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It Was Always You©

It Was Always You… “Welcome to my humble abode, Andre.” “Thank, Kyra.” Andre said as he put his duffel bag down beside my door. Andre reached out and gave me a hug. “Damn it’s good to see you Kyra.” “The same can be said for you as well.”

We stepped back and looked at each other. Andre was tall, smooth caramel complexion, excellent build, pretty dark brown eyes, a close hair cut, and an award winning charm. “Thanks Kyra I really appreciate this. I was iffey about asking you if I could stay here or not.” “Now you know mi casa es su casa. I had to offer when I heard you were moving out here to LA.”

 Andre and I had been the best of friends in college. We had lots of classes together and traveled in the same social circles. He had been out in St. Louis a couple of years working as a writer for a newspaper and I had been out here in LA every since graduation working in the film production industry. Andre had gotten a job at an elite magazine and had to move as soon as he got the

Fire & Desire ©

Fire and Desire © Copyright©2007,2008 All Rights Reserved No story on this site can be republished in part or whole without written consent of author. “Malia girl this food is banging.”, I said to my sister as I bit into my Cajun spiced grilled chicken. “Yeah it is.” Malia and I were celebrating her seventeenth birthday at our favorite restaurant. We were sitting at one of the tables that looked out onto the street. It was ten o’ clock lovers were strolling and people were just out enjoying the city’s site. “Oh my god Juliette, is that Jonathan?” She said as she pointed out the window, my head spun around quicker than the speed of light. “Where girl? Where girl?” “Right there with the Yankees cap on.” I studied the guy in the Yankees cap that was quickly approaching, I knew Jonathan beautiful face out of any crowd. “Oh my god, yes it is.” I could feel my heart beat quicken as he came closer and closer. When he finally got close to my window I knocked on it. At first he didn’t h

Don't Tell Me To Stop©

Don’t Tell Me Stop © Copyright©2007,2008 All Rights Reserved No story on this site can be republished in part or whole without written consent of author. ***Reader Beware: This story might not suit everyone's taste. But it's something different. I hope you enjoy.*** I looked at the clock on my wall. Two-thirty damn four please hurry up and get here. It was Friday and like everyone else I was ready to burst out the doors into the weekend. I was planning on going out to Electric, a new nightclub that had just opened a few weeks ago. I was going there with a few of the girls from my job Jessica, Mia, and Dena. Jessica and I were roommates. “Natalia girl I’m ready to get the hell out of here.” I turned around and face, Jessica “Girl you ain’t never lied.” I turned back to my computer and started IM-ing my boyfriend Jaden who was out of town for the weekend for a meeting for his job. I missed him whenever he was gone because his dick game was something serious. We had regu