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The Honey Hive Live

I'm proud to announce the launch of my podcast, "The Honey Hive Live". It will be launching on April 1st. Make sure you check it out!

5 of Life's Ugly Truths

5 of Life’s Ugly Truths Some days in life you are the statue and other days you are the pigeon. (Think about that and let it sink in). Life isn’t always pretty there is no need to sugarcoat it just roll with it and live life day by day. 1)     You will fail: At some point in your life you will fail. But the question is not will you fail? The question is, how will you respond when you do fail? Will you wallow in self-pity? Will you make excuses? Will you shift the blame to others? When you fail in life, your response is what shows your character. You’ll learn more from your failures than you will from your success. Only a rough sea can make an excellent sailor. Learn from your failure, grow from your failures, and use them a stepping stone to your success. 2)     You will be rejected: You will experience rejection and that is okay. Rejection can be protection from something or someone that wasn’t truly for you. Do not internalize rejection, take it in stride, and m