The Drought

The Drought

"Good morning Atlanta, today is going to be another scorcher. So please stay inside unless you have to be out there."

I rolled my eyes as I heard the weather forecaster cheerfully say those words like one hundred plus degree weather was lovely. I rolled out of bed covered in sweat from the night before. I hated waking up sweaty but I hated waking up with a sore throat and stuffy nose even more from the AC blowing all night. I headed into the shower and turned on the cold water letting it run for a few minutes then I turned on the hot.
I put on breezy white dress and a pair of white rimmed Prada shades as I headed out the house and to work. I damn near fainted as soon as I hit the street. This heat was unforgiving and to make matters worse this was the third straight week of it and to top it all off we were in a drought. Jesus, jesus, jesus! The city was talking about shipping water in from other places. This crap was ridiculous. They had so many water restrictions I couldn’t even get my car washed. Forget the city of Atlanta's drought though. My personal drought was way more severe; a year and three months, twenty days and counting. Oh the humanity!

I breathed a sigh of relief when I walked into my office and felt the cool breeze from the AC hit me. As I slowly made my way to my office, I heard the bane of my existence, Geoffery call my name. Geoffery was a co-worker who I had made the fatal mistake of dating a few years back ever since then he had been on straight stalker mode. I had given him the coochie one time and his dick game was tragic. I mean if sex was record sales this guy probably wouldn't even go double plastic. I'm dead serious.
"Yes Geoffery?", I said with so much annoyance you could feel it. Geoffery let a serpentine smile spread across his face, "Well a good morning would have sufficed." "Ugh! What do you want?" "Umm well I wanted to see if we could maybe go out this weekend or something?" "Ummmm, no thanks I have plans." "Whatever Joya I'm sick of you fading me." "Fading you?" "You faded yourself,darling."
And with that I proceeded to my office. I swear I heard Geoffery mumble bitch under his breath. Whatever! I sat down with a sigh at my desk. I had been in the music industry for eight years. I was currently an A&R for So Phat Records, I had a meeting with my artist Louie Boy at ten o' clock. Which in Louie's world that would be around twelve o'clock. It never failed he worked two hours behind everyone else's time.
I started skimming and scanning through my e-mails to see if I saw anything of interest. Nope! I returned a few calls and then listened to a few artists' demo to see if I heard anything of interest. Hmmm, I heard some potential. I really wanted to take a nap but I knew my boss had a penchant for liking to randomly check in on his employees. I started to think about my sexual predicament. For the past year and a half or so my career had been on the fast pace. I had worked my way up from the grunt work to having an actual office and I had really started to bring in some really talented artists. But while I had been on my constant hustle I had really neglected my personal life. Breaking up with my boyfriend of five years is what sent me into career overdrive. Now I had no real dating prospects and was slowly becoming a spinster. Damn lord why me? But I'm refusing to sing that why can't I have it all song, so many career-oriented women seem to like. I was determined to have it all; a family, a banging career, and a cherry red Benz coupe which I already had.
Finally, around twelve thirty I could hear Louie Boy and his loud, obnoxious entourage making their way down the hallway into the conference room. Then my office phone rang, I picked it up grimacing at the message I knew the receptionist was about to deliver. "Ms. Clark, Louie Boy and his management team are here for their meeting." "OK, thanks." I huffed his “management” team i.e. his weed carriers and his sister’s baby daddy who was his so-called manager.
I exhaled heavily as I opened the door the conference room. Louie Boy had his Nikes propped up on top of the $40,000 mahogany conference table. "Good afternoon, gentlemen." "What's good shawty.", I acted like I didn't hear him.
I walked to the front of the room and tried to keep Louie from burning a whole through me with his eyes. I didn't see how this joker had all the women going wild. He had wild dreadlocks, had replaced his actual teeth with gold, diamond encrusted ones, his body was covered in hideous prison tattoos, he couldn't put a sentence together to save his life, he talked like he had a mouth full of marbles, and my list could go on for days but I'll stop it right there.
"Well today gentlemen we are here to talk about the songs for Louie's upcoming album. To be honest, I saw a lot of good, but I saw just as much bad. I felt it was too much filler and not enough of the hunger he came with on his first CD. I mean yeah a few money and girls songs are good. But I feel the streets want to hear another Fed Time or another Lookout." Louie looked at me as if I had just spit in his face.
He then hopped up from his desk chair, "Uhhh who the fuck is you to talk about my shit?" I looked at him with disbelief, "Who am I? Nigga I'm the one who took the time to listen to your demo, when nobody was checking for your ass. So I suggest you calm the fuck down and you will find your ass right back at Mickey D's on the grill." And with that remark Louie returned right back to his chair, good boy.
A meeting which should only have taken an hour ran for the next three and a half hours only coming to an end because Louie had a court hearing for violating probation after being caught with a gun. Ugh! Niggas, niggas, niggas. You can take them out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of them. Louie's first CD went five times platinum, why in the hell couldn't he just hire somebody to carry his gun. THINK PEOPLE!
I could feel a tension knot growing in the back of my neck. I needed a massage ASAP. Around five o' clock I hit the streets of ATL. The nightlife in Atlanta was the shit hands down. I headed home to get prepared for the night's festivities. Anjelle, a singer from So Phat Records was having her album release party. Even though I hated industry parties her manager Tony Chaluatte was my homeboy.
I went home and changed into a tight-fitting red dress with silver jewelry. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. Hot ass club plus the humidity outside would have been murder on my hairstyle, so I decided to take an L on the hair department.
As I walked out of my house I could see the dark, ominous sky and could hear thundering. I didn't even get my hopes up for rain; this happened all the time. It hadn't really rained in over six months. Even though it was almost ten o' clock the air was still sticky hot. As I pulled up outside the club the line was thick and all the way around the corner, niggas galore.
I pulled up outside of the club and walked right past the line, straight to the door. I gave the doormen my name and I was in there. The music was thumping, bodies were moving, and everyone was having a good time. I made my way to VIP and sat down and ordered a drink. There were a lot of fine guys in the place, but the all fell into three different categories; the wanna-be rappers, the fake ballers, or the fake professional.
Since I had moved to ATL that's the only kind of guys I had met. I sipped on my Appletini as I surveyed the scene. Anjelle hit the stage and started performing her hit song, "Love Again". I was lost in the song, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Excuse me miss is this seat taken?" Without looking, I quickly said no. "She's really talented isn't she?” the voice said again. I finally decided to look over, and what stood before me was a chocolate deluxe surprise, "Yes she really, is. I see Grammys in her future."
"Most definitely, by the way I'm Kenan.", he extended his hand. "Hi, I'm Joya. Nice to meet you Kenan." Kenan had a nice low cut, a sexy smile that had character because of the slight gap between his teeth, his lips looked almost silky, his navy-blue Armani suit fit him just right, and his height was a major turn-on as well.

I started nodding my head to the music. "So Joya what do you do?" "I'm in A&R for So Phat." "Oh cool that's what's up." "What about you?" "I'm an investment banker." "Cool, no Bernie Madoff tho right?" Kenan chuckled at my corny joke, "Definitely not." "Good. So umm what brings you out to this kind of event?" "I'm a big fan of Anjelle's plus my homeboy had an extra VIP pass." "Cool, cool. So are you from here?" "Yup ATL born and raised. What about you?
            "Nah I'm an Army Brat I bounced around, I went to college at Howard. Did some public relations stuff in Chicago for a company. Then my cousin convinced me to move here. So here I am." "Yup and I'm so glad you are." He said with a smile as his eyes wondered my body from head to toe, then resting on my ample breasts.
His gaze sent heat through my body at that moment I realized I wanted him bad, really bad. I decided to break the silence that had come between us, "So do you want a drink?" "Yeah sure a Rum and Coke" I got the waitress' attention as she passed. "A rum and coke as well as one Blue Motorcycle."
Our conversation lasted until the fire Marshall came to shut the club down. Kenan walked me out to my car. We exchanged numbers, "I'm going to call you when I get home, kay??" "Yeah that's cool."
Coincidentally we were parked right beside each other and that is when I saw his car a black BMW 750 with dark five percent tight. "Ummm do you stay in a townhouse?" "Ummm yeah how do you know?" "Because you are my next door neighbor." "Wow are you serious?" "Yeah, you haven't been over there long have you?” "No I haven't." I shook my head at my newest revelation. I worked crazy hours so I never saw my neighbors.
We got into our respective cars and headed home. As I pulled into my parking space and saw Kenan was just pulling up as well. I smiled at him and said "Goodnight neighbor.", as I headed into my townhouse. I kicked off my Christain Louboutins at the door and headed up stairs to my shower. The thunder shook my house so hard it felt like an earthquake at that moment I wish I had a body close to me to protect me and chase away my fear.
I took a quick shower, took off my makeup, and put on a short black lace nightgown. I turned on my television and one of my favorite movies was on. I got so deep into the movie it startled me when the power went off. I reached into my nightstand and pulled out my flashlight. I was scared out of my mind. My house was completely dark. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a knock at my door. I mumbled what the fuck as I put on my bathrobe and grabbed my baseball bat. I went downstairs and looked through my peephole and could barely make out the face of Kenan. I quickly opened the door, "What's going on?",

"Is your power out too, Joya?" "Yeah, you want to come in?" "Sure." Kenan was wearing a pair of Ralph Lauren pajama pants and a white tight-fitting V-neck t-shirt, I could make out the outline of his tight body through the shirt. He sat down on my couch and propped his feet up on the ottoman. I grabbed the matches I kept on my coffee table and quickly lit my candles I kept throughout my living room.
"Umm Kenan would you like some wine?" "Yeah that would be great." "Is Pinot Grigo, okay?" "Yeah that's cool." I poured us each a glass and sat down in the love seat across from him. "Ugh this is terrible.", I said as the house shook with the rumble of thunder. "It's not so bad we're here together." "Yeah I guess." "Joya are you scared?" "No, I'm fine. I'm okay." "You're most definitely fine but I don't think you're okay. You're shaking." I hadn't realized until that moment I was trembling like a leaf in the wind, I wrapped my arms around myself and sighed. "To be honest I'm scared of thunder and lightning. Silly, right?" "No it isn't silly, it's okay."
"This is crazy all this lightning and wind but no rain." "Yeah the weather has been real weird this year." "Yeah it has been. We need some rain ASAP because this no car-washing thing is killing me. My baby is sitting out there dusty as hell." Kenan laughed, "Mine too." My heart skipped a beat as Kenan joined me on the love seat.
"I just realized something, we've done all this talking and I don't even know if you have a man or not." "I'm single. What about you?" "I'm single. I just can't believe you're single." "And why is that?" "You are gorgeous, successful, independent, and smart." "That's the problem, I got too caught up in my career to be able to have a real relationship with anyone. But why are you single?" "Probably the same reason. I neglected my girl so I could push my career to where I wanted it to be." "Word I can most definitely relate."
At that moment our eyes made contact and it was beautiful his eyes reflected the flames of the candle. I didn't want to say another word. I stepped out on a limb and kissed him. He didn't deny me. He returned my kiss with passion and hunger for more. His hands moved from my shoulders down to my waist and finally came to a rest on my ass. I placed my hands on the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He quickly untied my robe and pushed it off my shoulders. He then pushed the straps of my nightgown down exposing my breasts. I pulled away and got on top of him. I placed gentle kisses from his lips down to his neck. It turned me on hearing his breathing quickening in my ear. I pulled his shirt over his head and examined his perfect chocolate body. I placed kisses on his smooth chocolate chest and licked his tight rippling abs.
Kenan palmed my breasts and kissed them then he started sucking and gently biting on my nipples. The pleasure was so intense; in this moment I was getting the attention my body truly and deeply craved. My pussy was quickly becoming wet and I could feel Kenan's dick stiffening through the material of his pants. I gently nibbled on his ear and listened as he moaned. I whispered in his ear, "Let's go upstairs."
Kenan picked me up and carried me to my king size bed which had burgundy silk sheets on it. He gently laid me down and spread my legs. He ran his soft, long fingers across my freshly waxed pussy, he slid his middle finger inside of me and took it out and tasted it. "Delicious." He started to kiss my inner thighs and he worked his way up to my lips were he placed a passionate kisses on them. I pulled at the waistband of his pants pulling them down. I smiled a devilish grin when I realized he wasn't wearing underwear either. His manhood was beautiful, long, and delectable looking. I ran my finger across the shaft and around the head. He slightly quivered at the sensation.
I whispered to him, "I want you inside of me right now." "Your wish is my command." I quickly reached into my nightstand and pulled out a condom. I slowly placed it on his dick. I bit my bottom lip as Kenan place my legs over his shoulder and I felt him entered me. I placed my hands on the back of his head and caught the rhythm of his stroke. As he stroked deeper I moaned louder drowning out the thunder and the winds. My hands gripped his neck tighter and tighter the closer I came to my climax, he was hit my G-Spot just right doing things a sex toy could never dream of doing.
It seemed like the more intense we got the more intense the storm got. Finally, I heard rain I couldn't believe it but rain was falling for the first time in more. As I came, I instructed Kenan to lay down on the bed. I got on top of him and rode him. Moving my hips in sync with his body. His eyes damn near rolled back in his head. I gripped pussy muscles on his dick I could see the hair stand up on his arms. Kenan palmed my ass, as I rode him to an orgasm. I collapsed on his chest as he we came.
We started to kiss again passionately before I knew it Kenan had me pinned up against the wall with my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. We were going at it so hard it knocked one of my pictures off the wall. Kenan didn't slow down as I came; it just made him go even harder. Damn, this must be heaven.
We collapsed onto the floor. I got on all fours as Kenan started hitting it from the back and he pulled my hair. My appetite was insatiably and Kenan's seemed to be as well.
We fucked our way over every inch of my bedroom and ended up in my shower. I couldn't believe it as I saw the sun rising on the horizons. I awoke in Kenan's arm. I got up and looked out of my bedroom window the world had a beautiful fresh glow from the rains of the night before. If I would have known me having sex would have made it rain I would have been fucked something by now.


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