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A Blue Christmas

Here's a little something to spice up your holidays. Hope you enjoy! A Blue Christmas   I shivered as I walked out of the bone chilling December air into the warmth of my apartment building lobby.  I got on the elevator and headed to my floor. I walked inside and not a bit of Christmas cheer was to be found in my apartment except for a small Charlie Brownesque Christmas tree that my coworkers had given me as a gag gift the year prior. I placed my groceries in the refrigerator I was cooking Christmas dinner Mrs. Franklin and myself the following evening. Mrs. Franklin an elderly woman who lived on the second floor of my building. It felt nothing like Christmas Eve in my world. I poured myself a glass of red wine and sighed. The parking lot in my apartment complex was nearly deserted most normal people were out and about with their families spreading good tidings. I wasn't exactly a Scrooge but I wasn't  exactly excited about Christmas either.  This was just my

Is It Bad?

I haven't written in some years and this is my first foray into actually writing in some time. The tentative title of this piece is "Is It Bad?". It tells the story of Zaara Gregory, a young, ambition college graduate who is trying to find her place in life. She is the sister of a notorious drug kingpin. Although, she has all of the materialistic trapping a woman could want her life is lacking in so many other areas including love. Please share your thoughts they are greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sincerely, Honey Is It Bad? Intro… Whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness was shopping at the wrong stores. Love, Zaara (XOXO) As I walked into the Louis Vuitton store I knew it was about time for a new bag. When walked in there I was like a fat kid in a candy store. My eyes were instantly drawn to a shiny red bag with top handles. The sales lady was already licking her chops as she thought about her commission. She knew I was about to drop racks. My face all