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Severing Soul Ties

Severing Soul Ties By: Honey Back in the day MTV had this commercial during World AIDS Day. Here’s how the commercial went, a couple were preparing to head into the throes of passion. A man, the woman’s ex lover walks into the bedroom undresses and joins them in bed. In short order, a woman, the man’s ex lover, gets naked and joins them in bed. This patterns repeats itself until over a 100 people are naked and in the bed. Moral of the Story: Everyone you sleep with is sleeping with you and everyone you’ve slept with and vice versa. The same can be said for soul ties.             A soul can be defined as a spiritual/emotional connection you have to someone after being intimate with them, usually engaging in sexual intercourse. To the point that when you want to be rid of them from your mind and your life, even when you are far away from them and out of their presence you still feel as if they are apart of you and apart of you is with them .

Love this poem

This poem just hit too close to home. Dedicated to Nameless