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Fair & Foul Part I

De’Andre Hicks should’ve been drafted number one in the professional football league draft. However, due to an injury caused by a traumatic accident that still haunts him he dropped to the last round of draft after missing almost a whole season. He finds his place with the back-to-back national champions the Carolina Cougars but his competition for the starting position is the best albeit most troubled wide receivers in the league, Jay’Von Riddick. All De’Andre wants to do is provide a better life for his mother and to be able to give his girlfriend, Alana, the things that she deserves as she sacrifices to support his dreams. Will De’Andre succeed? Or will he be left to wonder “what if”?
Alana Mitchell is smart, ambiguous, and beautiful and she knew she loved De’Andre the first time on the campus of Florida Technical University. Alana is following in the footsteps of her father, a successful corporate attorney and well on her way to becoming a superstar lawyer in her own right. A nati…

True Life: I'm Ugly

True Life: I’m Ugly (But That’s Okay and I’ll Tell You Why) By: Honey
Your self-worth has nothing to do with your craft or calling, and everything to do with how you treat yourself.                                  Kris Carr
I’m ugly not hideous but I’m unattractive. (I'm pretty sure people who know me personally that are reading this are shaking their heads) When I say this I don’t say it because I want people to tell me I’m beautiful, cute, or pretty. I don’t fish for compliments; needy people do that. Being ugly does not bother me because my self-worth is not tied to my looks. Although I’m not very attractive I’m intelligent, I’m kind, and I’m ambitious in other words I’ll always land on my feet, one way or another.

My First Feature

Hi, I hope this finds everyone doing well. When you get a chance check out my first feature piece that is featured on My Black Matters. In my piece I discuss the often-times looked over blue-collar black man. Click Here to Check It Out!

I Saw The Trees Not The Forest

I Saw The Trees Not The Forest By: Honey
I thought. Paul* was bae as fuck to me. I mean whenever he came around I’d hear wedding bells and the laughter of our hypothetical beautiful, chocolate babies. Paul was shit in my book; he was handsome, intelligent, charming, and engaging. Sure, he was a little arrogant and bullheaded but I thought I could deal. All my delights of fancy came to a screeching halt with the receipt of a text message telling me Paul was on the downlow. I asked this person whom I knew to be trustworthy how they knew. And they disclosed to me that one of their male friends was sleeping with Paul. I had no reason to doubt this information from this source. And when she told me who the friend was a lot of things about Paul and this person’s friendship began to make sense in the most horrible of ways.