself. My goal is to visit every country in the world before I die.” “Wow, seems like you’ve gotten a pretty good start from the pictures on the wall. I want to travel the world as well.” “Maybe I can take you. “Oh really.”

All I’m going to say is Cuban food was a hell of an aphrodisiac, because I knew I wanted Todd’s fine ass to put me to bed. I think he was feeling it too because his whole demeanor changed. His lips looked more inviting, I wanted to feel his touch all over me, and I knew that how it was going to be by the end of the night.

I decided to get close to the fire, “I know where I want you to take me tonight though.” Todd reached across the table and rubbed my arm. “And where is that?” “To bed?”

Todd got up from the table and came over to me. He kissed me lightly on the forehead, then on the nose, then the lips. “Beautiful.” I lightly sucked his bottom lip, I got up and follow Todd to his bed. He laid back on the bed, “Amber I want to watch you undress.”

He said as his eyes shamelessly roamed my body, “I want to see you.” It was like he had me in a trance, I followed his orders. I kicked off my shoes, I slowly unbuttoned my shirt revealing my bra, I dropped my shirt to the floor, I unzipped my jeans and let them dropped, Todd smirked as he saw I had on a thong. “Perfect. Come here.” I slowly got onto the bed with Todd. I got on top of him, I took his shirt off revealing that damn Adonis body.

I started kissing him all over his chest, across his abs, licking his navel. I sucked his collarbone. Todd removed my bra I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off, my eyes got big as hell when I saw the imprint of his dick in his grey boxer briefs. “Nice.” Todd blushingly replied, “Thanks. I lightly bit Todd on the neck, I kissed him on the chin, I wanted to remember him.

Todd suddenly stopped me, “No I want to please you Amber. Relax. Lay on your stomach.” I did as I was asked, Todd got off the bed but returned with a gold bottle. “What is that?” He kissed me on the shoulder, “You’ll see.”

I felt a warm liquid run down my back, and then my noise was filled with the aroma of cinnamon followed by the sensations of Todd’s strong hands rubbing my shoulder blades. He traced his fingertips down my spine, he rubbed my shoulders. His hands were making my head buzz, he placed small kisses all over my back. It was like his hands were massaging the stress right out of me.

Todd licked my back, then he removed my panties. He poured some oil on my ass and started massaging my cheeks and licking and kissing them, then down my thighs, and to my calves. I closed my eyes and took in the feeling. Barron had never treated me like this. His definition of romantic was, patting me on my ass and saying girl get ready for action.

My pussy was getting soaked just from his touch alone, I knew I wanted to feel him inside of me. Todd massaged my feet sucked my toes, I let out a thrilled moan. “Toddd.”

“Your turn.” “My turn to so what?” He passed me the bottle, “To massage me.” Todd laid down on the bed and I positioned myself so I please him. I poured some oil onto Todd’s muscular back, I massaged his back, feeling his well developed muscles. “Oh yeah Amber that oil flavored so feel free to lick me.” I didn’t say a word, I just let my tongue run down his spine, savoring taste of his skin mixed with cinnamon.

I ran my hands over his shoulder blade. Todd turned over and I massaged his chest. I pulled down his underwear revealing what I had been waiting to see. I poured some of the oil onto his dick and started moving my hand up and down. I placed my tongue on his dick, I licked it slowly making eye contact with him. I ran my tongue up and down his length. I placed my mouth on the head and started moving my head up and down. Todd eyes never left me as I pleased him. Todd body twitched as he came.

“My turn.”, Todd said as he caressed my thighs. I laid on my back and spread my legs so he could the perfect view. Todd kissed the crease between the area between my thigh and pussy. He explored his pussy with his finger. He rubbed his thumb over my clit, I let out a slow moan. Todd made a trail of kisses down my inner thigh, I closed my eyes preparing my body for the pleasure.

I felt his tongue come in come with my pussy. Todd slowly moved his tongue around my pussy tasting every inch of it. “You taste good.” I couldn’t even say thank you. Todd penetrated me with his tongue, I squirmed around on the bed as I came. Todd massaged my tongue with his clit, I felt my body convulse I came so damn hard.

Todd came up from between my legs, “Are you ready for this?” I just gave him a duh look. Todd positioned himself between my legs and put one of my legs up on his shoulder kissing my calves as he did.

Todd’s dick was hitting G-Spot perfectly. I bit my lip to get from having to scream that shit was just that serious. I lifted my body up a bit to meet his effort. His dick was going so deep inside of me it felt like he was inside of my damn rib cage. Todd was going at it like he was in a marathon, then he slowed it down to a grind. Todd look so sexy as his body was covered in sweat and the moonlight accentuated his tattoo. Todd speeded his pace back up, my fingernails dug into his back as I came.

Todd stopped and laid back on the bed. I got on top of his and proceeding to give him the ride of his life. Todd kept his eyes on my body as I moved up and down changing my rhythm. His put his hands on my hips, then moved them up to my waist, and finally to my breast which he fondled. I leaned down so he could taste them.

Todd and I climaxed together, we ended up staying up for the rest of the night talking and sexing. And as the sun rose above the New York skyline I took some bomb ass nude pictures. One of which is no displayed over my fiancé Todd’s bed. My modeling career ended up not working out, but my acting career is blowing up.


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