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Voodoo "Aja! Aja! What in hell are you doing?" I smacked my lips as I struggled to pull the back of my shoe onto my heel. "Natalia, I'm coming as quick as I can, I'm trying to get these damn shoes on!" I stumbled out of my bedroom and into the hallway. Natalia was standing in my living room with her hands impatiently on her hips. She already knew I was procrastinating because I didn't want to get into this fuckery she was trying to involve me in. I put on my coat and prepared to head into the bitter cold January night. As we got into Natalia's car and headed towards the movie theatre. "Nat is he cute or what?" Natalia defensively shrugged her shoulders. "Girl I don't know. Dante just told me to invite one of my girls because his homeboy is new in town and he wanted him to get out and mingle." I rolled my eyes. If old boy looked anything like Dante it was no dice. Don't get me wrong Dante was

The Drought

The Drought "Good morning Atlanta, today is going to be another scorcher. So please stay inside unless you have to be out there." I rolled my eyes as I heard the weather forecaster cheerfully say those words like one hundred plus degree weather was lovely. I rolled out of bed covered in sweat from the night before. I hated waking up sweaty but I hated waking up with a sore throat and stuffy nose even more from the AC blowing all night. I headed into the shower and turned on the cold water letting it run for a few minutes then I turned on the hot. I put on breezy white dress and a pair of white rimmed Prada shades as I headed out the house and to work. I damn near fainted as soon as I hit the street. This heat was unforgiving and to make matters worse this was the third straight week of it and to top it all off we were in a drought. Jesus, jesus, jesus! The city was talking about shipping water in from other places. This crap was ridiculous. They