No Happy Holidays

No Happy Holidays
In my mind I’d planned out the perfect Valentine’s Day for Henson and I. But those plans had been shot to hell via one text message. “I won’t be in town for V-Day, I’m sorry Lee.” “Well, do you want to do something when you get back.” “Nah, V-Day isn’t really my thing.” To say I was disappointed was the understatement of the century. 
Henson and I had been kicking it hard since October even though it felt like he was all mine. But him not wanting to spend Valentine’s Day with me sent a message that was loud and clear. I mean he couldn’t help he had to go out of town for V-Day weekend but at the same time in my mind I couldn’t help but want for him to rush back to me from his out of town meeting.
            As I sat at my desk and stared off into the blank space trying to ignore the strong smell of roses and chocolate in the air but the smell was too strong. It seemed like all my coworkers were receiving gifts and all I’d gotten was a dozen roses from my parents. They always sent my lonely ass roses. My coworker Sasha came and sat on my desk. “Hey girl, what are you doing tonight? Kelly and I are going to that singles’ party at Venus.” “No, I’m good on that. I’m going to just go home and get some grad work knocked out.” “You sure?” “Yeah.”
            I didn’t feel like being around a bunch of bitter ass single people, I’d rather be by myself. My hostility towards Henson grew as I realized he hadn’t even texted me all day. Fucking asshole. Even if Valentine’s Day wasn’t his thing he still could’ve put on a good front for me, I deserved it. I know I wasn’t his girlfriend but still we spent so much of our time together. We worked for the same company but in different divisions but the first time I saw him I knew I needed him.
            He was tall, slim, the color of the richest chocolate, eyes that sparkled, a smile that could crack even the hardest exterior, and features meant for a sculpture. He was perfect was the only thought in my mind on my first sighting of him. Plus he was different unlike most of the other good-looking men in our company he didn’t screw everything moving. We’d grown close when we ended up working on a project together. I was in advertising and he was in finance. We’d find our “business” lunches or dinners turning into long conversations about our lives and eventually we found ourselves falling for each other. Even though both of us were too proud to admit it; our actions belied our pride. If he didn’t say it I wasn’t saying it either. But Henson was on the fast track and was a climber and at times he couldn’t give me the time or attention I wanted.
            As I walked out of the office into the frigid February evening I made my way directly to the liquor store and picked up a bottle of Hennessy. I was going to drown my sorrows as I admitted to myself that our was coming to an end, it had been good while it lasted, really good.
            When I arrived home I still hadn’t heard from Henson. I sat down on my couch and began to weep. I went into the kitchen and removed a tall glass from the cabinet and filled it with Coke followed by Hennessy. I quickly took it down and let the state of inebriation take over my body. I prepared a hot lavender bath and relaxed I needed the soothing water. When I got out I put on my favorite silk pajamas and staggered to the couch and turned on a marathon of Criminal Minds.
            As I settled in I was shocked to hear my doorbell ring. I got up and looked through the peephole and two dozen long stem roses obstructed my view of whoever was standing there. I opened the door to see who was standing there, I was expecting to see a generic deliveryman but to my delight and surprised there stood Vince. “Vince! Oh my god! What are you doing here?!?!?” He presented the bush-like bouquet of flowers to me and looked at me with his soft brown eyes. “I couldn’t let a beautiful woman be by herself on Valentine’s Day.” I knew I was blushing like hell and I was okay with that.
            Vince and I had been cool since college and I knew he’d always had a crush on me. He was handsome and smart. He was tall with an athletic build, hazel eyes, caramel skin, a slight beard dark brown hair that he wore in a wavy fade. “Thank you so much! Come in.”
            He stepped into my foyer and took a large box of chocolate from behind his back. “Thank you so much. Have a seat.” He reclined back and kept his eyes on me. I poured us each a class of red wine. “Hold on, I’ll be right back.” He said as he hastily got up and headed back outside to his car. When he came back he was holding two large grocery bags. He went into my kitchen and placed them on the inside. “I’m cooking for you tonight, Lee.” I clapped giddily with excitement. Vince was one of the best chefs in the city. He’d practiced law for a couple of years but he’d realized his heart was in the kitchen and he pursued his dream.
            He looked sexy as hell. He was wearing a fitted black V-Neck t-shirt, black jeans, and all blank loafers. His sleeve tattoo augmented his skin tone perfectly. “What’s on the menu for tonight?” “It’s a surprise.” “Ohhh sounds good.” I felt underdressed in my pajamas. I went into my bedroom and quickly changed into a flowing black maxi dress. When I walked back into the kitchen Vince eyed me seductively and turned away with a sly smile.
            He linked his phone to my surround system and smooth R&B started flowing throughout my house. The kitchen quickly filled with a delicious aroma as he cooked some kind of roasted chicken.
            As we sat down to dinner he said the grace as he reached across the table and held my hand. They were so soft as he finished the grace he looked my directly in my eyes as he waited for me to take the first bite. The chicken was delicious and melted in my mouth, “Oh my gosh, this is the best thing I’ve ate in years.”  “Thanks, it’s a special recipe.” “I love this.”
            As we ate our dinner I caught him gazing at me often without speaking. “So where’s ol’ boy?” “Out of town.” I was disappointed that I couldn’t hide my disappointment. “Damn shame. Are you doing anything when he gets back?” “No.” Vince shook his head but didn’t say anything.
            After we finished dinner Vince came back to the table with two chocolate lava cakes that were perfect. “You outdid yourself, Vince! You really did.” “I’m glad you liked it, you deserve it.” I headed into the kitchen and began washing dishes. He came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “I got this.” The warmth from his body turned me on and I was ashamed of that. “No, let me do this.” It shocked me when he kissed me on my neck and said and then whispered in my ear. “No, I said I got this.” His forceful yet gentle tone turned me completely on.
            I didn’t resist him as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, kissing me my neck, and caressing me. He picked me up and sat me on the cool marble countertop. He caressed my face as he looked into my eyes before kissing me deeply as he ran his fingers through my hair. His cologne smelled so good as I took drank him in with my five senses. He gently bit my bottom as he pushed the straps of my dress off of my shoulder.
            He began kissing my chest as I reached for the hem of his shirt to pull it over his head. Then an image of Henson came forth in my mind. I pulled back from Vince. “I can’t do this.” He leaned his forehead into mine and looked down as he sighed. “Henson?” “I can’t, I’m not ready to move on so quickly.” “I understand.” He said as he kissed me again this time with less zeal. He quickly packed up his supplies and gave me a friendly hug as he left me with soaking panties.
            I’d wanted him so bad but I wasn’t ready to give myself to someone like that after Henson and I had just fallen out a week ago. I sat on my couch and started off into the dim quietness. I was surprised when I heard Henson’s ringtone. I hesitantly picked the phone up. “Yeah.” “Lee, I need a HUGE favor.” “What’s that?” “I forgot to feed AK before I flew out. Can you please go feed him?” I smacked my teeth, “Yes.” “Thank you so much, Lee. You’re a lifesaver.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
            I reluctantly got dressed and made my way to Henson’s condo. His ass better be glad that his bulldog AK was my baby. When I arrived at his condo I retrieved my key. As usual AK was waiting at the door. “Hey boo-boo. I missed you.” I said as I petted his head. Then I saw a red rose tucked into his collar. I walked into the kitchen and got ready to go into the cabinet to retrieve his food.
           There stood Henson donning a suit and tie holding a single rose in his hand. I was elated. “You thought I was going to let you get off the hook that easy. Come here Lee.” He said as he pulled me closer to him and planted a kiss on my lips. I blushed as he held me closely. “You still mad at me?” He said as he gave me a sheepish grin. “No, Hensen.” Hensen reached behind his back and gave me a necklace box inside was a gold necklace with a gold and diamond heart pendant. It was simply gorgeous. “Do you like it?” “Of course, I love it!”
            He gently caressed my cheek as he looked into my eyes, “I love you.” I blinked in disbelief. “Huh?” He chuckled a bit, “I said I love you.” I sighed as I let my pride go, “I love you too.” “Now bring that ass here girl.”
            Hensen picked me up and took me to his bedroom and gently dropped me onto the bed I pushed his suit jacket off and pulled at his tie. His eyes were set ablaze with passion as he lifted dress and began kissing my inner thigh. Between kisses he asked, “Did. You. Miss. Me?” I just ran my fingers through his curly hair as he ripped my brand new lace panties right off and went to work. I let my head drop back in sheer ecstasy. I’d missed him so much, his mere touch.
            As I climaxed he gripped my thighs tightly. We quickly shed the rest of our clothes and became entangled, his dark chocolate flesh again my milk chocolate flesh. I’d missed this feeling so much.
            We made love literally until the cops came knocking because his neighbors had called them. He quickly put on his bathrobe and answered the door. I could just hear the officers says, “I know it’s a lovers’ holiday but try to keep it down. Your neighbors are trying to sleep.”
            When he came back to the bedroom he has a mischievous grin on his face. “Let’s be very quiet.” He said with a laugh as he began leaving a trail of kisses down my spine. “Nope, let’s disturb the pe…” Before I could finish he began kissing me again. “You’re going to get me evicted.” “It will be worth it.” He dropped his bathrobe, “Yeah you’re right.”



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