"Aja! Aja! What in hell are you doing?" I smacked my lips as I struggled to pull the back of my shoe onto my heel. "Natalia, I'm coming as quick as I can, I'm trying to get these damn shoes on!" I stumbled out of my bedroom and into the hallway. Natalia was standing in my living room with her hands impatiently on her hips. She already knew I was procrastinating because I didn't want to get into this fuckery she was trying to involve me in. I put on my coat and prepared to head into the bitter cold January night.

As we got into Natalia's car and headed towards the movie theatre. "Nat is he cute or what?" Natalia defensively shrugged her shoulders. "Girl I don't know. Dante just told me to invite one of my girls because his homeboy is new in town and he wanted him to get out and mingle." I rolled my eyes. If old boy looked anything like Dante it was no dice. Don't get me wrong Dante was a nice guy and he treated Nat well. But he looked like Master Splinter with the teeth to match. But Nat had been my wing woman on more than one occasion so I had to return the favor.
When we pulled up to the movies I spotted Dante's black Tahoe. Nat pulled into the parking space adjacent to his. I couldn't make out Dante's passenger through his darkly tinted windows. I reapplied my MAC Fresh Morrocan lipstick. When I got out of the car a heavenly vision stood in my sight. He was about 6'3, slim build, a slight beard, his skin color reminded me of creamy peanuter butter and he looked just as delicious. He had round dark eyes that instantly drew me in. He just had an instant effect on me.
Dante proceeded to introduce us “Gabe this is Aja. Aja this is my homie Gabe." I reached out and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Gabe." He gave me a warm smile and said, "The pleasure is all mine." Lawd his voice was smooth as silk with an understated baritone. He was wearing butter Timberlands, dark blue True Religions, tan wool Ferragamo coat, and a navy blue Ralph Lauren beanie. We quickly went into the theatre to escape the biting air. We were going to see a romantic comedy. I hated romantic movies.
As soon as the lights dimmed in the theatre Nat and Dante got all lovey dovey. I just felt uncomfortable I didn’t know Gabe from a can of paint so I damn sure wasn’t trying to get booed up with him. He damn sure was fine though or maybe it was just my hormones overriding my good sense. It had been a while since I’d had sex.
I was caught off guard when Gabe wrapped his arm around me. I was entranced by the smell of his cologne. If I wasn’t mistaken it was Jean Paul Gaultier. I don’t give a damn what nobody says there is nothing like a delicious smelling man. When a man has on the right cologne it was just something about that that could charm a woman and bring her to her knees. Whew lord, let me stop.
It was something about Gabe that just put me at ease. Which was funny because we hadn’t said that much to each other. But it was just something about his presence. My eyes rested on his right arm it was covered in an intricate sleeve tattoo. I knew a good tattoo when I saw one and this was definitely one of them. That tattoo further accentuated his sex appeal. I repositioned myself in my chair because I felt the lust traveling straight from my brain to between my legs.
After the movie we went to a quiet Italian spot with candle light tables. The warm glow the candlelight highlighted his features and brought a new depth to them. I could tell he was checking me out too. I wondered was his thoughts about me just as lustful as my thoughts about him. “So Aja what do you do for a living?” “I’m a pediatric nurse at Mount Lebanon Hospital. And you?” “I own my own barbershop.” “That’s cool.”
Dante and Nat were staring directly into our mouths. I could tell they were trying to gauge our interest in each other. Nat got up and said she had to go to the restroom. I knew what that meant so I followed suit. “So girl how are you things between you and Gabe?” “I’m digging him. He is gorgeous.” “Yes he is. Would you feel comfortable with him taking you home? Dante is going to ride home with me and Gabe is going to drop you off at home.” “Yeah girl that’s fine.”
As Gabe and I rode through the city and back towards my house we conversed about a gamut of topics. He was well read which was a major turn-on for me. There was nothing like an educated, self-assured black man. Gabe thought he was slick as he placed his free hand on my thigh. He better stop playing with me. It was something special about his touch though it ignited a yearning in me. I hadn’t felt that in a while I had really been down recently and this whole date had been a pleasant surprise. It was refreshing to say the least.
When we pulled up to my house I decided to step out on a limb. “Do you want to come in?” He obliged me and cut the ignition and followed me inside. He looked around and nodded his head in approval, “This is nice.” “Thanks it was my grandparent’s house. They left it to me. I just got done doing some renovations.” “Well it’s nice you’ve got good taste.”
I went over to my sound system and plugged my iPod in. I queued a playlist of sexy R&B songs. I had made my mind up that I was going to fuck the hell out of Gabe. You only live once and it was something about him that just pulled me in and made me just to melt into a pool of longing. If this was the first and last time I saw him it would be cool. “Would you like something to drink?” I said as I headed over to my bar. “Yeah I’ll take a Hen and Coke.” He was reclined back on my couch with his feet propped up on my ottoman. Damn this man was sexy. I could tell he was easygoing and kind of reserved but that was a turn on. I hated boisterous, flashy dudes. I poured him and I a drink and made sure they strong.
I had never given up the ass on the first night but it was like Gabe had put a spell on me. I didn’t know if he knew voodoo or what the deal was but he had my number. I sipped on my drink as I went upstairs to freshen up and change into something more comfortable. I changed into a thin white tank top and a pair of grey short shorts. As I walked back downstairs Gabe’s eyes examined my body from a distant. I picked up the remote to my fireplace and set it ablaze. I sat down on the couch adjacent to Gabe and placed my hands in my head as I nervously laughed trying to get my nerve up.
“What’s going on Aja?” I looked at him and cocked my head to the side, “I don’t know Gabe. It’s just something about you that’s got my attention.” He eased back on the couch a little more and gave me a persuasive smile. “Oh really?” “Yeah I don’t know. You just have a certain je ne sais quoi.” He looked me dead in the eye and stroked his chin. “The same can be said for you. You’re definitely eye catching your damn self.” I moved closer to him and seductively licked my lips. The Hennessey had invaded my brain and my inhibitions were all but a distant memory. I aggressively moved in and started kissing Gabe intensely. He didn’t stop me. His lips were soft and full.
At that very moment I just became flushed with fever as if something otherworldly was invading my body. Was this dude really magical? I straddled his lap and began kissing on his neck as he palmed my ass. I deliberately took off his Ralph Lauren sweater and kissed his chest. My lips could feel his heart beating rapidly through his chest. Gabe reached under my shirt and pulled it off. His warm hands instantly brought heat to my cool skin. He caressed my breasts delicately and kissed my stomach.
I got up and led him upstairs to the master bedroom. My room was decorated in a tribal style. African tribal prints adorned my walls and the colors were all earth tones deep browns, oranges, and golds. My mind quickly went to thoughts of Gabe and I fucking the sheets of my canopy bed all up. Gabe took off his boots and let them drop to the floor with a heavy thud. He undid his Gucci belt and took off his True Religion jeans revealing his black boxer briefs. He was definitely well endowed it was no denying that. He looked like an underwear model straight out the pages of a magazine. I could tell he took excellent care of his body. It was sculpted but he wasn’t too bulky and those tattoos just augmented his physique.
I roughly pushed him back on the bed and got on top of him. His eyes never left my body. I could barely look into his eyes it was like he had cast on spell on me by merely looking at me. I took off my shorts followed by my panties and let him take in every inch of my body with his eyes. His skin tone complimented my cocoa flesh ever so beautifully. Gabe pushed me off of him and got on top of me and between my legs. We locked eyes one more time. “You want me?” I just nodded as I let myself float away and into another zone. I felt like I was over myself staring back down at myself. Gabe was transporting me to another zone mentally and physically.
His firm muscular frame felt so right pressing against my soft skin as he kissed my neck and collarbone. He gave me no kind of warning before he penetrated my tight walls. I let out a quick breath as I felt him entered into me. It felt so damn good. He pressed his chest against mine as he grinded inside of me. Have you ever experienced something and it felt so right you didn’t give it a moment’s hesitation? I was experiencing that feeling at that very moment.
Gabe grabbed my right leg at the knee and pushed it back and over his shoulder as he went deeper. I tried to run from it but he whispered in my ear don’t run from it. Gabe wasn’t bullshitting. I looked at his face as it changed expression; a peculiar attractive look came over his face. I wondered was he in the same zone I was in. My fingernails dug into his flesh as I erupted into an orgasmic state. My moans and sighs only made Gabe more intense as he instructed me to turn over. He pressed his chest into my back as he immersed himself into my wetness. I gripped the sheets and screamed his names. He firmly placed his hand on the back of my neck and pressed down.
He kissed me on ear as he slowly labored away. He fell on top of me as he climaxed. “Shitttttt.” He kissed my neck as he got off of me. He licked down my spine making goose bumps pop up on my arms. I just stared up at the skylight in my ceiling and stared at the stars. Gabe kissed on my stomach and my thighs. He leaned against my headboard as I straddled him and began riding him. I placed my hands against my wall to brace myself as I slowly moved up and down and up and down.
Gabe placed his hands on my waist and guided my movements. He let his head lean back in pleasure. Fuck, this man was sexy as hell. I was so damn wet it was dripping down my thighs. I could see it on Gabe’s face he was in love. He pulled me closer as he came again. We kissed heavily as we embraced tightly.
I just smiled when I woke up the next morning and beside me was the beautiful vision which was Gabe. The only reason we woke up is because Dante called looking for his truck. But before he left Gabe and I made plans for that night. If it was anything like this past night it was going to be spectacular. I still didn’t know what to say about Gabe but he definitely had a hold on me.


Anonymous said…
Love this new story. Hope there will be more to this couple. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
This is good just shouldve been a little bit longer what if he really did have a spell on her and she found out would she stay or leave this story is good keep up the good work
Anonymous said…
There must be a part 2 to this?!!

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