Happy Birthday Baby ©

Happy Birthday Baby ©

I checked into the presidential suite at the East End Hotel around five I told Hendrix to get there around six-thirty. I had a birthday surprise waiting for him. I quickly went up the elevator into the spacious, luxurious suite I had paid a grip for but it was going to be well worth it to see the smile on his sexy ass face. I had said I was going to give Hendrix something he would never forget for his 25th birthday and I don’t make promises I don’t keep. Know that!
I took a shower and stayed naked. I wanted to be ready for the first part of my plan. I heard the door unlock around five-fifteen and like clockwork Nicolette entered the room looking sexy as ever. Her caramel skin, long russet brow hair, startling green eyes, juicy lips, and curvy shape turned me on like never before. She came directly over to me and dropped the overnight bag she had along with the trench coat she was wearing exposing her sexy ass body. She instantly stuck her pierced tongue into my mouth exploring it as she palmed my ass. We both were wearing fuck me pumps. We laid down on the bed where we started fondling each other breasts. “I missed you, Venus.” I kissed her and told her I missed her too. I started sucking on her nipples making her moan the way I used to. “So where is the birthday boy?” “Probably still at work trying to figure out what his surprise is.” “Do you think he is ready for this shit?” “I don’t know. He said he wanted a threesome and I was more than happy to oblige. But if he isn’t I damn sure am.”
I started slowly massaging Nicolette’s clit her pussy was already soaking. I slowly entered her with my index finger. She started doing the same thing to me. The more we moaned the faster we went until we came all over each other fingers. We tasted each other. Nicolette and I got into the 69 position eating the hell out of each other’s pussies. I massaged her hardened, throbbing clit with my tongue. Nicolette ran her tongue from my pussy all the way up to my ass crack. She stuck her tongue deeply inside my pussy, making me scream out in pleasure. “Oh shit Nicolette.” Nicolette and I came simultaneously; I spread Nicolette’s legs and started eating the hell out of her pussy. Don’t get me wrong I loved sucking dick but eating some sweet pussy was right up there with it. Nicolette pulled my long hair and grabbed it. “Damn Venus.” Nicolette screamed my name as she came.
           Then it was time for the next part of my plan. I went into the grocery bag I had brought with me contained cherries, whipped cream, red icing, and some candles. I lit a few of the candles around the room. Nicolette and I both spelled out Happy Birthday Hendrix on our stomachs with icing, then put made whipped cream bikinis with cherries on the nipples. We sat there waiting for him

Soon I heard the door unlock, I heard Hendrix’s voice, “Venus where are you baby?” “I’m in here.” I yelled from the bed. When Hendrix walked into the room, his mouth dropped, Nicolette and I said “Happy birthday, Hendrix.” in unison. Hendrix had a mix of happiness and shock on his face. “Damn baby you wasn’t joking when you said you had a surprise for me.” I just smiled at him, and then used my tongue to pick one of the cherries up off of Nicolette’s nipple. Hendrix bit his bottom lip as he watched the show begin. I started tracing the letters on Nicolette’s stomach licking them off.
The bulge in Hendrix’s pants was already growing. I licked Nicolette clean then she started on me. As she took the cherry into her mouth, she took my nipple with it and lightly nibbled on it. Hendrix was in a daze he was sitting in a chair that faced the bed rubbing his long dick through his pants. His concentration on us was unbroken. I don’t think it would have matter to him if the building was on fire he was transfixed. Nicolette licked me clean now it was time for Hendrix.
           I took him by the hand and pulled him up. Nicolette and I started stripping Hendrix down to his boxers. I started giving Hendrix some hellified head then Nicolette started giving him head. We got into a competition to see who could make him come first. It was a close competition because Nicolette and I both got down for our crown. Hendrix couldn’t choose a clear-cut winner he came on both of our breasts and called it a tie.
           “So Hendrix what do you want us to do.” Hendrix got a thoughtful look on his face, “I want to watch you two doing each other.” Nicolette and I went to work it turned me on so much to know that my man was watching. I stuck my tongue deep inside of Nicolette’s sweet pussy as she did the same thing to me. The room was filled with our moans. Nicolette and I sucked the hell out of each other pussies until we came on each other’s faces. I fingered Nicolette’s pussy and placed it in my mouth, “What’s next baby?”
I got on all fours and watched as Nicolette spread her legs. Hendrix’s dick could break bricks it was so hard. Hendrix started fucking nice and slow at firs, but the more I moaned the more he sped up. Nicolette was playing with her pussy as he did that. The harder he fucked me the harder she fucked herself and the more that turned me on. I loved knowing someone was watching. Hendrix grabbed me by the hair and made my eyes look Chinese. I screamed Hendrix's name as I came.
           Nicolette and I switched positions; it felt weird at first watching my man doing another woman but at the same time it turned me on. Just to be able to look at his face and watch his chocolate chiseled body moving. My pussy was so hot and wet. Hendrix eyes were locked with mine as he did Nicolette. Nicolette was moaning and screaming his name, I started palming my breasts and licking my nipples. Nicolette couldn’t take it anymore and pulled me towards her. She started eating my pussy like it was her last supper as Hendrix fucked her. Nicolette and I came in unison.
           Hendrix laid down on the bed and Nicolette and I took turns riding him, trying to out do each other with different techniques. I knew I had one when Hendrix closed his eyes and let out a roar as he came deep in my pussy walls.

Hendrix, Nicolette, and I continued our tryst until the four in the morning we fell asleep, got back up took a shower together and continued until the sun came up. I smiled in satisfaction knowing I had given him a birthday to remember. I just hope he got me that brand new Benz for my birthday.


Mr. Gwumpeeh!® said…
Oh damn.

I enjoyed reading this.
Unknown said…
That was vivid. Almost like this has happened before....
Hyaku Juuhachi said…

that is one hell of a girlfriend and one lucky ass dude!!! oh my god i think i just pre-came


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