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Damn this has been one of the most boring days, I’ve had since I came to work at U.S. Bank four years ago, I’ve been working here ever since I’d graduated college. I usually enjoyed my job, but everyone that worked in the offices along with me was out with the flu, it had been terrible this year. I had just come back from being home sick myself a couple of days ago. I sat at my desk reading over some e-mails, and checking my bank account online. I looked good as usual; it was lovely, being single, sexy free. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Right before Thanksgiving over four months ago, my boyfriend of two years, Ian and I called it quits, because we realized we wanted two different things out of life. I’d given him all of me, then some. But fuck it, two tears in a bucket. I leaned back at my chair and stared out at the Charlotte skyline. It was a beautiful, sunny, yet a little chilly, February day. I had a two o’ clock appointment with some young guy, well he was actually a little bit older than me, but nevertheless he wanted me to help him, build a stock portfolio.

I looked at my watch it was currently; it was three minutes ‘til two. I looked at my hair and make-up in the mirror, my chocolate skin, made sure the cousins were looking pretty under my suit jacket. Looked at my freshly manicured nails. I smoothed out my navy blue skirt, and fiddled with a button on my navy blue suit jacket. I hope he wasn’t late because I was seriously ready to go home. At exactly one minute after, I heard a knock at my office door. I got up greet him, “Come in.”

And there he stood, Julius Jefferies we had attended high school together but he’d been two years ahead of me. “Oh my god, Julius. How are you?” Julius flashed that sexy smile that made me melt in high school and damn he still had it. “I’m fine, Elena how are you?” I smoothed a piece of hair back, behind my ear, “Um fine, damn it’s good to see.” “Same here.” He said as I looked him up and down. He had on a nicely tailored black Armani suit, a pair of Ferragamo dress shoes, a black silk tie with silver pinstrips, and a diamond accented his right ear.

I couldn’t believe how good Julius looked. He had been fine as hell in high school, now he was finer than heaven. Damn, I had to sit down before my knees got weak. He had perfect caramel skin, hazel eyes, a gorgeous smile, and that hair, that thick, wavy, jet-black hair that he kept cut close. I’d had the biggest crush on him in high school, but he’d been with Kimmie Edmondson, the whole time we were in high school. And I couldn’t just steal another girl’s man like that. Plus nobody was really checking for me like that back then anyway.

I looked him up and down, “So what have you been doing these last five or six years.” He returned the look, “Well I went to college in Florida, I moved back here about three months. Because and a guy I went to college with was starting his own club. He asked me did I want in and I was like, yeah. So we opened it, it’s called DV8. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not.” “Are you kidding me? That’s everyone has been talking about since it opened in December. I wish I would have known that was your club or I would have been came through.”

He seductively smiled at me, “You should. Damn, Elena if you don’t mind me saying, you still got it.” I moved around and a little bit, “Still got what?” He held his hands out, “It! I mean you was right it high school, you looking way too good now. Do you have a man?” I frowned, “Nah, I don’t. My last boyfriend and I parted ways a couple of months ago.” His eyebrow peaked and he licked those luscious lips, “Uh huh, I’m sorry to hear that.” I looked at him and smiled, “So are you and Kimmie still together?” He laughed, “Nah me and Kimmie broke up before she even got to her first semester at A&T.” Maybe it was just my flat out horniness from dick deprivation, but I felt that usually thumping feeling I got when I wanted a dude.

I nodded my head, “Uh huh. But please have a seat.” Julius took the chair that was directly in front of my desk. My eyes wondered down to his crouch, I caught myself before I let out a grasp. I hope that was something else, because if that was what I thought it was, Damnnnnnnn is all that I can say about that. “So how can I be of service to you today?” Julius flashed that million dollar, panty wetter smile at me again, “Ummm well, I just want to get my finances in order. Because this club business isn’t a long-term thing, and I just want to make sure I’m set, if something happens.” I nodded my head in understanding, “I get where you’re coming from. I can set you up with stocks, savings. Whatever you and me decide on being best for you..”

Julius and I talked business for another hour, and then we started catching up on each other lives. “Um Julius, I hate to cut this love fest short, but I have a meeting at three-thirty I need to get ready for. But give me your number and maybe we can hook up for lunch or something, one day.” Julius smiled again, if he didn’t stop smiling I’d jump his bones right now. He reached into his pocket and took out his Blackberry and licked his lips, “Sure Elena, I’m going to call you tonight. I’d like to take you out tonight if you don’t have any plans that is.”

I ran through my mental calendar, not unless watching Ugly Betty, eating some leftovers from last night’s dinner, and going to sleep at ten was considered plans, then yeah I did. But fuck that, “No, Julius I don’t have any plans. What time?” “When do you get off work?” “At five, but I probably won’t get out of the office until like six-thirty.” I said as I leaned over to get my Blackberry out of my tote bag, letting him see my D cups perfectly, I looked up and eyed him seductively, “Is that cool?”

All I could think about was getting the dick, even though Ian was childish he laid the dick down just the way a grown man should or better. Ian and I were passionate lovers the whole times we dated he introduced me to new things, as did I. Ian had been gorgeous he was dark chocolate with black diamond eyes, six foot-five, professional basketball player, gorgeous pearl white teeth, jet black curly hair, and a delicious and beautiful dick. I loved him and he loved me too, but we realized that things were working in favor of us.

I caught Julius enjoying the eye full, he quickly snapped out of it, when I made eye contact with. “Ummm sure Elena, you do that.”

The next couple of hours, couldn’t fly by quick enough. I called him at six forty five as I made my way out of the parking garage at my office building and into the congested, Trade Street of Charlotte. Julius picked up on the second ring, I could hear music in the background, “Hey Elena.” He damn near yelled into the phone. “Uh hey, what’s all that damn noise.” “Oh were auditioning DJ’s we have a few big parties coming up CIAA weekend and we want the place jumping.” I heard him go into a less noisey room. “Where are you at?” “Right now I’m just leaving the office.” “Word, umm could you meet me at my club?” “Um sure.” I said, “Aight I will see you went you get here.”

I drove in the direction of his club, I had never been there, but I had seen the lines to get in there throughout the week. I parked my car on a side street and walked up to the front door. I walked through the doors and it was more spectacular on the inside than I had heard it was. It was dimly light, there were white shadow screens, that someone said woman dance behind. There were cages were they had both male and females dancers, dancing inside of. The bars was white-lighted, the dance floor had white lights illuminating under it. There was a white wall with a big, screen with a laser show dancing across it.

I walked into the middle of the dance floor, and looked around for Julius. I called out his name, “Julius. Julius. Where are you?” I felt some strong hands come up and wrap around my small waist. “I’m right here, Elena.” I spun around, “Oh there you are?” I twitched my legs and my nipples instantly got hard beneath my La Pearle bra, Julius didn’t know how much that turned me on, or maybe he did from the way he seductively licked his lips. He had changed into a pair of black/white Jordans, a pair of dark Evisu jeans, a black/white NY fitted, and a white tee shirt. Damn he looked even better in his street clothes. I looked into his hazel eyes, as I freed myself from his grip. “So where are we heading for dinner?” He flashed a mischievous smile, “Nowhere.” I cocked my head to the side in anger, “Huh, you got my ass over here starving and you not going to give a sista a damn thing to eat?”

Julius just laughed, “Chill out, Elena. I got you.” He took my hand and led my over to the bar and there laid out in front of me was dinner; from my favorite restaurant at that. “Thanks, Julius. I’m sorry.” Julius shook his head as he passed me a glass of wine, “It’s okay. You had that same quick temper in high school, if I remember correctly.” “Yeah I surely did, but that was because I had not experienced the stress relieving powers of dick yet.” I said with a reminiscent smile. “Oh really, you should have called me.” I started laughing hysterically, “For what, you had was stuck too far up Kimmie’s skinny ass.” Julius’ face got serious, “No I’m serious, I wanted you so bad Elena. I mean you had the smallest waist, that fat ass, I don’t remember you having as much in the titty department, but what you had was nice. I remember when we had Algebra II together and I used to sit behind you. I remember you used to wear thongs and sometimes they’d be peaking up over your jeans.” Julius closed his eyes as he recalled the whole situation. “I knew you were a virgin, but I just wanted that tight ass pussy.” I hated him pulling my former V card those were some of the most fustrating years of my life. But that all changed when I moved in with my older sister after having a big falling out with my parents.

I took another sip of my wine his descriptive recollection made my pussy get wetter than a hurricane; “ My pussy still is tight.” I said with a devilishly grin, as I continued” Well I wanted your ass bad as hell, too. I used to look at you out there sweating on the basketball court, and I would just be like damn. I want him bad as hell. I mean you were and are gorgeous. Plus I heard you were blessed in the dick department.” Julius smiled and blushed again (that was too cute), I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I wanted to fuck him. “Well, I’ve heard that also. But can I be honest with you right quick.” “Yeah, what’s up.” “I didn’t stroll into your office by chance. I saw you at a Bobcats game a few months back, you left before I could speak. So I tracked your ass down.” I smiled, “I’m glad you went through the trouble. So was it worth it?” Julius reached out and touch my bare thigh, “It most definitely was.” I took another sip of my wine, I was feeling super frisky now, “Julius, well can I show you how worth it was.” Julius eyed me confusedly, “Um yeah.”

“Well put on some music. Make sure it that’s slow shit though.” Julius got up and went into the DJ booth, he put on the, Ne-Yo’s “Mirror” I waited for Julius to come back down, I got up and walked over to one of the stripper pole. I walked up the steps that led to the platform. I slowly and seductively started dancing and kicking off my shoes. Next came my suit jacket, button by button. Exposing my black see-through lace bra, I had Julius’s full attention and I planned on keeping it that way. I reached behind my and slowly unzipped my skirt, as I moved my body slowly to the music. Revealing a see-through black lace thong, I twirled my body around the pole. I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra, revealing my breast. I ran my hand over my body; I motioned for Julius to come here with my finger.

Julius walked over and got up on the platform with me. I wrapped my arms around, Julius. “Umm you smell good, Julius.” I put my hands on the pole and pulled myself up and wrapped my legs around Julius’ waist .I started grinding against his dick, and moving to the music. I could feel his dick getting hard, I smiled to myself with satisfaction. I let myself down and took off Julius’ shirt, he had the tightest abs I’d seen in a long time. I ran my hands across them making them twitch. “Aww so you’re ticklish?”

Julius took my hand, “Nah never that. But let me see where you ticklish at.” He said as he moved his mouth down to breast. He licked on my right nipple, then my left as he took it into his mouth. Then he blew on it, the sensation sent chills down my spine. I flinched a little, Julius smiled, “Hmmmm that’s one place.” His lips were so soft and full. I softly and slowly spoke, “Julius we been doing all this talking, but you haven’t even kissed me yet. Kiss me.” I demanded of him. Julius looked deeply into my eyes, “No you kiss me.” I placed a hand on the back of Julius’ neck and brought his face closer to mine, when his lips to touched my lips I felt an instant spark. His lips were juicier than I imagined they would be. It felt so good as his tongue invaded my lips, damn if he could work magic with his tongue on these lips, it was probably a damn near miracle what he could do on the lips below the belt.

It was an erotic sensation his bare skin next to my bare skin. I pulled back from the kiss to look into his eyes. His eyes looked as if he was in a trance. I couldn’t take it anymore, I unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. Exposing a pair of black boxers, and his rock hard dick. Damn was all I could think to myself. He was truly blessed he had to be nine and a half inches or more plus thick. I smiled a mischievous smile, “Damn so what I heard was all fact, huh?”

Julius smiled happily and kissed me again as he picked me up and I wrapped my legs back around his waist. I kissed on his neck; I sucked on his diamond-studded earlobe. I could tell that was a major turn on to him from the sounds he made. I felt Julius’ reaching to take off my panties, he took this off and tossed them to the floor somewhere. I started tugging at his boxers trying to get them off of him as fast as I could. I looked into his eyes again, they were so beautiful they were filled with a passion that I’d never seen before, it was beautiful.

“Julius, I waited so long for this…” Julius entering me interrupted my sentence; I let out a loud moan. Damn was all I could think to myself as I bit my bottom lip. His dick felt so good, I placed both of my arms on the back of head neck, I moved one up to the top of his head. I caught Julius’ rhythm. Julius was a tall and you know what they say about tall dudes, they can go deep. I could feel it in my stomach. Julius was focused he was moving in and out of me with the quickness. “Ummmm Elena, baby this is perfect. Dam…” Was he could say before I placed a finger to his lips. “Stop! New position.”

Julius let me down and I got down on all fours facing the wall where the laser show had once appeared and to my surprise instead of the laser show we had a movie theater screen size view of us fucking. Julius looked in the same direction I was looking it, “Yeah that the crowd camera of usually is.” As he got down on his knees behind me. I nodded my head, “Interesting. But that fuck that, let’s keep going.” I felt Julius enter me from the back and all could do was think about slapping the shit out of myself for not getting up on that shit years ago. He placed his hand between my shoulder blades pressing me down changing my angle, and that shit was off the damn hook. I looked up at the screen again, Julius moving it and out of me, my facial expressions, the sounds in that large quiet empty area. He was going at it so furiously that I could hear his balls slapping against my things. One of the nosiest that turned me on the most. “Ju-ju-juuliusss.” I stuttered through my pussy muscles contracting on his dick. I heard Julius let out a groan, “Damn Elena throw that ass back.” I threw it back at him with each one of his trust.

Julius looked up at the screen, “Damn baby that is perfect. You like that don’t you?” All I could do was nod my head in agreement. I felt my pussy walls contracting and shuddering as I felt a orgasm going on. Before I could explode though Julius pulled out, I sucked my teeth, “Please don’t tell me you bust.”

I looked at the rock solid dick between his legs, “Nah I just wanted you to do something a little different.” He laid down on his back, I knew the deal. I got on top of him and slowly guided him inside of me. I hadn’t ridden a mean dick in ages and didn’t know how much I missed it, until I started working his ass over. Soon I felt my pussy walls contracting on his dick again. I started going faster and faster until I felt myself climax. Julius eyes were closed; I was still straddling trying to catch my breath. “Damn Elena.” I started back riding him with my hands on his chest until he came. We were so spent we just laid embracing each other on the platform for another hour.

That was over five months ago and Julius and I are going strong. He has made serious money off the stock portfolio I set him up with.


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