Are You Fighting Yourself?

Are You Fighting Yourself?
By: Honey

“I want to lose 20 pounds but first let me eat this quarter pounder.” “In the next five years I want to buy a house but first let me spend $1,500 on a purse.” That makes perfect sense, right? Of course it doesn’t. Time and time again we are fighting ourselves and we’re the ones blocking ourselves from achieving our goals. I want you to think about your goals and dreams. Are you truly working towards them or are you working against them?

            My grandmother in the traditional sense is not very educated due to her family being sharecroppers she had to leave school at a very young age. But when it comes to wisdom and common sense she could make Harvard students look like mental midgets. She often time tells me “you can’t have it and spend it too.” in response to my often out of control spending habits. One of my biggest dreams is wanting to buy a house for myself and my daughter once I finish my JD. However, my money and I are often soon parted due to my careless financial habits. This is a prime example of the dissonance between my goals and my actions. I can’t blame my financial situation on the enemy or unforeseeable financial hardships such as an illness. My financial situation is totally and purely self-made. But instead of correcting it before it got too out of control I allowed it to fester and recently it came to a head and I was embarrassed of the results.
            I said that to say this I want you to take a moment and write your goals down. And then I want you to take another moment and ask yourself are you really working towards those goals or are you just saying it because it sounds good? If you answer to the question is no, you’re really not working towards your goals I want you to figure out if it’s really what you want and if so, I want you to put together a plan of answer for how to get back on course. Trust me, I’m right here with out. I want a good and healthy life but I have to make a conscious decision to work towards that and not undermine myself. And don’t fret this process doesn’t happen overnight. Nothing worth having is going to happen overnight. It’s a process. I just want to see as many people manifest their dreams as possible. None of our destinies are possible without our cooperation with ourselves.

            We determine our greatness and the only way we can be great is if we decide to be our own best friend and push and mold ourselves into the best possible us. We owe ourselves more than undercutting or sabotaging ourselves. Whenever you make a goal for yourself make sure you work towards that goal with fidelity.


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