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I really fucked up, I know I fucked up, I really know I fucked up and now I don’t have you. I miss your voice, I miss your lips, I miss your touch. I miss just being with you. What can I do for your forgiveness?

~~~~~~~~~~Love, Honey

I never begged for anything a day in my life, not a dollar, not food, not anything. But here I am begging for your forgiveness. The saying is true, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and all alone. That saying rings so true for you and I. You were the embodiment of a perfect man, but I didn’t realize that until it was too late. 

I hesitantly send you that e-mail hoping you will reply. But I wait, minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days turned into a week and a half.
 I know I was an asshole for treating you how I did and you have no reason in the world to take me back. I selfishly treated you the way he treated me. I’m dumb I can admit that but please understand I just want your love. Can I have it? 

I turn into your driveway I see your car is outside, no other cars are there. Good. I slowly walk up to the door. You answer wearing a black tank top, a pair of gray basketball shorts, and a pair of black Nike socks with the gray Swoosh. You pushed your dreads back from around your face, you look regal as always, a perfect king in search of your queen. Your queen, which I want to be me.
You frown when you realize it’s me. “What do you want?” “You.” I say fighting back the tears. “Honey we’ve went through this too many times already. You fucked up and I can’t be with you.” You say coldy and callously. “I’m sorry just understand me baby. Just do that for me please. I miss you baby. I fucked up, like I said time and time again. I never wanted anything in the world as badly as I want you right now.” The look in your eyes softens a bit, “Honey come in.” A breakthrough maybe, “You said you want my forgiveness right?” “Yes baby more than anything.” “Prove it.” “How baby? I’ll do it.” “However you feel is appropriate.”
Your face maintains the hardness it had adopted when you open the door. I take your hand and say, “Follow me.” I lead you up the spiral staircase that leads to your bedroom. I opened the bedroom doors and we go into your bedroom that is fit for a king, a huge king size mahogany sleigh bed sits atop of a large mahogany platform. I lead you up to the bed and tell you to lay down. I slowly start removing your tank top revealing the tattoo of an eagle in full soar on your chiseled chest. I start licking it with my tongue. I start kissing on your neck.
You let out a slight sigh I let my lips barely touching your skin causing a funny sensation. I slowly suck on your earlobe. I slowly work my mouth down to my goal, a part of your being that I’d missed so much. I slowly pulled your shorts and boxers down. I gently stroke it, cherishing the moment and then I take it into my mouth. I give my performance every drop of energy I have until I feel you convulse in an orgasmic burst. I get up while you are still enjoying the moment and start undressing.
 I kicked off my heels and pull the tie on my wrap dress letting it fall to the floor in a cascade of silky material. Your eyes roam my curves, you sit up on the bed and place your hands on my hips and pulled me closer. I kiss you, I kiss you like I never kissed you before, letting every drop of my love for you be expressed from my lips to yours’.
By the time we have stopped kissing my head is spinning and I’m dizzy. You unsnapped my bra and throw it to the wayside, you start kissing my breasts individually then you start sucking my nipples, I always loved the way your lips felt against my skin. My panties are drenched from the stimulation. You use your free hand to pulled my panties down and rub my clit. 

I can’t take it anymore and my legs start to shake as I cum. I stopped you, this isn’t supposed to be about me this is supposed to all be about you. I completely remove my panties and push you back on the bed. I slowly lower myself onto your manhood. I feel it in my stomach, like always but I’m relishing the moments. I start grinding my hips in a slow rhythm. You place your hands behind your head and lock eyes with me. I move up and down, winding my hips on every down stroke.
You move your hands from behind your head to palm my breast. You bite your lips as you feel how soft my C cups feel in your hands. You sit up long enough just to ever so slightly bite my nipples making me yell out your name before I knew it I came again. You tell me stop and you lay me down. You get between my legs and penetrate me. 

I place my hands on the back of your neck and make direct eye contact with you your dark brown bedroom eyes are such a turn on to me. Sweat is falling off of you onto me and damn you look sexy. It feels so good to me as you work in and out, in and out of me.

You make me come three times, before you finally come and lay down beside me and stare at the ceiling. “Honey I love you. All if forgiven.”

A smile spreads across my face and I lay my head on your chest. And I know I’m not fucking up every again. Ever again.


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