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Dreaming With A Broken Heart Part II

Dreaming With A Broken Heart Part II Three months later.... My life has been pure hell without Kena. She wouldn't return my calls. I even went as far as to go to her parents' house that was damn sure the wrong move I barely escape there without getting my ass whooped by her father who was a former Army drill sergeant. I went to her apartment. She wouldn't answer the door. I went to her job she had security to promptly escort me out. I was truly a man apart. I was sitting at my desk when I got a call from Corey. "Aye man what's up" "Nothing much just sitting in the office.” "Word, well me, Chuck and Kyle are going out Shooters to watch the game tonight. You tryna roll?” Corey had been trying to get me to go out for the past month and I wasn't feeling it. "I think I'm going to chill at the crib and watch it." "Fool you coming out tonight. I'm sick of your ass sitting round the house acting like it's the end

Dreaming With A Broken Heart Part I

Dreaming With A Broken Heart Part I.... “When you're dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part. You roll out of bed and down on your knees, and for a moment you can hardly breathe...” -John Mayer The words in that song currently are speaking to the depth of my heart. Every night since McKena and I had broken up, visions of her looped in my head all night long. McKena was the love of my life, but I messed up big time.