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Owner of a Lonely Heart

Owner of a Lonely Heart Right now I feel as if I'm alone and just being straight up ignored by you. I'm sick of crying tears at night, but I'm by myself. My heart belongs to you, but I can't put up with your shit anymore. I'm sorry but I have to keep it moving. I read the words after I have slowly and methodically tapped them out onto the screen of my Blackberry. A tear rolled down my cheek as I reread them. I had cared deeply for Joaquin since the first time we had talked. I felt we were kindred spirit in this crazy world. But as time progressed things between Joaquin and I had slowly disintegrated . We went from talking for hours on end, to never talking at all, only through text messages if even through that much. I sighed as I comtemplated sending the text message. Finally, I decided against it. Sending a text message to break up with someone was just plain tacky. I cleared the screen and called Joaquin. When I almost automatically got sent to voicemail I wasn