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Life According To Beyoncé

Life According To Beyoncé By: Honey B. Baker
Let me start this off by saying I am not a member of the BeyHive but I do enjoy Beyoncé’s music and I respect her hustle, grind, and I stand in owe of her influence.Here are some of the life lessons we can all learn from Beyoncé’s music and her public persona.

7) Family Is Key: Momma taught me good home training, my daddy taught me how to love my haters, my sister taught me I should speak my mind, my man made me feel so goddamn fine... (Flawless- BEYONCÉ)

Family is key, they are our support system. Be it your blood family or people who feel like family.
6) It’s Okay To Be Single: All the single ladies, all the single ladies... (Single Lades- I AM) I’ve got me, myself, and I... (Me, Myself, and I- Dangerously in Love) Don’t you ever get to thinking you’re irreplaceable (Irreplaceable- B’ Day) Middle fingers up, put them hands high, wave it in his face, tell ‘em boy bye... (Sorry- LEMONADE)

It is okay to be single and kick that no good dude to the cu…

To Live, Learn, and Die in Halifax Co.

Foreword to "To Live, Learn, and Die in Halifax Co.":

I am a lifestyle writer not a journalist. I normally write about funny stuff: love, life, and a laughter. I like making people laugh not think; I leave that to serious people. When I posted this essay it wasn't to attack anyone and it wasn't to be attacked or chided in return. Normally my posts get about 100 views in a couple of weeks but within two hours of me posting this piece it had over 1000 views. Let me be clear, I am not an expert on schools, I am not an expert on taxation, I am not an expert on the finances of Halifax County. However, anyone with two eyes can look around and see that Halifax County is SUFFERING. I wrote this piece because I have seen the effects that our piss poor schools have had on my generation and all subsequent generations. I spoke about my grandmother's work ethic and her desire to see her children do better not to focus on her parenting. It was to focus on the fact that the text…

Life Is Too Short For

There are only a few things that are guaranteed in life: death and taxes. We all have been given a finite amount of time on this planet to get shit stuff done. I do not know your destiny. Heck, I don’t even know my own but I do know this, life is too short to waste it being unhappy and dealing in exercises of futility. Here is a quick list of things that life is too short for.
Life Is Too For:
5) You To Have Crappy Sex: Everyone deserves to be with someone who satisfies him or her physically. Life is too short not to know what an orgasm feels like or being with someone who truly does not knock your socks off. You deserve better, so treat yo’self.

4) You Not To Travel: Do not be afraid of adventure, see the world and see it often as possible and in as many different ways as possible. Traveling allows us to expand our mind. Do not let life pass you by without seeing somewhere out of your usual routine.

3) You Not To Speak Up For Yourself: Be assertive, be honest about your feelings, and do…

The Inner Children

The Inner Children When I saw you across the room. I mean the very first time I saw you. You felt familiar like we’d met before. You see I believe in reincarnation. So maybe just maybe we met a few lifetimes ago. Maybe then we were lovers. Maybe we were friends. But what I do know if you felt familiar. Then we spoke and your voice sounded familiar. But it was your eyes. Your eyes recognized mine. It took a while but I realized why you look so familiar. The broken little girl in me. Knew the broken little boy in you. My brokenness recognizes yours. But yours didn’t recognize mine. I saw what you couldn’t see. Or maybe you knew what I could see. You knew I saw through the façade. I saw the real unguarded you. It frightened you. And the little boy inside of you ran. And the little girl ran after you. You and I are not kindred spirits.

The Beautiful Broken Things

The Broken, Beautiful Things
"Emma, are you sitting down?" Vashti said with her tone drenched in concern and worry. "Yeah girl, what's wrong?" "Go to this Facebook page, Charmaine Ingram. Charmaine with a C not an S." I sat at my desk and typed in the name wondering what this Charmaine Ingram chick had to do with Vashti's tone and unexpected phone call.
As soon as the page began to load on my iPad I understood why. There was my man down on one knee proposing to this Charmaine Ingram character. Yes, my boyfriend proposing to another woman. In that moment I didn't know if I was angry, hurt, or what. My heart began to sear my chest as if it had turned into molten iron.
"Emma, are you there? Emma?!?!" "Yes, I'm here. I've got to go." I said quietly as I ended the call. The walls of my office began to spin in a dizzying haze. I snatched up my purse and told my secretary to cancel all my appointments for the day. My stiletto…

What's Love Got To Do With It?

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Someone told me when you meet the one you’re supposed to spend your life with you’ll just know it. But what happens if you know it and they don’t? Well here’s a little story about that. Oh yeah by the way, I’m Apollonian aka the bitch whose pictures your boyfriend keeps liking on Instagram. But yeah my name is Apollonian, like Prince’s girlfriend from Purple Rain. What can I say my mom was a big Prince fan? ::face palm:: Well let’s take it way, way back. Okay not way, way back like 1990 but like way back like last summer when people still thought “Trap Queen” was a good song and using the term “on fleek” was still socially acceptable. First, let’s meet my boyfriend Jack. And herrrrre we go!


Charity and Jamal grew from high school sweethearts to each other’s ride or die. However, as time has gone on they have changed. Charity is on her way to becoming an all-star attorney while Jamal finds himself content with the lifestyle of a drug kingpin. There loyalty for one and another is tested as Charity finds herself becoming dissatisfied with being just simply the dope man’s chick and wanting to be a real man’s wife. Jamal’s empty promises of leaving the game behind have worn thin and Charity wants more. Will their love make it? Or are they destined to crumble? Twisted “Nah man, I ain’t seen that girl in a minute. I think she outta town.” I already knew Mal was talking about cocaine so I tuned myself out and vacantly stared at the generic movie playing on the television. I was reclined back on the couch with my feet in his lap as he cradled the phone between his ear and shoulder as he massaged my aching feet. Once he ended his call he quietly mumbled an apology and kissed me on t…

If They Ask