The Inner Children

The Inner Children
When I saw you across the room.
I mean the very first time I saw you.
You felt familiar like we’d met before.
You see I believe in reincarnation.
So maybe just maybe we met a few lifetimes ago.
Maybe then we were lovers.
Maybe we were friends.
But what I do know if you felt familiar.
Then we spoke and your voice sounded familiar.
But it was your eyes.
Your eyes recognized mine.
It took a while but I realized why you look so familiar.
The broken little girl in me.
Knew the broken little boy in you.
My brokenness recognizes yours.
But yours didn’t recognize mine.
I saw what you couldn’t see.
Or maybe you knew what I could see.
You knew I saw through the fa├žade.
I saw the real unguarded you.
It frightened you.
And the little boy inside of you ran.
And the little girl ran after you.
You and I are not kindred spirits.

But our inner children are.


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