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Revenge ©
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I sat in my car nervously watching apartment 206, the lights were on and I knew he was home, but how was I going to play this. Not only how was I going to play it or should I even play it. He barely even knew me, just from passing, but I had to get playback. Plus I wanted every bit of his sexy chocolate ass. It was Friday so I knew his baby momma had their son, so I didn’t have to worry about any rugrats fucking up my flow. I looked into my mirror and quickly fixed my lip gloss and got out of my car and slammed the door. I took a deep breath as I made my way up the stairs to his apartment.

I hastily knocked and waited for a respone, hmmm no respone. Knock, knock, knock, knock. Finally I heard an unfamiliar but sexy voice, “Who is it?” “Ummmm Nadirah.” “Who?” “Nadirah.” I saw a figure peeping through the peephole, he quickly opened the door and I stared into his bedroom eyes. He had a towel wrapped around his lower half, and water beads were running down his body. “How can I help you Nadirah?” I didn’t answer his question, I just walked in and started kissing him on his neck. For a second I thought he was going to cuss my ass out and kicked me out his crib but instead he started palming my ass through the thin material of my dress. He quickly closed the door. “What are you doing Nadirah?” I didn’t even reply I pushed him onto the couch and pulled the towel from him. I almost lost my composure as I saw the size of his penis, long, thick, and chocolate. Perfect. I started licking from the bottom all the way to the tip, then I took the whole thing into my mouth all the way down my throat. Then I put vacuum like pressure on it, and released. I decided to stop playing and went to work. By the time I was done, his eyes were rolled back in his head and his toes were curled.

He tried to push me down so he could eat my pussy. I didn’t want that though. I just stood up and unzipped my tight black Harve Leger dress and let it hit the floor. No bra, no panties, just me and a pair of black fuck me pumps. His dick instantly came back to salute status. “Fuck me.” I ran my hand across my pussy, and got on the couch on all fours. He came up behind me and pushed his dick into me, and grabbed my hair. As he fucked me with all his might, I laughed in my mind, at how my plan was working out better than I thought. Not only was he doing me, but he was doing me extremely well. I screamed out in ecstasy as I came for the first time, then the second time, then the third time. He grabbed my hips as he fucked me, and slapped my ass cheek. I could hear his nuts slapping against the back of my thighs. There was a large spot in the middle of his beige couch from where my puices juices had ran down my inner thigh.

I threw my ass back at him vigourously until I heard that unmistakable noise as he came inside of me, filling my pussy with a warm, tingling feeling. I got up put my dress back on without saying a word.

He grabbed my hand trying to stop me, “Nadirah. Wait! Why?” “Thanks.” Was all I said as I walked out the door leaving him with a confused, hurt look on his face. I’m sorry that he had to be a pawn in my plan, but it was the only way I could get back at Charles. Speaking of Charles’ he was on his way up the stairs as I walked down. “Nadirah what the fuck are you doing here?” “Just getting done letting your brother fuck the shit out of me. If I would have known his dick game was that good, I would have done him months ago. Dueces nigga.” I said as I threw up the peace sign at him and burst out laughing. I got into my sleek, black Beamer and sped the fuck off into the darkness of midnight.
In the words of Lil' Kim payback a mutha. Charles thought he was slick when he cheated on me TWICE with my now former best friend Kima and didn't think I would find out. Her ass was next though, I knew exactly where her man Rick stayed at.Hmmm wonder what he's doing tonight.


Anonymous said…
Lol yess now this one was good lol you should finish this so we can see how rick would act then maybe later let her and charles brother link back up after some years lol that was a good plan and it worked out exactly how she wanted

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