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My Funny Valetine©

My Funny Valentine © Copyright©2007,2008 All Rights Reserved No story on this site can be republished in part or whole without written consent of author. Today in my opinion is the worst day of the whole 365 days of the year. The day is question is February 14th also known as Valentine’s Day. I had never particularly cared for the holiday but today Cupid was public enemy number one in my eyes. My boyfriend Kenan had broken up with me last night over the phone telling me some bullshit talking about he wasn’t ready to fully commit to me in the way I wanted. All I had asked him to do was to change his relationship status on Facebook. As I walked down the hallway everybody was clutching balloons, bags, flowers, and teddy bears. Everything and everybody was decked out in red or pink. I had decided on wearing all black to be on the contrary. Everyone was saying Happy Valentine’s at every turn. I shuddered as I thought about how work was going to be after class. I worked at one of th