“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I was pacing my living room when Emerald arrived at my house; when she walked in I was cussing and fussing with the ferociousness of a sailor. “Oh my gosh. What is wrong with you?” “How about the mothafucka I hired to do the pictures just called me and said he can’t do it anymore because he got a more lucrative offer to do a wedding today? Mind you he has known that for a week! What about I am supposed to do?” “Don’t worry boo. I got you. Let me call Jackson.” “Who the fuck is Jackson?” “My friend from work the one who I post his work on my page.” “Is he expensive?” “No girl.” “Call him but if his pictures are shit. I’m kicking your yellow ass.” “Chill boo. He got it.”

Emerald quickly dialed his number and put him on speakerphone. He sounded groggy when he picked up. “Hello.” “Hey Jack, this is Emerald Parsons. I need a huge favor.” “What’s that?” “My friend needs some pictures for her website like ASAP. We already have the models, the location, and everything. However, her photographer just flaked out on her. Can you please, please, please do the shoot this evening?” “Ummmm sure. What time?” “Three o’clock at Burlington Park.” “Ok, I’ll see you there. Just make sure you friend has everything in place because I have other stuff to do today.” “No problem. Thank you so much.”
“Girl his pictures better be right. Because he is more expensive than the dude I was using.” “See that’s your problem you’re trying to do it on the cheap and dude fucked you over.” “Shut up.” I finished working on Emerald’s hair and make-up and prepared the other supplies I needed for the additional models at the shoot. I had been working on my model’s hair and make-up all day that’s why I was going to kill that photographer if I got my hands on him. Once I finished Emerald’s hair we prepared to leave.
Once we arrived to Burlington Park. I noticed a photographer setting up by the lake. I followed Emerald over to meet him. He turned around and his face belied his age. There was a boyish lure about him. He didn’t look a day over 18 even though I knew he was pushing 25 just like Emerald and I. Emerald introduced us. “Jackson this is my best friend slash make-up artist and hairstylist, Veronica.” He extended his hand to me. “Nice to meet you Veronica.” “Likewise.” He had a charming presence he was tall about 6’1, slim build, chestnut complexion, sparkling brown eyes, and a charismatic smile. He was donning a grey Obey crewneck, black Chinos, and grey New Balance 993s. I did a few touchups on Emerald’s hair before she started shooting her photos.
As Emerald finished her pictures the rest of my models showed up. I touched up their make-up and hair then let them loose in front of the camera. I stood back and watched him work. He seemed to know what he was doing so I fell back and let him do his thing. I was a notorious micromanager and my business was my baby so I needed to be immersed in every little detail. I guess Emerald caught me staring. “He’s cute right.” I twisted my mouth up. “He’s aight.” “He’s single, hint hint.” “I’ll pass.” “Stella you need to get your groove back and that’s real.” “I told you I’m trying to stay celibate.” “Your ass need to let somebody crack that damn safe before that shit get rusty.” I lightly swatted her hand and turned my attention back to the shoot.
As Jackson finished shooting his last shot he turned his attention to me. “Okay Miss CEO let me get a few shoots of you.” “Oh no I already have my pictures for the website.” “It doesn’t hurt to take a few more.” “Oh gosh I’m not dressed.” “You look good.” After a little prodding from Emerald I got in front of the camera and posed facing the lake letting the wind catch my hair. “Perfect.”
As the shoot winded down I went to my car and took out my checkbook. “How much do I owe you?” “I usually charge one-hundred an hour but since Emerald is my people just one-fifty.” That was half of what he should have been charging me. “Are you sure?” “Yeah that’s fine.” “When can I see the pictures?” “If it’s cool I can bring them by your spot tonight and let you look through them. I just need to upload them to my computer. Is that okay?” “Yeah that’s cool.” “What’s your contact info? I’ll call you when I’m on my way.” I quickly rattled my phone number and address off to him.
When I got home I began fixing my Sunday dinner. I took a plate over to my elderly neighbor, Miss Beasley’s house. By the time I got home Jackson was calling me. Within a few minute he’s pulled into my driveway. He had changed from his early outfit into a red 10 Deep hoodie, black Adidas soccer pants, and a pair of all black Vans. He knocked on the door and I quickly answered.
“Come in.” Jackson crossed the threshold into my house and took a deep breath. He smelled of Ralph Lauren Polo Black cologne; my favorite scent on a man. “Damn it smells good in here.” “Thanks. Would you like a plate?” “Umm sure.” “Okay I have a seat I’ll fix you a plate. I have jerk chicken, red beans and rice, corn, and coco bread.” “Sounds good. Are you from the islands?” “My mother was Jamaican, my father is black. I was born in the states though.” “Interesting.” “Where are you from?” “Originally I’m from Florida. I moved to Maryland once my parents split. My mom is from here.” “My parents split when I was a baby.” “Sorry to hear that.” “It’s okay.”
I was surprised when Jackson said his grace before he began eating. You rarely find people who were raised like that this day and age. “This is delicious, Veronica.” I said thanks as I began to blush. “Just call me Ronnie all my friends call me Ronnie.” Once he Jackson finished his meal he began setting up his Macbook at my kitchen table. He called me over to the computer so I could pick out the pictures I wanted. “Just flag the ones you like. I’ll put them on this USB drive and also e-mail them to you.” “Okay thanks.” He stood over me and began pointing out pictures. “These are some of my favorites but whatever you like is fine with me.” “Look you have an eye for this stuff, I don’t. Whatever you say looks good I’m going with it.”
He pulled up a picture of me and enlarged it. “See I love this picture of you. You see how the light reflects off of your face and hair. You picked a good day to do the shoot because the lighting was amazing.” “Dumb luck.”
As I looked through pictures Jackson surveyed the painted canvas on my living and dining room walls. “These are fly. Where did you get them from?” “They are originals. I paint with what little bit of free time I have these days.” “You’ve got skills.” “Thanks.” As I finished reviewing the pictures I noticed him eying my CD collection. He reached for a Black Star CD. “What you know about this?” I smiled and took it out of his hand. “I’m a hip hop purist.” “I hear you.”
Before I knew it six hours passed by as we conversed on one topic to the next. It was like we’d know each other for years. We both had graduated from the same college but had never laid eyes on each other before. He was a telecommunications major and I was a double major in business/finance and marketing. I had zero social life in college between classes there and working on my cosmetology license. We were both into classic hip-hop and had similar style. We were both only children and we both were avid swimmers. But my biggest surprise was that we were both celibate. I had been so for a little over a year he had only been so for only a few months. That still surprised me though because most men couldn’t go without pussy for a week.
Something about Jackson had drawn me in. He was extremely laid back but I could tell he was passionate about his craft. His laid back manner put me at ease. A passionate man was my biggest turn on. He was a freelance photographer but he was a full-time television producer for a local news station.  As I reached across the table to pick up his coffee mug he reached for it at the same time and our hands touched. A jolt of electricity coursed through my spine and we locked eyes. I went for the moment and leaned in for a kiss. He slightly turned his head away and looked at his watch and quietly mumbled shit. “Damn I have to be at work in like three hours. I need to get some sleep.” I was embarrassed but I chose to play it off. “Oh damn, I’m sorry for keeping you out so late.” “It’s cool. I have truly enjoyed it. We’ve got to do it again some time soon.” “No doubt.”
I followed him to the door and gave him a hug. As I pulled back I looked up at him and our eyes locked. He towered over my 5’2 frame. My eyes rested on his lips and I stood on my tippy toes and gently kissed him. I barely knew this man but in that moment it felt like I’d known him my whole life. I felt like I could be myself around him and nothing was sexier than being able to let your hair down and be relaxed.
I pulled Jackson back into my house by his hoodie. He slammed the door behind him as he picked me up and gently placed me on my couch. From his actions I could tell the attraction was mutual. He got on top of me and positioned himself between my legs and began kissing on my neck. I let out a light moan as his soft lips came in contact with my warm flesh. “You sure you want to do this?” I didn’t answer him verbally I just gently bit his bottom lip. He pushed my dress up and made his way down to my thighs. He kissed from my calves all the way up to the innermost portion of my thighs. I began to tremble with anticipation.
He pulled my panties off and tossed them to the floor. I got up and led him to my bedroom because my little ass couch wasn’t about to cut it. The moonlight illuminated my bedroom perfectly. Jackson removed his hoodie and threw it to the wayside. I undid the dress and let it drop to the floor around my ankles. I reclined back on the bed as he reassumed his previous position. As his warm mouth made contact with my waiting treasure my back arched in pleasure.
He went to work on my pussy like it was his last meal. I caressed the back of his head as my eyes rolled back in pleasure. He spread my legs wider and became more aggressive. My legs quivered and my body became flush with heat as my pleasure peaked. He came up for air and our eyes locked. I sat up and pulled him onto the bed.
I kissed him from his neck down to his stomach. I licked the head of manhood and his eyes shut in pleasure. I took the head into my mouth and licked the head in circles. I began to deep throat him and moving my head back and forth. He grabbed my hair and tugged it tightly further turning me on. His body tensed up as he erupted in my mouth.
He growled as he came. “Damn Veronica. You got any condoms?” I reached into my nightstand and pulled out a magnum. He definitely needed that. He was definitely blessed below the waist. I got straddled him and began riding him reverse cowgirl style as he placed his hands on my hips. I looked as his toes curled in pleasure. This was my signature move.
I tossed my head back in ecstasy and lived in the moment. He caressed my back gently with his fingertips. I moved up and down in rhythm with his body. Jackson breathlessly instructed me to get on all fours. As he entered me from behind I gripped my sheets tightly. He placed his hand on the back my neck so I couldn’t run from it. “Don’t run from it.” I could feel him digging in my stomach. My headboard was banging the wall so hard it knocked a picture off of my wall.
Jackson turned me around. He grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs back and went deep as I screamed out in pleasure. Jackson climaxed right after me and collapsed beside me on the bed as stared into my eyes with a look of contentment across his face. He ran his fingers through my hair and caressed my back. “So yeah so much for being celibate.” He said as he let out a chuckle. “Yeah right.”
Jackson left a trial of kisses down my back as he got up to get dressed to rush to work. I looked at the clock on the wall he was already late.


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