An Empty Well

The Empty Well
By: Honey

Yesterday was a good day matter of fact as I was moving through traffic Ice Cube’s today was a good day was flowing through the speakers. I’d just got an unexpected deposit into my back account and my finances were looking up and then I saw him. The guy that I had spent months agonizing over and praying I’d never see him again. He was right beside me at the light, I looked over and he looked over and we locked eyes. I was hoping he wouldn’t recognize me; I wasn’t on my car plus I was rocking a beanie. But a few seconds later my phone began to ring, he’d recognized me.

            “Hey, I think I just saw you in traffic. Are you still in town? Can we meet up somewhere? I want to see you.” We ended up meeting in a desolate shopping center parking lot. He still looked the same but I expected nothing less. Before he could ask why he hadn’t heard from me I cut him off. “Listen, you were honestly the last person I wanted to see while I was home.” He looked shocked, “Why do you hate me?” I sighed and continued to explain myself, “Look, I don’t hate you. I don’t wish you any ill will but I realized there is nothing between us.” “So we weren’t friends?” “We were cool but whatever the hell us we had going on ruined that.”
            A few minutes later we were going back and forward like it hadn’t been months since the last time we’d seen each other. And that’s when it hit me he is an empty well. Why was I standing here talking to this empty well? He had nothing new to say, nothing new to offer. He was hollow. “Look fam, it was good seeing you but I’ve got to go.” He nodded his head understandingly. “I hope to her from you.” He said as he reached for a hug that I obliged him with but he took it a stepped further and leaned in for a kiss. I curved him and kept it moving.
            I wrote all of that to say this stop returning to empty wells in your life thinking that they hold water, that they hold something of value. There is a reason you evicted them from your life in the first place. Empty wells have nothing new to say, they have no new insight. They are just that…empty. If you want to move forward in life you have to be okay with leaving people where they are and realizing they have nothing to offer you. Well contains water and water helps nourish things and aids in their growth and restoration. An empty well has no water it is not helping with your growth or your restoration.
            Consider the people in your life. Are they empty wells? Are they really helping you grow? Or are they aiding in your stagnation? If you realize that someone in your life is an empty well do not return to them and for God’s sake do not look back. They will never have anything fulfilling to offer you.


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