It Was Always You©

It Was Always You…

“Welcome to my humble abode, Andre.” “Thank, Kyra.” Andre said as he put his duffel bag down beside my door. Andre reached out and gave me a hug. “Damn it’s good to see you Kyra.” “The same can be said for you as well.”

We stepped back and looked at each other. Andre was tall, smooth caramel complexion, excellent build, pretty dark brown eyes, a close hair cut, and an award winning charm. “Thanks Kyra I really appreciate this. I was iffey about asking you if I could stay here or not.” “Now you know mi casa es su casa. I had to offer when I heard you were moving out here to LA.”

Andre and I had been the best of friends in college. We had lots of classes together and traveled in the same social circles. He had been out in St. Louis a couple of years working as a writer for a newspaper and I had been out here in LA every since graduation working in the film production industry. Andre had gotten a job at an elite magazine and had to move as soon as he got the offer, so he didn’t have a place to stay. But I jumped at the opportunity to help an old friend out until he found a place of his own.

“Well let me show you around.” I gave him the grand tour of my condo concluding with his bedroom. “I mean it’s not much but it’s your for the time being. I hope it’s comfortable.” Andre fell back onto the bed, “This is fine.” “Are you sure?” “I’m sure. You haven’t changed Kyra.” “Why do you say that?” “You were hospitable like this back in the day.” I smiled thinking back to the days when everybody wanted to come to my apartment because I kept a good meal cooked.

“Yeah but here are my ground rules; Wash your own dishes, don’t eat up all my food, make sure to put your clothes in your dirty clothes hamper so Maria, my cleaning lady won’t have to search for them. Leave the light on outside for me because I work late most nights, but if I’m not here by twelve call me.”
“No problem. I’m probably going to be working late myself.”

I walked out the room and closed the door behind me, I knew his ass was jetlagged and probably wanted to go to sleep.

Three months later…

Everything was good between Andre and I. He was a good roomie but I was going to miss him next month when he moved into his own place. It was cool getting to catch up with an old friend. We both worked late hours so I was surprised when I came home at one in the morning and his car was outside the earliest he had gotten home was two thirty. I unlocked the front door and proceeded inside of the living room. 

I instantly heard moans and muffled voices emanating from his room. That’s why his ass was home so early. I didn’t care that he had company at least somebody around here was getting some because I sure wasn’t. It had been a year and a half since I had a name to scream and the ish wasn’t even that good. The only pleasure I was getting was coming from my little naughty box.
But fuck what they say nothing compares to the real thing. A flesh and blood man, being skin to skin, and being in tune with their rhythm.
 As I walked past Andre’s bedroom on the way to my own. I noticed the door was cracked enough for me to peek in. I wanted to keep walking but my devilish other half told me to LOOK. My devilish side won the battle because I peeked in. And what I saw took my breath away. Andre was working it out; I looked at his muscles as he worked in and out of the unknown female. His dick was long and the perfect width not too thick not too thin.

He was on top of the female stroking away. He had her legs pent back and to the side. I listened to the unmistakable noises she made as she came.
I felt my thong getting wet and my pulse quickening as I watched him. Then he did it; he looked at the door. I prayed he didn’t see me. He looked away so I was hoping he hadn’t seen me. But I scurried away to my room like a little mouse.

I went into my room closed the door and went into my bathroom. I turned on the shower and took off my dress letting it drop to the floor followed by my burgundy lace bra and my matching thong. The steam from the shower was overtaking the bathroom.

I stepped inside of the shower and let the warm water caress my body.
 I grabbed my sponge and my lavender shower gel. I massaged the gel into my skin and let the suds run all over me. I felt my hand traveling closer and closer to my pussy. I spread my lips with my fingers and touched my clit. The feeling sent chills through my body. I lightly rubbed my clit then let my fingers probe my wetness as images of Andre flooded my brain. I couldn’t hold back any longer I came all over my fingers. 

I got myself together and got out of the shower. I put on my pajamas and fell soundly asleep.
The next morning the female was up and gone by the time I got up to go to work. I was praying Andre didn’t say anything to me about last night. “Good morning Kyra.” “Oh good morning Andre.” I said as I sipped on my coffee. Andre smiled at me, “I didn’t hear you come last night. I meant come in last night.” Oh shit did he know?” “I got here about three.” “Cool.” “Well I’ll see you tonight.” “Cool.”

I grabbed my briefcase and headed out to work. I had a lot of people I had to see today for the starring role in this new comedy movie. I was trying to find a fresh face to cast in the staring role. 

I went into my office I greeted my secretary, Jill. I headed into my office and told her to call the first person .As soon as he said the first line I said next. I went through about fifty people but only five stood out. I kept their portfolios. I would call them back in to be judged in front of the panel of people involved in casting the movie.

I went through a few more people and talked with a few movie execs and made a few calls. That was what my normal day consisted of. Around two Jill came in caring a dozen roses. “Who is this from?” Jill shrugged her shoulders, “I have no idea.”

She placed them on the desk and I grabbed the card that was on it, it read: It was always you. Signed, Anonymous. Jill gave me an excited look, “Who is it from?” “I don’t know.” “Someone has a secret admirer.” “I think not.”

The flowers sent me through the rest of my day. When I got home that night Andre wasn’t at home yet. I went ahead and fixed dinner; I left his plate in the stove. I ate my dinner, took a bath, put on my T-Shirt, and went to sleep. 

In my dreams I felt Andre’ hands touching my breasts and satisfying my body. It felt so damn real, I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Then I opened my eyes and realized it wasn’t a dream. Andre was between my legs eating my pussy like it was the last supper.
He stopped when he realized I was awake, “Damn girl you’re a heavy sleeper.” “What are you doing?” “What does it look like I’m doing I’m tasting this good pussy.” “Why?” “Kyra do you know you talk in your sleep? You were moaning and calling my name. Talking about touch me there and all that shit.” I gave him a confused look, “I did?” “Yeah plus I saw your nosey ass last night.” I looked away embarrassed, “Damn you.” “Whatever. Did you like it?” “Yeah I liked it.” “Do you want it?” “Yeah.” “Aight then lay back.”

I laid back down and let him commence to eating me out. Andre worked his tongue in and out of my pussy. He even licked my ass crack that shit was banging. Andre got up, “I’ll be right back.” He returned minutes later with a bottle of chocolate syrup and a scan of whipped cream. He removed my t-shirt and poured a line of chocolate syrup from between my breast down past my navel all the way to my pussy. He licked the path all the way down to my pussy. He spread my legs wider he stroked my pussy with his tongue moving it inside of me, caressing my clit with it. He entered me using his finger and simultaneously sucking my clit.
 I came so hard I thought my damn heart stopped.
I looked down at the bulge inside of Andre’ shorts. I pulled at the waistband but Andre stopped me, “I want to please you Kyra. I always wanted to bring satisfaction to you.” I gave him a surprised look, “Who me?” “Yes Kyra it was always you. I just didn’t know how to tell you. Just relax and enjoy this baby.” He said as he gently moved a piece of my hair out of my face. 

Andre got on top of me slowly started kissing my neck, kissing my breasts, sucking my nipples, which made me come something that had never happened before.
Andre stopped again, “I’ll be back.” He walked into my bathroom, I heard him turn the tub on. I walked into the bathroom behind him he had lit some candles and drawn me a bubble bath. He was sitting in the tub waiting for me. I sat in the tub facing him. He picked my foot up out the water and slowly started massaging them. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes I left out a small moan as he massaged them. He kissed each one of my toes individually. I felt myself coming again when you haven’t got dicked down in almost two years something like this was pleasure overload. 

“Come here.” I sat down with my back to Andre’ chest. He put my hair to one side and kissed me on my neck. I felt his erection and bit my lip thinking about the orgasms it was going to bring me.
Andre started slowly massaging my back and shoulders. I exhaled heavy as the stress inside of me started melting away. “Andre I need you now baby.” Andre obliged, “As you wish.”

I turned around facing him, I slowly came back down letting Andre find his way inside of me. I let out a muffled moan as I felt his long dick filled me wholly. Andre placed his hands on my hips. He maneuvered my hips up and down, faster and faster. The water had splashed out of the tub extinguishing the candles. The only light we had now was that emitting from the moon. Andre met each my effort rising up to meet me. 

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride as I came. The water was getting cold so Andre and I got out of the tub. Andre dried off every inch of my body with one of my terry bath towels. Stopping when he reached my pussy to taste it again making me weak in the knees. I dried him off as well and we went into the bedroom. 

Our shadows reflecting on the wall were an erotic visual. Andre got on top of me, “Lay on your side Kyra.” I followed Andre’s instructions; Andre positioned himself between my legs.

He placed my leg on his shoulder his dick move plunged deeply inside of me with me laying on my side. I gripped the sheets as Andre made love to me., “Andre I’m coming.”

I couldn’t take it anymore, my body convulsed as the orgasmic waves flowed through my body. Andre gently kissed me on my forehead. “Are you okay?” The words were in my head but couldn’t come to my mouth. 

I lay on my stomach and propped myself up on my arms. Andre got on top of me and entered me from behind. I turned my head to the side and kissed him. Andre moved into me and out. “I’m coming Kyra.”

Andre and I spent the rest of the night satisfying each other and getting to know each other more in depth. The next morning I just called into work.


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Yess This was good as well wish i couldve been longer

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