Microwave versus Oven

Microwave v. Oven
The microwave and the oven in many ways serve a similar purpose; both can be used to cook or to warm up food. However, anyone that has used these devices knows that food prepared in the microwave can in no way compare to food prepared in oven. I mean, would you rather have Easy Mac or a baked Mac N’ Cheese? The microwave is representative of instant gratification while the oven is long-term satisfaction.

            In life we ruin what could possibly be a good or great thing because we rush it. We don’t give it time to develop and reach its full potential. We rush it because we don’t want it now we want it RIGHT NOW. How many potentially great relationships have we ruined by rushing things? Because we wanted that person RIGHT NOW. How many us have ruined our credit because we wanted those shoes or that handbag RIGHT NOW? How many of us have fumbled on our path to success because of instead of waiting our turn we moved too soon?

            Instant gratification feels good in the moment because we get what we thought we wanted. But how many times have you got something that you wanted almost instantly and as soon as you got it you realized it wasn’t what you really wanted? You purchased that brand new car that your finances could not yet properly bear because you had to have it RIGHT NOW and before the first service visits rolls around you no longer wanted it or you realize it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

            We need to reprogram our thinking and realize that long-term satisfaction is much better than instant gratification. Would you rather have a Cup of Noodles (that can be quickly fixed in the microwave) or full course meal (that is prepared in the stove)? Yes, the oodles of noodles are quick and they supply a form of sustenance. And yes, a full course meal takes longer but not only will it provide sustenance it will provide much needed nourishment and real flavor.
            I’ve said all of that to say this the things in life that are really worth having are worth working for, they are worth saving for, and they are worth waiting for. Working towards something or saving towards something makes it all the more sweet when it comes to fruition. In life we do not remember or cherish the things that came easily to us. We remember the things that we had to work for, the things we have save for, and the things we had to sacrifice for. Let’s think in oven terms and not microwave terms. Let’s plan for the years not the minutes.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”--Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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