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How you ever wanted something so bad, that it’s the last thing on your mind at night and the first thing on it when you wake up. You fantasize about having it and it being yours’ but then you realize you can never have it no matter how badly you want it. I call these things forbidden fruit. That’s my nickname for Pasha, my brother Anthony’s girlfriend. Pasha was gorgeous she was about five-six, smooth caramel skin, bright hazel eyes, long wavy black hair, and a body any woman would die for. But if you left it to Anthony to tell it she was hag and he just dealt with her because the sex was good.

Anthony was my brother and we had been through a lot together but he didn’t know a good thing when he had it. From the few occasions I got a chance to talk to her, I saw her extreme intelligence which was a major turn on for me and her love for Anthony. You would have thought my brother was a king the way she cared for him. As badly as I wanted to tell her that Anthony was running around on her like a loose dog, I didn’t I had to respect the code after all. I had covered for a many of times when she’d call the crib and he was in the bedroom fucking another women.

“Lo, I’m moving.”, I looked at Anthony. “You’re moving where?” “Back to DC.” “For what man?” “A change and to get away from Pasha.” “What do you have against Pasha?” “She wants a serious relationship. I ain’t even tryna have that.” “Ant, man you’re stupid. You’re dating one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen and you’re dogging her like that.” “Whatever man she ain’t all that.” “Yea, so when are you leaving?” “Next week.” “And whose going to pay your half of the rent?” “Do I pay it anyway?” I got angry as I heard the comment because I knew it was true. “Uh huh. So have you told Pasha?” “I mentioned it. Of course she went off.” “So have you told her you’re moving next week?” “Nope and I’m not gone tell her. She can find out on her own.” I shook my head at his arrogance. It was about three years between Ant and me, but you would think it was a decade. “Whatever man. You do that if that’s what you feel you gotta do.”

By Friday of the next week when I was getting ready to go to work. Anthony was taking boxes of stuff of to his car. I told him goodbye and watched as he pulled out of the parking lot of the apartment complex. I went back in to get Anthanie, my son ready for daycare.

Anthanie was my only child, but his mother Denisha had really put me through the ringer. When Anthanie was only a few months old, she decides she wants to move to New York to pursue a modeling career. She dumped Anthanie off on me and bounced at that point in time in my life I had enough things burdening me, my mother was battling breast cancer, my father was gone he’d bounced out when I was about twelve, my oldest brother was in college, my older sister was just getting out on her own two feet, and my baby brother had just got into high school. I had to be the man of the house and I didn’t really know the first thing about being a full-time parent. But I had to man up. Denisha blows through every once and a while with a hand full of gifts for Anthanie and like that she gone again. But it was okay, this had made me stronger as a person.

I got Anthanie dressed and took him to daycare. Another thing I liked about Pasha was she was so receptive to children. She had came through with Anthony when I had threw Anthanie a little birthday party. She loved kids and they loved her back. She was definite marriage material. She was independent she owned her own hair salon, she was smart, and she was stable. Through the day at work my mind drifted to thoughts of Pasha. I just wish I had met her before Anthony did. Even though he didn’t really want to be with her, he would take it as a sign of disrespect if I started a relationship with her. My thoughts were broken by my cell phone ringing, I looked down to read the number. It was a 212 number meaning nine times out of ten it was Denisha. “What’s good?” “Hello, Angelo.”, I heard that all too familiar voice say. “Hey to you to. What’s good?” “Nothing much I’m going to be in town for the weekend and I want to keep Anthanie. If that’s cool with you? I have someone I want him to meet.” “And who may that be?” “His stepfather, Greg.” “Stepfather?” “When did you get married?” “Oh in Vegas a few weeks ago. I really feel a connection to him.” I bet.

I shook my head, “And you’re just now deciding to tell me.” “Oh don’t be such a baby. Don’t be so jealous.” I wanted to curse her out, but I was too busy trying to decide if I was going to let my son be around a complete stranger and his immature, irresponsible ass mother for a whole weekend or just tell her hell no and keep it moving. “Denisha I tell you what you can keep Anthanie tonight and I’ll see how he feels about it. Swing past my crib around six, I’ll have him ready to go okay.” “Allrighty then.”, and with that she hung up.

I went through the rest of the work day dragging. I went and picked Anthanie up from the daycare. As usual he was happy to see me. He started telling me about his day and playtime. I smiled as I listened to his story. As we walked into the apartment I sat his bag down on the couch and sat him down. “Listen Anthanie, your mommy is coming into town. She wants you to come stay with her for a night. Do you want to do this?” Anthanie debated it, “Are you coming to?” I frowned, “Nah, I’m not. I’m sorry.” Anthanie frowned and thought about it some more, “I guess.” “Okay.”

I went into my room and packed up, Anthanie’s pajamas, toothbrush, toothpaste, daycare uniform, his favorite book, and one of his action figures. Denisha didn’t get to the apartment until seven-thirty, “Sorry I’m late. Honestly, we got stuck in traffic.” I wanted to laugh, I don’t know where in the hell in this small ass city she could have gotten stuck in traffic. “Whatever Denisha. Where’s your man?” “Waiting at my mom’s for me.” Anthanie looked apprehensive when he saw his mother. I explained Anthanie’s routine to Denisha and prayed she understood it. He had to be at daycare by nine and picked up by four. I explained his bedtime routine and she nodded dumbly.

Before she could pull out her parking space Anthanie was crying and calling my name. It hurt but I knew I had no right to keep my soon from his mother, no matter how trifling she was. I went back into the living room and placed my head in my hands. I fell asleep on the couch, I was woke up by a knocking at the door. I got up and looked through the peephole.

It was Pasha looking pissed off, I opened the door. “Where in the fuck is your brother?” “Umm Pasha would you like to come in?” “No I don’t wanna come in. Just answered my damn question. I have been calling him all day, no answer, texting him all day, no answer. His car isn’t in the driveway.” Even in her anger she looked sexy as hell she had on a skintight black dress, a pair of black high pumps, and my eyes kept wondering to her cleavage as she talked.

“Pasha I really don’t know how to tell you this since apparently Anthony didn’t. He moved back to DC.” Pasha’s hazel eyes went black with anger. “He did what?” I was about to repeat. “Lo I heard your ass the first time. Why in the fuck did he not tell me?” I shrugged my shoulders. A cold burst of artic feeling January air struck us. “Pasha please come in.” Pasha obliged to my request due to the fact she didn’t have on a coat. She walked around the apartment ranting for about another five minutes before she seemed to calm down. Then she burst into tears, “Why does your brother hate me so much?” “He doesn’t hate you Pasha.” “Angelo you don’t know the half of it. I know he cheats on me, I’ve tried to be faithful. I did everything I knew how to keep him satisfied and happy. What did I do wrong?” “Trust me Pasha you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that Anthony needs some time to grow up.” “Tell me about it.

Silence grew thick in the room. I sat down on the couch across from Pasha. I studied her she was looking around as if she was in a daze. Pasha broke the silence, “Lo can I tell you something? And please do not judge me harshly for saying this, but I always felt I should have been with you instead of your brother. It’s like I wish I would have met you before I met him. I have a feeling I’d be in a different place in my life right now. I’m sorry no disrespect to you or to him but that’s how I feel.” I nodded my head, “I see.”

Pasha facial expression changed to one of flushed embarrassment, “I’m sorry. I should have never said that. You must think I’m a fool. I need to go.” Pasha got up from the chair and made a beeline for the door. “No Pasha don’t go.” Pasha turned around and gave me a perplexed look. “Why not? I’ve made a fool of myself.” I grabbed her arm, “No Pasha you didn’t. To be honest I’ve felt the same way about you for some time. I didn’t want to act on it out of respect for you and my brother’s relationship. But I know I could treat you better.” “Really?” “Yes really.” The look on her face changed from relief to lust in zero point two seconds. I placed my hands on Pasha’s waist and brought her close to me. The first time I kissed her, I knew I had to have her. Pasha kissed me with so much passion I felt like I was caught in the matrix. I felt my dick hardening in my pants and I knew she felt it too.

“Lo before this goes any further where is Anthanie?” “With his mom.” “Are you serious? When the hell did she blow back into town.” “I have no idea. But she’s married.” Pasha gave me an incredulous look, “Wow. That’s crazy. Are you okay?” “Yeah I’m fine. I realized a long time ago me and her weren’t soulmates.” “I understand.” I didn’t want to think about Denisha anymore. I moved my hands down from Pasha’s waist to her thick ass. I looked her in the eyes, “Besides. I think I’ve found my soulmate.” Pasha kissed my deeply, “I think I did.” I could feel Pasha’s heart pounding in her chest. I picked her up and took her to my bedroom.

I laid Pasha down on the bed, she kicked off her shoes revealing her perfectly manicured feet. I kissed her feet and sucked her toes one by one. Pasha had her head thrown back in ecstasy. I reached up her dress and removed her panties and spread her legs. I kissed up from her smooth calves, to her inner thighs. I looked up at her eyes, they were filled with passion and anticipation. I slowly started tasting her, she tasted as sweet as caramel. Pasha moaned grew louder and louder, as I got more into. She placed her hand on the back of my head. She didn’t have to worry about me going anywhere, I wanted to please her. Pasha gripped my sheets as she came about three times back to back By the time I stopped, she had a dazed, stunned look on her face and she was staring at the ceiling, legs shaking. “Are you okay?” It took her a few seconds to answer, “Yeah I’m cool. Damn Lo I didn’t know you had it like that.” I just smirked, “Now you do.”

Pasha stood up and turned around so I could unzip her dress. The tattoo of a cross on her lowerback accented her small waist and ass perfectly. I removed her bra and laid down on the bed to admire her beauty fully. Her hair was strategically laid across her shoulders covering her breast. She slowly got on the bed and straddled my hips. She removed my shirt and started kissing and sucking on my neck which was a major turn on to me. She whispered in my ear, “Do you know how long I’ve wanted you?” “Nah tell me.” “Nah I’ll just show you.” Pasha pulled down my sweatpants followed by my boxers. She slowly started running her tongue up and down my dick without ever taking her eyes off of mine. She started working my dick in and out her mouth. Her head game was serious. Damn Anthony wasn’t lying about the head. Her eyes never left mine as she did her thing, they were such a turn-on by themself.
She had me in another world by the time I came. Pasha got back on top of me and kissed me on neck, and whispered in my ear, “I want you now.”, with that she flicked her tongue in my ear. I wasn’t going to let her down. I got on top of her and placed her legs over my shoulders. I slowly enter her, her pussy was wet and tight. It was exactly how I had imagined. Pasha placed her hands on the back my neck. I worked in and out of her, Pasha moans got louder and louder, and she gripped her fingernails into my back. “Fuck me.”, was the last thing she said before she came. I examined the look of fulfillment on her face.

Pasha gave me a mischievous smirk, “Your turn.” Pasha got on top of me, I looked into her eyes as she started to ride me. Her riding game was on point I placed my hands on her ass. I watched as her titties bounced up and down. I palmed them and started playing with her nipples. Pasha brought me to the point of ecstasy and stopped, then started again. She changed her rhythm giving me different sensations every time, by the time I came I had the most intense nut, I had ever had. Sweat was trickling down Pasha’s chest. I licked it off of her it was just something about Pasha that turned me on like hell. She moaned as my tongue came in contact with her skin.

Pasha got up and got on all fours on the bed. It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen her flowing down her back, the moonlight illuminating her body. Her round ass waiting for me, damn good things do come to those who wait. I came up behind her, I penetrated her. I started working in and out of her furiously, her moans turned into screams of passion. I grabbed her hair and just let her throw it back at me. She gripped my sheets, her body was quivering, and she collapsed as she came. She got her composure and went back to her position. I went back to work and she came two more time before I came across her lowerback tattoo.

I picked her up and took her into the shower. The bathroom quickly filled up with steam. She wrapped her legs around me and I had her back against the wall. Damn I really didn’t want this night to end. As we came just as the water went cold in the shower.

We got into the bed, Pasha laid her head down on my chest. She was laying there silently, “Pasha. You cool?” “Yeah I’m good. It’s just I wish I would have met you before I met Anthony. I ‘m falling for you and I know that.” I took her hand into mine, “I feel the same way about Pasha. I really want something with you. I honestly feel you are perfect for me.” I kissed Pasha on the forehead. “For real?” “Yes.” Our confessions were interrupted by my cell phone ringing, I looked at the face and saw that it was the same number Denisha had called me from earlier. I sighed and reached over and picked up the phone.

“What’s going on, Denisha? It’s three o’ clock in the morning.” “I know that Angelo. It’s Anthanie he won’t go to sleep. I’m bringing him back to you. Right now.” “Give him some warm milk and hold him until he goes to sleep.” “I don’t have no time for all that shit.” I rolled my eyes in disgust, “Okay, let me speak to my son.” I could hear Anthanie crying in the background, I heard a muffling noise then I heard Anthanie’s voice, “Daddy I wanna come home.” “Aight man. Your mommy is bringing you home. Right now.” Anthanie sniffled and say, “Okay.”

Denisha got on the phone, “How do take care of this spoiled brat?” My blood boiled, “Denisha! How can you talk about your own son like that?” “Whatever.”, with that she hung up.”

I got up from the bed, Pasha gave me a concerned look, “What’s wrong baby?” “Denisha. She’s bringing Anthanie home.” Pasha got up from the bed, “Oh do you want me to leave?” “Nah baby I want you to stay.” I put on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top.

In about ten minutes I heard Denisha banging on the door. “It’s me.” I opened the door, she had Anthanie by the hand in his sneakers and his pajamas, no coat in the middle of the winter. Anthanie ran to me and hugged me.

I glared at Denisha as she walked into the apartment uninvited and slammed the door. “Thanks.” I gave her a confused look, “Thanks what?” “For letting me stay here tonight.” I bust out laughing, “You can’t be serious.” “No I’m very serious. Greg and me had an argument over me bringing Anthanie over unannounced.” “Okay and I fail to see what that has to do with me.” “Angelo, I’m not staying with my mom. We were staying in a hotel, and he kicked me out the room. I don’t have anywhere to go.” “Anthanie go to your room.” I didn’t want Anthanie to hear what I was about to tell his trifling ass mother. Anthanie went into his room and closed the door.

“Denisha. What in the hell is wrong with you? You barge it my house unannounced. Ask for you son, then bring him right back because you can’t handle being a parent, Denisha I put up with your shit long enough. I love my son more than anything in the whole world, I just hate he’s by you. You are a sorry excuse for a mother or a woman.” The look on Denisha’s face was priceless. “Fuck you. I don’t need this shit.” “Okay so get the fuck out.” “Nah I’m not going anywhere until the morning.” “Denisha, I have company.” “What company?”

Just then Pasha came out of the bedroom, looking sexy as hell wearing one of my T-shirts. “Is everything okay baby?” “Yeah it’s cool Pasha.” Denisha gave me the most hurtful look I’d ever seen. “Who the fuck is she?” “This is Pasha, Pasha this is Denisha, Anthanie’s mother.” Pasha smiled and waved, “Nice to meet you Denisha.” Denisha spat out, “Fuck you.” At Pasha. “No thanks sweetie I’m fucking him.” “Angelo, forget you and this bitch.”

With that she stormed out of the apartment. I went and sat down on the couch and placed my head in my hands, Pasha came and sat down beside me, she placed her hand on my shoulders. “It’s okay baby.” “I know but it’s like Denisha doesn’t give a fuck at all.” “Baby I do care though. I know that's your baby momma and all. But forget her, I may never share with you what she shares with you.” I looked at her, “Who says you can’t? Like I said I want to be with you.” “But what about Anthony?” “What about him? I know that’s my brother, but he wasn’t treating you right, you know that and I know that. I want something real with you.” I placed my hand on her chin and brought her face closer to mine, and kissed her.

Just then Anthanie came out of his room, wiping tears out his eyes. “What’s wrong man?” “I’m scared.” I went and picked him up, “It’s aight man. Your daddy’s here.” He gave Pasha a confused look, she waved at him and he shyly waved back.

Once I got Anthanie sleep, Pasha and I continued our conversation until I fell asleep with her in my arms.

To be continued...


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