Scandalous (A Short Story)

Scandalous (A Short Story)
“Wyd? Imy.” I couldn’t help but smile as I stared down at the text from Dante. “About to leave work and head to the gym. Imy 2.” “If you miss me so much. Come thru. I want to feel you.” As I read that message my body became inflamed with passion. “Gimme 30 mins and I’m there.” “Bet.”

            When I arrived to Dante’s house his pitbull Baby greeted me by jumping on me. Dante was reclining on his couch looking at Sportscenter. He was wearing a black v-neck T-shirt, grey sweatpants that showed his impressive print, and a pair of black Nike socks. When he saw me standing over him he pulled me down onto the couch with him and I landed on to of him and began kissing his neck. He palmed my ass as he left out a slight groan.
            The mere scent of his Dolce and Gabbana cologne enticed me. We separated long enough so we strip out of our clothes leaving a trail from the couch to his bedroom; there he picked up and tossed me onto his bed where began kissing my inner thigh, teasing me. He spread my legs wide as he began tasting me. My head rolled back in ecstasy as I caressed the back of his. His oral game was so good it would make you slap your momma. His warm, thick tongue explored me as I came in an orgasmic burst.
            He lay back on the bed giving me a self-satisfied look; he knew he’d just given me the business. I kissed him on the lips; letting him know I wasn’t afraid of my own essence. My trail of kisses went from his lips, to his neck, down to his chest, to his stomach, and it ended with me taking him into my mouth. His head dropped back in pure bliss. I knew it had been a while since he’d had it like this. I deep throated him causing him to grab my hair and pull tightly in sheer pleasure. As he came he gave me a look of unadulterated pleasure before pinning me against one of bedroom walls. I wrapped my legs around him as our bodies entangled.
            Our gaze met each other’s as he entered me deeper making me claw my fingernails into his back. “I missed this.” he said breathlessly as he leaned his head onto my shoulder. We made our way back to the bed where I mounted him reverse cowboy style as I looked back him. The look on his face said it all he was savoring every moment of this. He grabbed my waist tightly as I moved up and down. We he couldn’t take it anymore he pushed me off as I got on all fours. I gripped the sheets tightly as he pulled me down flat on my stomach as he pressed his chest up against my back making me feel him deeper inside as he breathed heavily in my ear. My body burned with desire as I realized just how much I missed him.
            As we climaxed we both rolled over and stared dreamingly off into space as a peaceful silence permeated the air. I kissed Dante on his chest as I slowly got up from the bed. He gently took my hand as he sat up and gave me a pleading look. “Stay a little while longer.” I sighed heavily and mournfully looked into his eyes. “I can’t. I have something to do.” He dropped his head in unbridled disappointment as he left my hand go, “I understand.”
            I regretfully collected my clothes and made my exit not before looking back at Dante longingly one more time. I mumbled take care under my breath before silently shutting the door behind me.
            When I arrived home Maurice greeted me with a kiss on the forehead as he undid his tie. “How was your day love?” “It was good.” I said as I made my way into the bathroom and into the shower. “That’s great, how was your workout?” “Tiring but pleasurable. I needed it.” That sentence was so loaded with a level of innuendo that Maurice probably didn’t even recognize I could produce. “Yeah, I’m sure. I need to get back in the gym my damn self.” “Right.”
            As Maurice walked out of the bathroom I let the hot water rush over my body removing the remaining traces of Dante and I’s tryst.



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