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Today in my opinion is the worst day of the whole 365 days of the year. The day is question is February 14th also known as Valentine’s Day. I had never particularly cared for the holiday but today Cupid was public enemy number one in my eyes. My boyfriend Kenan had broken up with me last night over the phone telling me some bullshit talking about he wasn’t ready to fully commit to me in the way I wanted. All I had asked him to do was to change his relationship status on Facebook. As I walked down the hallway everybody was clutching balloons, bags, flowers, and teddy bears. Everything and everybody was decked out in red or pink. I had decided on wearing all black to be on the contrary.

Everyone was saying Happy Valentine’s at every turn. I shuddered as I thought about how work was going to be after class. I worked at one of those cliché restaurants that was a lover’s dream on Valentine’s Day. I had to wear red to work or put myself at risk for getting a nice big pink slip. My classes couldn’t have ended any slower.

When I got to work I quickly slipped into the bathroom and changed into a tight fitting red silk dress with a corset back and red stilettos. Even if I was in a fucked up mood, I was going to have some of the customers’ girlfriends or wives in an even more fucked up mood than what I was, because their man was eying me on “their” special day. I put my hair up in a bun and sashayed out to my hostess station. Around five-thirty couples came rushing in, by six-thirty three men had broken their necks excuse me proposed.

Then I saw him or better yet he saw me. He was tall, regal, slender, brown skin, and beautiful. He had dark brown bedroom eyes, shoulder length dreadlocks, and seducing lips. What struck me the most was that he was alone. He slowly walked over to my station, “Mitchell, reservation for two.” Damn so he wasn’t alone. I slowly scanned through the list until I came upon his name. “Umm yes Mr. Mitchell right this way.”, I said with as much excitement as the Dry Eyes guy. I seated him and placed one menu in front of him and another menu in front of the other chair on the candlelit table. “Are you expecting another?”

Mr. Mitchell looked around scanning the front door, “Yes she should be here any minute.” “Okay. Would you like to order a bottle of wine, champagne maybe?” “Umm yes a bottle of champagne. Cristal please.” Damn he wasn't sparing any expense that shit was $400 a pop. I returned with a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket and returned to my station. Fifteen minutes passed he was still alone he frequently checked his watch, thirty minutes passed he called a number on his cell phone, and then an hour passed and he turned every few seconds checking the door. I knew La Chateua’s policy on busy nights. No one could occupy a table for more than an hour without ordering. I took a deep breath and slowly approached his table. “Excuse me, Mr. Mitchell has your guest called you?” “No she hasn’t.” “Well I’m sorry it’s a busy night and if you’re not ordering we really need the table. I’m so sorry.” “No I understand. I got these reservations over a year ago.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a black, velvet box and opened it. “Tonight I was going to purpose to Ziera.” My heart ached when I saw the beautiful ring and the defeated expression on his face. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Mitchell.” He threw his hand up in protest and said, “No, please call me Adam.” I couldn’t help but laugh, Adam gave me a perplexed look. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m Eve.” Adam laughed after realizing the coincidence. “Wow that’s crazy.” “Tell me about it.”

“Eve if you don’t mind me asking what time do you get off?” I looked at my watch, “Right now matter of fact.” “Well I would hate for my reservation to go to waste. Would you please join me for dinner?” “I’m sorry I couldn’t.” “Please you’re the only person that has made me laugh today.” I thought about it. “I would love to. But only under one condition we don’t eat here. Just let me clock out and I'll be ready.” I walked into the back and told my manager I was gone for the night. I needed the overtime but fuck it, I'd get it next week. Adam was waiting for me when I walked out of the La Chatuea. Adam smiled as I approached him, "So where do you wanna go?" "Umm somwhere where it isn't packed. That's really hard to do on a night like this." I debated trying to fight the crowd at a restaurant or just take him back to my crib and cook dinner. "Adam I tell you what. Follow me in your car."

I couldn’t believe what I was about to do but fuck it. I drove to my apartment, hopefully for my sake he wasn’t some kind of psycho rapist. I waited for Adam to get out of the car and follow me upstairs to my apartment. When I opened my door, Adam surveyed my apartment. My entire apartment was decked out in an Asian theme. “This is nice Eve.” “Thanks I try.”

“So what’s for dinner?” “You’ll see.” I kicked off my heels and headed for the kitchen I took out all the ingredients that it took to make my famous Chicken Cacciatore; which I had planned on preparing for Kenan’s ass. At least the meal wouldn’t be lost on just me and my elderly neighbor, Ms. Anne. I turned on some soft R&B music and lit a few candles. Adam sat back and relaxed on my couch. “Would you like a glass of wine?” “Yes, please.” I poured two glasses of white wine, and handed one to Adam. “So Eve what do you do? Or is the restaruant your only gig.” “I’m a senior at State, majoring in Art/Fashion design. I plan on opening my own interior decoration firm.” Adam looked around my apartment, “Well from the looks of it, you’re going to do well. I wouldn’t mind if you decorated my place.” “Thanks and I wouldn’t mind doing it. So Adam what do you do?” “I’m in my first year of law school. I’m trying to become a defense attorney.” “Good luck.” “Thanks.”

I got back up and fixed our plates. I served Adam first, “Everything looks good, Eve.” He eyed me as he said the everything part, hmmm. “Thanks.” Adam and I got to know each other so much better over dinner. He shook his head as I told him how I ended up spending Valentine’s Day alone. “He sounds like an asshole.” He told me about Miss Ziera and how wonderful she was and this that and the fifth. If she was so wonderful, I wondered why she hadn’t called him yet. I didn’t want to bring up that point so I just nodded my head and listened as he talked.

After dinner we finished the bottle of wine and continued our conversation. When Adam talked my eyes were drawn to his lips, I wondered how his kisses felt. Honestly, I wanted to find out. I had to get my mind off my nasty thoughts. “Would you like a slice of cheesecake?” “Yeah sure., I got up and went into the kitchen to take the cheesecake out of the refrigerator. I placed it on the counter and went to get a dessert plate and knife. I was cutting the cake when I felt an arm wrap around my waist and pull me closer. I turned around and looked up into Adam’s eyes. I put the knife down and brought his face closer to mine, and kissed him. They felt just like expected them to feel warm, soft, and inticing. Adam picked me up and placed me on the counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

I ran my hands across Adam’s head, and pulled back from the kiss long enough to gaze into his eyes. He was fine there was no denying that. I slowly placed a trail of kisses on his neck and gently bit his earlobe. Adam slowly kissed and licked on my neck. “Eve are you sure you want to do this?” I didn’t even acknowledge his question, I passionately kissed him instead. Adam reciprocated with just as much passion. I had to say he was one of the best kissers I’d ever seen. His kisses had my toes curling already. I pulled away from the kiss long enough to catch my breath and start unbuttoning his shirt.

He slid the straps down on my dress and sucked licked a trail down my chest to my nipples. He took my nipple into his mouth lightly sucking on it. I ran my fingers through his hair and grasp the back of his head. He moved from left to right. I let out a soft moan. Adam looked up at me with his eyes full of lust damn he was fine. Adam slowly slid my panties down and spread my legs. He slowly started making a trail of kisses and soft bites from my calves all the way up to my inner thighs. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back in ecstasy. Adam spread my legs more and slowly licked started moving his tongue up and down my pussy.

I grabbed a hand full of his dreads and looked him in his eyes, they were filled with a passion I’d never seen in Kenan’s. Adam knew how to make love, Kenan just knew how to fuck and duck. I threw my hand back and started making noises I didn’t know I could make as the intensity of the pleasure he was giving me rose. Just when I was about to have a sweet release my doorbell started being rang nonstop, followed by heavy knocking.

Adam and I exchanged confused, pissed off looks. I got up from the counter and put on my bathrobe. I looked through the peephole and who did I see. None other than Kenan Jeffries in the flesh. “Eve, I know you’re here. Baby I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I want to commit to you, really I do. Baby let’s just talk this out.” I was beyond pissed, I swung the front door opened with a vengeance.

“Yes?” “Eve can I come in so we can talk?” Kenan was standing there with a big ol’ teddy bear, a box of chocolate, a dozen red roses, and a big balloon. “Uhh no.” Then Kenan heard it this CD we used to freak off to all the time. I could see his spirit was crushed when he dropped the roses to the ground.“Eve I know someone isn’t here.” “Yeah Kenan there is.” “How could you do this? We only broke up last night.” “Kenan no one wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone.” “Eve I’m sorry baby.” “I’m sorry too, Kenan. I really am. But goodnight.” I slowly closed the door and went back into the kitchen. Adam was gone, then I heard his velvety voice emanating from my bedroom, “I’m in here.”

Adam was laid out on top of my black silk comforter in nothing but his boxer brief and a smile. Damn it was a beautiful sight, candle light reflected off of his golden brown skin. “Who was that?” “Nobody.” “It sure took you a long time if it was nobody.” “It was Kenan the guy I was telling you about earlier.” Adam closed his eyes and nodded his head. “Oh I see. Do you want me to leave?” “Hell no.”

Adam laughed as I took off my robe and slowly finished undressing. I had Adam’s undivided attention. I slowly got on top of him, and started feeling his body. His skin was smooth and his physique was perfect no too big, no too small. I lightly kissed him on his neck, sucked on his earlobe, and started sucking on his neck. I looked at his reflection in the mirror and ecstasy was written all over his face.

Adam lightly pushed me away and looked me in my eyes. Then he started kissing me on the neck and down to my breast. He knew what he was doing with his tongue. Adam laid me down on the bed and spread my legs once again. Adam went back to work and this time with more vigor and passion than before. My curl toes, my eyes rolled, and my head swirled as Adam worked every inch of my pussy. For the first time ever I screamed out in bed as I came.

Adam kissed me and he let his finger explore inside of me. He rubbed his finger across my G-Spot making me orgasm again. Damn he knew what he was doing. Adam got up and pulled off his underwear. My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw what he was blessed with. I made the sign of the cross and Adam bust out laughing. “You see something you like?” “Yeah I do.” “And what is that?” “Hmmm I don’t know. I want to taste it and find out. Adam lay down and I’ll be right back.”

Adam followed my instruction and I went into the kitchen. I got the chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, and cherry. I was bout to have my own chocolate for Valentine’s Day. I went back into the bedroom, Adam was laying down on the bed with his dick standing straight up in the air. That shit always made me laugh, I don’t know why. I slowly poured a trail of chocolate from his chest to his navel, followed by caramel. I licked the trail of all the way down to his navel, then I poured some on his dick. Adam cringed a little bit at the cold sensation. I started going to work, Adam moaned out in pleasure. Before I knew it Adam had me in the 69 position. He poured caramel on the small of my back and let it run down my ass to my pussy. Adam and I were going competing to see who could make the other come faster. Adam and I so caught up in our little competition he almost missed his cell phone ringing.

Adam breathlessly answered the call, “Yes, Ziera.” Adam put the call on speakerphone so he could continue to give me this hellified tongue action. “Adam where are you? I just rode past your house. I’m sorry I missed dinner, I really am.” Adam gently bit on my clit, making me shout out in pure ecstasy. “Ziera, I’m sorry you did, too. But don’t worry about it.” Ziera wasn’t trying to hear that, “Adam what was that noise. Are you with another woman?” “Yes Ziera as a matter of fact I am and you know what I’m eating her pussy right now.” I wish I could have seen miss Ziera’s face. “Oh my god, Adam. Are you serious?” Adam started fingering me and sucking on my clit at the same time. I thought I was going to have a damn seizure. I started making noises like I was possessed or some shit, it scared me. “Well Adam I hope you and your little whore have fun.”, Zeira screamed into the phone.

Adam went back to work with no further interruptions, we laid spent on the bed after that round for a few minutes. Adam got up and retrieved a gold wrapper condom out of his pocket. Adam placed my legs on his shoulders, and slowly entered me. I wanted to cry his dick felt so good. Adam and I locked as I he stroked in and out of me. I gripped the sheets as the feeling took over my body. I had never felt like this, I was used to being the dominate one in bed. I didn’t like being controlled, but I had an idea for that. I pushed Adam off of me, “What’s wrong, Eve?” “Nothing, just lay down.” Adam did that, I slowly got on top of him and slowly let my pussy slide down onto his dick. Adam closed his eyes in contentment, I placed my hands on his chest and slowly started moving up and down. I gripped my pussy muscles onto his dick, Adam let out a moan in pleasure. He opened his eyes and never let his eyes leave me, as I gave him all that I had.

Adam placed his hands on my hips and met my effort with every motion. Adam’s eyes closed and he left out a low groan as he climaxed. I laid my head down on his chest and fell asleep right there.

An hour later I was awaken to Adam kissing me on my inner thighs. We spent the rest of the night making love and getting to know each other more intimately.

That is how I spent last Valentine’s Day, this year I’m spending Valentine’s Day as Mrs. Eve Mitchell making love in the city of lights, better known as Paris.


Anonymous said…
damn im at work wanting to leave and get some pussy asap..... you have skills !!!!!!!!!

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