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Fair & Foul Part II

Read Part I Here Fair & Foul Part II By: Honey De’Andre When I arrived to Coach Thames’ office he was at his desk with the offensive coordinator, George Kent, and the general manager, Patrick Evans. A lump formed in my throat. Coach Thames told me to have a seat.             He began to speak, “Okay, De’Andre we heard about the altercation between you and Jay’Von.” I dropped my head. Before Thames could continue Kent interrupted him. “Normally, your ass would’ve been cut but we have an issue. Right after practice Jay’Von was arrested for assault and battery on his girlfriend. And with the league’s new hard stance on domestic violence we have to suspend him until the charges are cleared up.” Thames picked up where he left off, “De’Andre if you have an attitude problem you can turn in your playbook and leave now.” “Coach Thames, what happened between Jay’Von and I was bad but that’s not the kind of player or person I am, period. I’m just here to do a job.” Thames

An Empty Well

The Empty Well By: Honey Yesterday was a good day matter of fact as I was moving through traffic Ice Cube’s today was a good day was flowing through the speakers. I’d just got an unexpected deposit into my back account and my finances were looking up and then I saw him. The guy that I had spent months agonizing over and praying I’d never see him again. He was right beside me at the light, I looked over and he looked over and we locked eyes. I was hoping he wouldn’t recognize me; I wasn’t on my car plus I was rocking a beanie. But a few seconds later my phone began to ring, he’d recognized me.

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Microwave versus Oven

Microwave v. Oven The microwave and the oven in many ways serve a similar purpose; both can be used to cook or to warm up food. However, anyone that has used these devices knows that food prepared in the microwave can in no way compare to food prepared in oven. I mean, would you rather have Easy Mac or a baked Mac N’ Cheese? The microwave is representative of instant gratification while the oven is long-term satisfaction.