The Silly Beggar Woman

The Silly Beggar Woman

I sat outside your house every night for year and a half...
With my hands full of gold and silver.
I said please take this gold, 
Please have some silver, it’s your if you want it.
My hands full of gold, 
My hands full of silver.
My heart full of love.
My being full of nectar.
Please sir, take some silver,
But at the least take some nectar.
You always took, a sip of the nectar.
You never passed up on the sweet nectar.
Leaving you drunk and happy.
I like a fool was happy to share my nectar with you.
But my hands full of silver, my hands full of gold.
My heart full of gold.
You couldn’t be bothered.
I sat there begging you to take my richest treasures.
My hands full of gold, my hands full of silver.
My heart full of love.
I begged you like a fool to take things you didn’t deserve.
My nectar sweeter than honey, you always took.
You didn’t deserve that either.
I begged you to take gold you didn’t deserve.
I begged you to adorn yourself in silver that you’d tarnish.
It’s ironic because I begged you to take a love you didn’t deserve.
I begged you to take my most valuable treasure, my love.
I was a silly beggar, begging you to beg for me.


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