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“Malia girl this food is banging.”, I said to my sister as I bit into my Cajun spiced grilled chicken. “Yeah it is.” Malia and I were celebrating her seventeenth birthday at our favorite restaurant. We were sitting at one of the tables that looked out onto the street. It was ten o’ clock lovers were strolling and people were just out enjoying the city’s site.

“Oh my god Juliette, is that Jonathan?” She said as she pointed out the window, my head spun around quicker than the speed of light. “Where girl? Where girl?” “Right there with the Yankees cap on.” I studied the guy in the Yankees cap that was quickly approaching, I knew Jonathan beautiful face out of any crowd. “Oh my god, yes it is.” I could feel my heart beat quicken as he came closer and closer. When he finally got close to my window I knocked on it. At first he didn’t hear me so I knocked harder and he turned around.

Jonathan gave me that familiar smile and waved, I mouthed, “Meet me at the front.” I walked around to the foyer of the restaurant he was already in there waiting for me.

“Oh my god, Jonathan you look great.” I said I studied him he was wearing a navy Yankees fitted cap, a navy wool jacket, a pair of jeans, and some crisp navy and white Jordans. “You look good too Juliette.” “Thanks.” I said, as there was a sudden lurch in the conversation. “Well damn boy aren’t you going to give me a hug. I haven’t seen you in over a year.”

Jonathan hesitantly gave me a hug and think he didn’t think I noticed his reservation. I don’t know I guess I just thought all the old emotions would come rushing back in him like they were in me. “So how are things going Jon?” “Things are good for me, I’m still working with the newspaper. I moved into a new place, I got a new car, and oh yeah I’m engaged.” The words hit me like a Mack truck, “Engaged? Wow.” “Yeah a little bit after we broke up I started dating my next door neighbor, you know her.” “Kima?” I said with a bit of undisguised astonishment.

I had never liked Kima the whole time Jonathan and I had dated. Now they were freaking engaged. Let me give you a little background on Jonathan and I. We had dated for two and a half years, but had broke apart when I had moved to California for a job. But nobody and I mean nobody I had dated since him could hold a candle to him. For one Jonathan was the finest thing walking earth to me he was brown-skin, five-ten, close hair cut, sexy magnetic smile, and model good looks. His personality was captivating and the sex. Oh shit my panties just got wet the sex was the shit. Jonathan had brought pleasure to my body that I had never felt again. Until this day when I think about it, I can picture it just like it was happening at the moment.

“So Juliette how long have you been back from San Diego?” “I’ve been back about three months, I’m back at my old job but I’m the director of marketing now.” “Moving up in the world I see.” He said as he flashed that smile that had intrigued me the first time I had seen him working in the mall. “I’m trying. So how long have you two been engaged.” “About five months. We’re getting married next month.” “Cool.” “So are you single, Juliette?” I looked down and felt tears coming to my eyes and my face flush with embarrassment, “Yeah I haven’t really gotten back into the dating scene here yet.” “I wish you luck with that.” “Thanks.” “But I have to be getting home. Do you have business card I would love to invite you to the wedding.” I slowly fished through my purse for one of my cards. “Here you go.” “It was good to see you.” “Same here.” I said as I walked back to the table.

Malia was waiting at the table with an expectant look on her face, “So what happened?” “Nothing.” I said with disappointment all over my voice. “Why are you so sad?” “Jonathan is engaged.” “Are you serious?” “Yes he gets married next month.”, I said with tears slowly leaking out my eyes. “Damn girl that’s messed up.” “Tell me about it.” I said as I started picking over my food, which had lost all taste.

Malia and I finished our meal and headed back over my mom’s house. As I drove to my empty two-story, three-bedroom home, I felt tears rushing to my eyes. I had all the material things any person could want the clothes, the cars, the money, and all that ish. But I didn’t have a soul to share them with. I pulled into my garage and headed into my kitchen. I placed my doggy bag from the restaurant in the fridge. I headed upstairs and turned on my 46 inch LCD screen television. I headed into my bathroom and took a relaxing lavender bath. I was still depressed though.

I just knew I was destined to be with Jonathan but I had to go fuck it all up. When we had broke up I was so career driven it was pitiful, I was selfish and expected him to go with me, instead of following his dreams. Since it was the dead of winter, I turned on my fireplace as I got out of the bathtub dried off and put on my bathroom robe, poured myself a glass of wine, and headed into my office to finish reviewing our outlooks for the upcoming quarter.

I was startled to hear my doorbell ringing at one in the morning. I grabbed my baseball bat I kept near my door, I peaked out my peephole and couldn’t believe my eyes, there stood Jonathan. I slowly opened the door, “Jonathan? What the fuck are you doing here?” Jonathan looked at me as if I had asked him to lick my tar, “I thought you would be happy to see me.” “I’m happy to see you. But how the fuck did you find out where I live?” He held up my business card, “Google is a motherfucker, my dear. I googled your numbers and your address came back.” “Well that’s reassuring. But what do you want?” He looked around, “Can I come in? Your neighborhood is known not to be so friendly to brothers standing outside in the middle of the night.” “Come in.”

Jonathan walked in and surveyed the foyer of my house, “Damn girl you are doing way big. What are you doing a year.” “A little over nine hundred thousand.” “Damn girl can’t fuck with you.” “I’m sure you didn’t come here to discuss my finances.” “Nah I didn’t.”

I saw down in one of my plush black leather chairs and motioned for him to sit as well. “Then what did you come to discuss?” “Us, Juliette.” “Us?” “Yes, us. Juliette we left a lot of things up in the air when you bounced out for Cali.” “True, but those things are irrelevant you’re engaged.” Jonathan looked away, “Yeah I’m engaged…” Jonathan shook his head. “But Juliette my heart still belongs to you.” I could feel my heart melt as those words poured from his mouth, “Jonathan you’re engaged, You can’t be feeling that way about me.” “I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way. But Juliette from the moment you walked out of that door, you have consumed my thoughts. I though I had forgotten about you, until I saw you in that restaurant today. Those feelings came rushing back into play.”

I felt my eyes welling up, I didn’t know what to say. “Jonathan honestly I do not know what to say. “Say you still care.” “Jonathan I still care…” I never thought I would say this, “And I still love you. I have missed you all these years.” I stood up and met Jonathan halfway across the distance. Jonathan brought me into his arms and pulled me closer. “I love you still, Juliette.” He said as he gave me an intoxicating passion filled kiss that I returned with just as much passion or even more. Jonathan pulled away long enough to pull the belt of my robe, sliding it off my shoulders revealing my pert breast, slim waist, and seducing hips. Jonathan reached out and caressed my breast with his soft hands. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. “I missed you so much Juliette.” “I missed you, too.” Jonathan slowly started suckling on my breast, visions of our trysts past filled my head.

“Lay on the couch.”, Jonathan gently commanded. I laid down and watched as Jonathan removed his black long sleeve thermal, revealing his cut chocolate body. He came closer to me, He slowly moved his hands up and down my body, “Just like I remember or better.” “Thanks.”

“Let’s go upstairs.” Jonathan followed me upstairs to my master bedroom. I quickly turned on a slow jams cd, “Anytime, Anyplace.” Started emanating from the speakers in my bedroom. Moonlight beamed in through the skylights in my room. A smile spread across Jonathan’s face, “Damn this used to be our shit.” “Tell me about it.” “Nah how about I show you.” Jonathan said as he got on top of me, I placed my hands on his back, and enjoyed the pleasure his lips were providing my flesh. I let out moans and whimpers as he reawaken parts of me I thought were dead. Jonathan moved his lips across me as if he was trying to remember how I felt. He slowly spread my legs, placing his hands on my thighs. He gently kissed my clit and traced it. My toes curled and my back arched as he took me to another world with his tongue alone. “Jonathan don’t stop baby.” He stopped long enough to reassure me he wouldn’t.

He moved his tongue in and out of me, in circles, and any other way imaginable. My orgasm came on so strong, I thought I had blacked out. “Make love to me Jonathan.” Jonathan didn’t hesitate he quickly threw his pants and boxers to the wayside. He took me enter his arms and entered me slowly. I caught his rhythm and enjoyed the slow grinding stroke. I closed my eyes and wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Jonathan was back where he needed to be with me. Jonathan made love to me slowly, gently, and without words, he never lost eye contact with me. Words weren’t needed we knew exactly what we were doing, recapturing what was rightfully ours’, and that was each other.

Jonathan made me come countless times before he came himself. We laid on the bed embracing each other until the sun rose over the frosty morning. He pulled me closer to him on the bed. Jonathan looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the forehead, “Good morning baby.” “Good morning.” I said as I put on my robe and headed into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror damn good dick changes your whole appearance. I could hear a Jonathan’s muffled voice in the next room. I quietly walked across the cold marble floor, Jonathan was on the phone.

“Kima I care for you. But honestly not as much as I thought I did. That became apparent to me last night, when I spent with someone who I love and care for deeply. Kima I know this hurts.” I could hear screaming and crying on the other end of the phone and I felt tears rushing to my eyes. Jonathan softly placed the phone on the hook and sighed. Damn I had ruined a two-year relationship last night. I shook my head and walked out. Jonathan was sitting on the bed with his head hung low.

I slowly reached out and touched him on the shoulder, “I’m sorry Jonathan. I didn’t mean for that to go down the way it did.” “Well I did. Juliette when I saw you last night, I knew full in well, I was going to end back up with you. Besides you make me feel ten times better than what she did.” He pulled me onto the bed on top of him, we spent the remainder of the morning catching up on lost time. I took advantage of my build up of sick days.

A few months later I discovered I was two months pregnant, Jonathan and I eloped in Aruba, and I have put my career on the backburner in favor of building a life with Jonathan. I put my life into prospective and relieved that what I needed wasn’t money it was love.


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