The Beautiful Broken Things

The Broken, Beautiful Things

"Emma, are you sitting down?" Vashti said with her tone drenched in concern and worry. "Yeah girl, what's wrong?" "Go to this Facebook page, Charmaine Ingram. Charmaine with a C not an S." I sat at my desk and typed in the name wondering what this Charmaine Ingram chick had to do with Vashti's tone and unexpected phone call.

As soon as the page began to load on my iPad I understood why. There was my man down on one knee proposing to this Charmaine Ingram character. Yes, my boyfriend proposing to another woman. In that moment I didn't know if I was angry, hurt, or what. My heart began to sear my chest as if it had turned into molten iron.

"Emma, are you there? Emma?!?!" "Yes, I'm here. I've got to go." I said quietly as I ended the call. The walls of my office began to spin in a dizzying haze. I snatched up my purse and told my secretary to cancel all my appointments for the day. My stilettos ferociously clickity-clacked across the marble floor of my office building as I made a hasty exit.

I pushed the engine of my car to the max as I made my way to Dante's house. When I arrived his car was in the driveway. I reached under a flowerpot and grabbed the spare key. I quietly walked in and assailed him in the kitchen as he was fixing a sandwich.

"What the fuck, Emma?!?!" "Really, what the fuck is all you have to say for yourself? Please tell me what the past two years of my life were?" "Look, Emma I'm sorry but I never took us seriously." "So me meeting your whole family wasn't serious. Us going on vacation wasn't serious. Us living together until you closed on your home wasn't serious. You laying in bed with me three nights ago telling me you love me wasn't serious. You crying in my arms when you grandfather died wasn't serious. When exactly did we not become serious?" "Look I met Charmaine and I just fell for her, I'm sorry." "So you fell for her and didn't have the care, concern, or decency to tell me that we were over!?!? I could fucking kill you!" "Emma, you need to leave before I call the police."

Before I left I sent a series of dishes crashing to the floor. I should've know Dante was trouble the first time I'd spotted him across the room in his black three piece custom made Italian suit at the grand opening of his latest project. But his charming and easy nature soon calmed all my fears and we'd fallen quickly.

As I drove home thousands of memories flashed through my mind. In the last few months, he'd been distant but I had credited the change in demeanor to the stress of my miscarriage. Never in my wildest dreams did I think another woman was the cause. I mean he'd never given me a reason to doubt his loyalty, I mean not one single doubt.

I phone began to ring again it was Dante's mother. What could she have to say? "Hello." "Emma, hey this is Gloria." "Did you know?" "No, I swear." "He just called me and told me this morning that he was engaged and that it wasn't to you. I have never even met this girl. I am so sorry. Just know we love you and call me if you need anything."

When I arrived home I didn't want anything to do with anyone. I wanted to be closed off from everything. I just wanted to die and attempt to die I did. However, before the sleeping pills could wrap me tightly in death's embrace Vashti found me.

"Emma, you should take a few months off work. Let Allen run things for a minute I know he's capable. You need to take some time off."

And took some time off I did. I went to the Bahamas, I went to Rome, I went to Anguila, I went to Spain but I couldn't outrun the pain. I got therapy but that only made me feel worse. Dante had hurt me in a manner I did not even think was humanly possible. Dante was someone that I had once viewed as a humanity with a glowing spirit but he was the cruelest man I had ever met. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing. My life hit a standstill but his world was still spinning upright and I knew he didn't think he'd done a single thing wrong.

"The wedding is June 8th at Love and Peace Worship Center. 2PM." Tiffany told me in a hushed tone before quickly hanging up. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to crash a wedding and break up an unholy matrimony but here I was about to do just that.

Dante had ripped out my heart and stomped all over it. He'd made a mockery of me in front of my family and my friends.

"Emma do not do this. He is not worth it. He is not worth it all." Vashti pleaded with me as I slipped into a tight dress and put on my most ferocious heels.

"Emma do not not do this. He is going to get his." "Yeah, I'm going to ensure he gets his."

I walked out of my house, slamming the door behind me. But shit I was hungry. Waffle House it was. Before I go to war I just gird up my strength.

I sat down at a booth off in the corner by myself and ordered my usual.

I heard a baritone voice behind me. "A beautiful lady on a mission." I turned around and gave him a weak smile. "Do you mind if I join you?" I didn't want to be rude and he was quite handsome. About six feet, light brown skin, kind brown eyes, a full beard, and a sharp haircut. He looked as if he'd just left the gym. He was wearing a grey v neck shirt, grey sweatpants, and black Nike running shoes.

He extended his head. "Hi, I'm Carson." "Nice to meet you, I'm Emma." "Nice to meet you as well. Where are you going to dressed up?" "A wedding." "My ex-fiancĂ© is getting married today as well. You wouldn't know you her would you? Her name is Charmaine." "No, the wedding  I'm going to is out of town." "Oh okay." "You said ex-fiancĂ©. What happened?" A sorrowful look spread across his face. "One day she told me she didn't love me anymore. A few weeks later I saw pictures of her on Facebook with some other dude. A rich guy he owns a few nightclubs and restaurants former NFL player, Dante Holloway. I guess I didn't make enough money for her." "What do you do?" "I'm a barber."

That explained the fresh, impeccably lined up haircut. "A barber not working on a Saturday? That's odd." He frowned for a moment. "I just couldn't work today. All I can think about is the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with betraying me like this. I didn't want to fuck anybody's hair up today." "Understandable." “So I know a beautiful woman like you has a date to the wedding.” “No, I’m single.” I said as a slight blush engorged my cheeks. “How can someone so beautiful be single?” “I’m just single.” 

“Understood. Look normally I don’t approach women but I just wanted to fnd out about you. You’re so pretty but you looked so sad.” “I have a lot on my mind.” “Like...” He said as he gave me inquisitive look. “How would you feel if you found out that a big portion of your life was one big farce?” “I would be hurt. No denying that. But I would move on. So was the big farce in your life?” “So that big time NFL player your girl left you for, that was man. I didn’t even know he was two timing me until I saw a post on Facebook.” Carson’s mouth hung slightly open in surprise. “And you were going to the wedding?” “To crash it.” He shook his head in slight amusement. He tentatively took my hand into his. “Look I believe in fate and I believe that you and I ended up in this Waffle House. Here together at this very moment for a particular reason. So instead of crashing their wedding, let’s go fishing.” I chuckled a little bit. “Fishing. Honey, I’m from New York. We don’t fish.” “You don’t fish or you don’t know how.” “I don’t know how.” “Well, today you’re going to learn.”

Long story short I took Carson up on his offer. Carson and I were the broken things, the beautiful broken things. We both felt the same kind of loss or well, what we thought was a loss. We grew closer and in our closeness we put each other back together piece by piece, bit by bit until there was not a crack left in sight.

Real healing love comes when we least expect it. Most of the time it doesn’t boldly puff out it’s chest and announce its entrance. It sneaks in through the cracks like a cool summer breeze and before you know it, it takes you over. Real love doesn’t criticize, it takes you as is and holds you closely not at a distant or watch over you with a critical eye, it just is.


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