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I looked at the clock on my wall. Two-thirty damn four please hurry up and get here. It was Friday and like everyone else I was ready to burst out the doors into the weekend. I was planning on going out to Electric, a new nightclub that had just opened a few weeks ago.

I was going there with a few of the girls from my job Jessica, Mia, and Dena. Jessica and I were roommates. “Natalia girl I’m ready to get the hell out of here.” I turned around and face, Jessica “Girl you ain’t never lied.” I turned back to my computer and started IM-ing my boyfriend Jaden who was out of town for the weekend for a meeting for his job. I missed him whenever he was gone because his dick game was something serious.

We had regular conversation at work because I knew my boss monitored everyone’s use of the internet, e-mail, and IM. Even though sometimes I would want to get nasty with it I couldn’t. Jaden was telling me how much he missed me and how boring the meeting today had been. He told me he might be coming home early.

I answered a customer’s call they were trying to figure out how to change the password on their computer. I couldn’t help them they would have to call their software provider. I moved on to the next call someone’s computer monitor had went blank. Dumbass they didn’t even have the crap plugged up. I went through over a hundred more redundant calls. I shut down my computer at four fifty-eight and headed for the door. Jessica and I hopped into my Honda and headed for the freeway. As soon as we got home we headed for our respective rooms to get ready to meet up with Dena and Mia and go get our groove on.

“Damn it’s jumping in here.”, I said as my favorite song started blasting through the speakers. I started dancing by myself and enjoying the music. A fine caramel brother came up to me and asked for a dance. I obliged him, he could dance his ass off, then the groove got busted up when we went over to the bar to rest and he asked for my number and I had to turn him down. “I’m sorry sweetie but I got a man.” I could see the disappointment on his face, “Oh word that’s what’s up. You have a good night.” “Same to you.”

I ordered a martini, I sipped on it and studied the crowd. It was most definitely some cuties in the house. Bur I was going to be on my best behavior while Jaden was gone. “Hello there pretty lady.”, I turned around to see where the deep, smooth voice originated from. There stood a handsome brown skinned guy who looked to be in his mid-20s. “Hello to you to.” “May I interest you in another drink?” I wasn’t turning down free drinks though. “Sure. But first what’s your name?” “I’m Kalif and you are?” “I’m Natalia. Nice to meet you Kalif.” “Nice to meet you as well.”

Kalif got the attention of the bartender, “Bartender another martini for the lady.” “Thank you.” Kalif and I talked for another twenty minutes then all hell broke loose. A girl came out of nowhere yelling at Kalif and I. “What the fuck Kalif? Who the fuck is this bitch?” “Excuse me bitch?” Jessica and Dena most have seen the commotion and walked over, “We got a problem here?” Kalif intervened, “Joslene what are you doing here?” “The question is what are you doing here? You need to be home with me and the kid.”

“Kids. You got kids Kalif?” “Wait I can explain Natalia.” I threw my hand up, “Whatever.”, and with that I walked away.

I walked back onto the dance floor and started dancing by myself. I felt a hand on my waist, a female hand. I turned and saw Jessica standing behind me, she flashed me a smile. “What are you doing Jessica?” “Just dancing.” Jessica and I continued to dance, Jessica was a great dancer. A slow song came on, I started walking away, but Jessica pulled me back. “Where do you think you going?” “I’m going to get a drink.” “Well dance with me and I’ll buy you a drink.” I didn’t feel comfortable dancing with another female, but what the hell. I loved free drinks.

I faced Jessica as we slowed grinded on the dance floor. Jessica was a tad bit taller than me. She placed her hand on my waist again. I felt more and more comfortable dancing with her. “You feel good Natalia.” I looked down and blushed, “Ummmm thanks I guess.”

As the song ended we went back over to the bar, Natalie order me a Blue Motorcycle. “You still drink these don’t you?” I laughed, “I never stopped. I just haven’t came to the club since me and Jaden started dating.” “Yeah I noticed, I rarely see you around the apartment these days. Things with you and Jaden are getting pretty serious I’m guessing.” “You can say that I’m feeling him and he’s feeling me too. He’s a sweet guy.” Out the corner of my eye I could swear I saw Jessica roll her eyes, maybe it was just the liquor. “Word I wish ya’ll the best with that.” “Where in the hell are Dena and Mia?”

Then I saw them Dena was all up on some guy who look like whodunit and ran. Mia was dancing all over some guy so raunchy I was surprised he was putting singles in her thong. Jessica and I went back on the floor and started dancing. Jessica started feeling on my ass, and grabbing on my thighs. What the fuck? “Stop it Jessica.” “Why what did I do?” “Feeling all on me.” “Natalia don’t even trip, it ain’t nothing like that.” “Whatever Jessica.”

We stayed at the club another hour and headed back to the crib. I headed for my bathroom to wash the smell of the club off of my body. I wrapped the a towel around my body and headed for the kitchen. Jessica was in there wearing a white tank top and a pair of black boy shorts eating a bowl of cereal. I went over to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water. I went over to the cabinet and took out a glass, I got some ice of the freezer and started pouring my water in the glass. Then I felt it, Jessica lips were on my neck, “Stop playing Jessica.” “Don’t tell me to stop.”, Jessica said demandingly.

She placed her hands on my hips and pulled me closer to her body. She licked my neck, “Stop Jessica.” But my pleas were useless because my mouth was saying no but my body was saying yes and my moist pussy told the true answer. “Natalia I want to taste you.” I didn’t argue with her. I headed towards my room closely followed by Jessica. Jessica pulled at my towel making it fall to the floor. “Damn perfect.” She said as she licked her lips and then bit her bottom one. She reached out and touched my breast, massaging them, licking them, and sucking on them. I let out a delighted moan, Jessica lips were soft, and smooth. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs eagerly awaiting what I knew was coming to me.

Jessica placed one hand on each one of my thighs spreading them wider. Jessica lightly kissed my inner thighs, she licked my ass, I let out a scream. Jessica dodged her tongue in and out of my pussy. “Jessica baby don’t stop.” She sucked my clit and made me cum like no one’s business. She wasn’t through with me yet. She slowly moved her middle finger inside of my pussy exploring it. She took her finger out and licked it, “Delicious.” She moved her finger in and out of my quickly, my eyes rolled back in my head and my toes curled as I came. “Damn Jessica.”

“Jessica let me taste you.” I got up and removed Jessica’s top from over her head. I shyly kissed her on the lips, and she returned the kiss with as much desire as I gave it. I kissed her breast, touched them, and explored her body with my hands. I pulled her down on the bed with me. I wanted to return to pleasure she had given me. Jessica moaned and guided me as I eat her out. “Lick there baby. Suck on my clit. Oh shit baby keep going. Her pussy tasted so good, not like I expected pussy to taste.

Jessica screamed as she came all over my face. Jessica and I got into a 69 position. Jessica and I pleased each other simultaneously. She ran her tongue down my crack, “Oh my god, Jessica baby.”

Jessica and I headed for the shower. We turned it on, the bathroom quickly filled with steam. Jessica told me to prop my leg up on the shower ledge, I did as she asked me. She started eat me out and made me weak in the knees.

I was so caught up in the hellified oral I was getting that I didn’t notice Jaden standing at the bathroom door mouth hung wide open. “What the fuck?”, Jaden gave me a shock and confused look. “Jaden I can explain really I can.”, I ran after him and caught him at the apartment door. I caught him by the arm, "Jaden baby it was an accident." But then I saw it, then imprint of his hard dick pressing against the fabric of his slacks. A satisfied smile spread across my face, “Oh so you liked that, huh?” Jaden rubbed his dick, “Yeah.”

“Come on then.” I unbuttoned Jaden’s shirt and removed his pants. Without hesitation Jaden got into the shower with us. Jessica and I started kissing Jaden all over. I got down on my knees and started sucking him off. Before I could get into it the shower ran cold and we all scrambled out of the shower onto my bed.

Jessica and I started taking turns giving Jaden head. You could look at his face and tell he was loving every second of it. Jaden bust all over my stomach and Jessica licked it up. “I want to watch you.” Jaden said as he pointed at me and Jessica.

Jessica and I gave Jaden a performance to be remembered. It turned me on even more to know that Jaden was watching. Jaden couldn’t take it anymore while I was eating Jessica out and he came up behind me and started fucking me from the back with a passion. Jaden was fucking me with a furiousness I had never felt before. Jessica and I switched position. It was crazy watching my boyfriend fuck another woman but it turned me on at the same time.

Jaden, Jessica, and I spent the rest of the morning doing shit that I never thought I would have done. A few weeks later I moved in with Jaden, but we all get together a few times a month. Even though now Jessica has a boyfriend and I’m engaged to Jaden.


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