Ride or Die? Or Riding Dumb?

Ride or Die? Or Riding Dumb?
       By: Honey, The Writer

I know you’ve heard of the term “ride or die” chick. But where do you draw the line between ride or die and just plan stupid. Personally I have a few questions. Where are we riding? Why do I have to die? When I think of ride or die I think of a woman that is down for her man through thick and thin. If she’s got it he’s got it and she supports him when he’s up or when he’s down. I think of Barack and Michelle (when he picked her up for their first day in the 80s he was driving a hoopty with no floorboard). I think of other couples that he may not have Jay-Z’s money, Idris’ good looks, or Omari’s swag but they are happy and they make it work.

            But sadly I’ve seen the term “ride or die” misconstrued time and time again. Your boyfriend has cheated on you three times already this year but you’re still there because you’re his ROD. He isn’t actively pursuing gainful employment. You're paying all the bills, you're rearing the kids, your cooking dinner, and meanwhile, he's chilling on the couch playing Madden or 2K. But you’re still there because you’re his ROD. He asks you to hold his drugs, guns, or money and you do it because you’re his ROD nevermind the fact that if you get caught with it you’re serving time because you’re his ROD and you're damn sure not going to snitch on your man. 
            I’m not saying you can’t support your man when he is down but you have to know when and where to draw the line. A man that’s worth riding for will never put you in a position that would harm you, hurt you, or embarrass you. But if you choose to put up with unnecessary bullshit don’t label yourself a “ride or die” chick. My good sister, you are just dumb. Here’s a litmus test to determine whether you’re a “ride or die” or just ridin’ dumb ask yourself these three simple questions:
1.     Will/Does this hurt me (physically, mentally, or spiritually)?
2.     Will/Can this embarrass me?
3.     Can this cause me to lose my freedom? Damage my reputation? Cost me my career?

If you can answer any of the questions in the affirmative then you’re probably ridin’ dumb and should possibly consider dumping dude because he ain’t worth it, boo-boo.


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