The Cookout ©

The Cookout ©
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Acsha are you still going with me to the cookout?” “Yes dammit. That’s like the fifty ‘leventh time you’ve asked me that, Keila.” “I’m just checking because I know how your ass likes to slide out on plans at the last minute.” I grew quiet on that comment, because I knew it was partially true. Keila loved to hang out go to clubs, and party and that wasn’t bit more something I wanted to do. “Well I’ll be there to pick you up at two. Please be ready.” I looked at my clock, it was already quarter till one and I hadn’t even taken a shower yet. “Okay I’m getting ready now.”, I quickly lied. “Well okay, see ya soon.” “Aight peace.”

I hung the phone up and headed to my closet, I pulled out a pair of short dark denim mini skirt, a white and red gingham short sleeve button shirt, and a pair of red low wedge sandals. I headed into the bathroom and hopped into the shower, I got out and dried off I rubbed the towel between my legs, my touch slightly turned me on. It has been months since I had got any dick. My boyfriend Rob and I had broken up. Rob may not have been shit, but his ass was the fucking devil in bed. I remember sometimes he would make me come so hard, I couldn’t talk, better yet breathe, shit that nigga made me see stars on occasion. From his dick to his tongue game, he was on point. Sadly I must not have been on point, because he up and out the blue told me, he just wanted to be friends.

I stopped myself before my ass ended up on the counter getting familiar with myself, if you know what I mean. I went into my room, got dressed, did my hair, and turned on the television to waste time until Keila got there. Finally around two-fifteen, Keila showed up. I grabbed my purse and locked up and was ready to go.

“So who’s cookout is this anyway?” “My first cousins Jaden and Javen’s it’s for their album release.” “Oh okay.” I said as I slowly nodded my head, “The Wanted right?” “Yeah, have you listened to the CD yet?” “Yeah I really like it, they are very talented.” “Yeah I hope they get a major deal though.” “Me too. I’m sick of this crap that’s on the radio constantly.” “You ain’t never lied.”

We pulled up at Riverside Park, I couldn’t help but shed a tear because of the memories Rob and I shared at that park. We had fucked on the deck that overlooked the river numerous times, one time in the dead of winter, that shit was banging though. I remember the night we sat out their and he told me he was in love with me too. I never had been happier than at that moment. But fuck it.

“You okay Ace?” “Yeah I’m fine, allergies.” I said as I quickly wiped the tear off my cheek. “Well c’mon. I want you to meet my cousin.” “Uh okay.”, I was skeptical about meeting her cousin, because I remember the Bugaboo, Bearilla she tried to hook me up with right after Jerman and I bit the dust. “What cousin?” “Jaden, he saw your picture in my photo album from my birthday party. He’s been asking about you ever since.” I was nervous because on their album cover they just had a cool piece of artwork no pictures.
“Where is he at?” Keila pointed across the lawn to a vision. He appeared to be all grades of fine from where I was standing. Hopefully he wasn’t a Monet’ you know looks good from far back but is a hot mess up close. Keila and I walked over to where he was standing talking to a group of guys. She tapped him on his shoulder, “What’s good cuz, I got somebody I want you to meet.” He turned around, “And who is that?” She pointed to me, “My friend, Acsha.” His eyes met mine and I thought I was cum right then, “Nice to meet you Acsha. I’m Jaden.” “Nice to meet you, Jaden.” I extended my hand and he took it and slowly shook it. He looked even better up close and personal. He was about five-ten, fit built, succulent looking lips, enchanting dark eyes, a megawatt smile, and his swag was killing me. I was embarrassed when I realized I was too busy, staring him down to release his hand from our handshake. I quickly pulled away. But he had already noticed.

“Ace you ready to get a plate?” “Yeah.” I followed Keila over to where the line had formed for the food. I’m surprised a riot didn’t break out, so many people were rushing to get in line. I got a piece of barbequed chicken, some cole slaw, chicken salad, some string beans, and a cup of sweet tea. Keila had disappeared into the crowd so I went and sat on the patio that overlooked the river, and started reminiscing on the times I spent there with Rob. The cool breeze hit my face trying the tear that had started making a trail down my face. I was the only person sitting on the patio; everybody else was sitting on the shelter where there were picnic tables. I had my back turned to the crowd.

“Can I join you?” I turned around to see who it was and to my surprise it was Jaden, “Sure.” He sat his plate down beside mine on the bench, “Why are you eating alone if you don’t mind me asking?” “Well I lost Keila in the crowd, and I really don’t know anyone here besides her. Plus this spot holds a lot of memories for me.” Jaden look up from the rib he was eating, I looked at his lips and wondered how they would feel eating me. “Good or bad.” “Good ones that turned bad. If that makes any sense to you.” “Yeah it does.” “Cool.” “What made you come all the way over here, from your cookout just to talk to me?” “Simply put. You are beautiful and I want you.” “Want me?” “Yes I want you. Is that a problem?” “Nah. I might want you too. You never know.” Jaden gave me a seducing sexy ass smile, “Well do you want me?” “Maybe, maybe not. Depends.” “On what?” “What do you want from me?” “Well that’s easy I want everything.” “And everything would include?” I said as I arched my eyebrow at him

Jaden reached out and ran his some across my bottom lip, “Your lips, your tongue, your breast, your thighs, your hips, your ass, and most importantly your pussy.” Damn he wasn’t playing any games. “Well damn we get straight to the point don’t we. Now what makes you think I’m the type of girl that gives you everything thirty minutes after meeting you.” “Bad girls always try to look like good girl. Plus it’s in your eyes.” “What’s in my eyes?” “This sensual look, I really can’t describe it. But it made me want you from the moment I saw you.” “Thirty minutes ago?” “Damn you really don’t remember me. Do you?” “Nah where should I remember you from?” “Suburban. I always used to wait on you when you came in there.” “Damn now I do.” It hit me, Suburban was one of my favorite clothing stores. I always had my eye on one particular salesmen, but I was all caught up in Rob during that time period to really analyze him.
“Damn, I wanted you from the first time you asked me to pull down that black dress for you.” “Damn your memory is good.” “I never forget a beautiful face with an even more beautiful body.” “So my body is beautiful too.” “Yeah I want to see what it likes undressed though, honestly. To see if it’s as beautiful as I imagined.” “Follow me then.”

Jaden got up and followed me down the natural path that I knew led deep into the woods unto the bank of the river. As we got closer to the area I wanted us to be in, I pushed him up against one of the largest oak tree and started kissing him. His hand traveled up my shirt and under my bra, he started palming my breast. He started kissing and sucking on my neck, while I licked his ear and sucked his earlobe. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my stomach, my pussy was wet and yearning to feel it. Jaden unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to the ground. He reached up my skirt and started palming at ass, I was glad I had wore a thong because that bare skin to skin contact was turning me on. Jaden slowly slid his index finger inside of my panties, and then inside of me. He bit his bottom lip as he realized how wet he had me, I felt his dick get even harder.

With one quick snatch he ripped my thong clean off. I felt my juices running down my leg. Jaden instructed me to lay down on an old abandoned bench. I did as I was told, Jaden spread my legs and licked up every bit of my juice that had ran down my legs from my calf up to my inner thigh on both legs. He fingered me as he did that with his index and middle fingers. I moaned out as I came all over his hand, it turned me on even more as he licked off his hand. Jaden lightly started sucking on my clit then moving his tongue in and out of my pussy. I stroked his silky waves with my hand, I started at the sun through the trees, as my moans grew louder and louder. My moans drowned out the sound of the river water rushing in the distance. I shut my eyes tight as if I was on a roller coaster as I came.

I didn’t even give myself a chance to recuperate because I had Jaden leaned up against a tree sucking the hell out of his dick. I worked my tongue around it in a circular motion, I felt him get a little weak in the knees I smiled to myself. I worked my head back and forth, and looked up at him. Jaden was enjoying every second of it, I tickled his balls with my tongue, then my tongue back up to the top of his dick and took the head completely into my mouth. Jaden tugged on my hair as he came down my throat.

Before I knew it Jaden had me bent over holding on to the trunk of a tree as he fucked me from behind. He held onto my hips as his dick moved back and forth in me. My moans grew louder and louder, and my knees grew weaker and weaker as an orgasmic wave moved through my body. I felt my pussy juices running down my leg in a stream. Jaden was working the hell out of me something terrible. I looked over my shoulder at the expression on his face it was one of determination, that shit turned me on even more. I lost count of the time I came before Jaden did.

Jaden and I quickly got dressed and headed back to the cookout. We had lost track of time because most of the people were gone, I guess they ate and left. Keila was sitting at one of the picnic tables playing spades. I casually strolled over, “Hey girl, you ready to go?” “I’ve been ready. Where has your ass been? I called you three times.” “Girl I was on the natural path looking at the river.” Keila looked at the time on her cell phone, “For three hours. Girl you know what...” Keila threw up her hand, “Fuck it nevermind.”

As I was on my way to Keila’s car, Jaden stopped me and slid his number into my hand with a note attached, “Let’s finish this tonight.”


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