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The HELL in HELLo, the GOOD in GOODbye

The HELL in HELLo, the GOOD in GOODbye By: Honey
My ex is like one of those memes that gives you a finite amount of money to create your perfect man (nice smile=$2, tall=$3, smart=$3, kind=$1, ambition=$1). He was everything I thought I wanted in a man look wise and goal wise. I cared for him and in his own way he cared for me as well. However, for what he had in looks, charm, and ambition he lacked in humility and sincerity. Finally after months of pushing and pulling I consciously decided it was time to move on. I cut him off completely (no calls, no text, unfriended/unfollowed on all social media). I didn’t reach out and neither did he. For a while it hurt but the pain was mild in comparison to the agony of being in limbo with somebody who wasn’t willing to change.

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All Falls Down Part II Preview (Chapters 1-3)


Thinking of SANDRA (#SayHerName)

Thinking of SANDRA “Well, if you don’t want a negative interaction with the police don’t do anything criminal.” Every time I hear or see this statement I roll my eyes to the back of my head and count to ten before I snap. Some people really think it’s that easy to avoid adverse reactions with the police and yes, for some people it is. As I look at the video of Sandra Bland’s arrest I think back to the summer of 2013 and my own negative interaction with the police. I attended college in a rural and some would say desolate corner of North Carolina that borders the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Often times when I needed certain items I would have to travel to nearby Chesapeake, VA to get them.