Life Is Too Short For

There are only a few things that are guaranteed in life: death and taxes. We all have been given a finite amount of time on this planet to get shit stuff done. I do not know your destiny. Heck, I don’t even know my own but I do know this, life is too short to waste it being unhappy and dealing in exercises of futility. Here is a quick list of things that life is too short for.

Life Is Too For:

5) You To Have Crappy Sex: Everyone deserves to be with someone who satisfies him or her physically. Life is too short not to know what an orgasm feels like or being with someone who truly does not knock your socks off. You deserve better, so treat yo’self.

4) You Not To Travel: Do not be afraid of adventure, see the world and see it often as possible and in as many different ways as possible. Traveling allows us to expand our mind. Do not let life pass you by without seeing somewhere out of your usual routine.

3) You Not To Speak Up For Yourself: Be assertive, be honest about your feelings, and do not let life rob you of your voice. If you are not willing to stand up for yourself, why should anyone else?

2) You Not To Be In Love At Least Once: Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to love and be immensely loved in return.

1) You Not To Pursue Your Passion and Use Your Talents: Do not live a life of what-ifs, live a life of oh-wells. Life is too short not to follow your dreams and explore your passion. If we do not use our talents, we are not only hurting ourselves but we are hurting others. Our passion and talents may not be what we think of as a traditional talent but we all have something we are good at and we can make a difference by doing this.

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