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Closed Until Further Notice

Closed Until Further Notice By: Honey B. Baker
The last two years in my dating life have been quite simply a disaster. I have been on a couple dates that made me wonder when a camera crew was going to come around the corner. I have met dudes who were full of potential and others who left much to be desired.
Currently, I am jaded, embittered, and tired. For the time being I want to be left alone. My heart and my mind are closed until further notice. Over the past two years, I have endured a series of stinging blows that have wounded me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I need time to heal.

The Drug

The Drug
By: Honey B. Baker I took my first hit of you in an old creaky house... On a cold, winter night. But your intoxicants warmed me. I was hooked. Endorphins rushed.

Kiss and Say Goodbye

Kiss and Say Goodbye An Old To Closure By: Honey B. Baker
I sighed deeply as I kicked back on my plush couch and looked around basking in the joy of finally being unpacked in my new apartment. Every box had been unpacked, broken down, and tossed in the garbage. Life was good.
I sipped on my celebratory glass of champagne and reflected on the series of moments that had brought me here. A bad break up, moving clear across the country for a new job only to be fired during a round of layoffs three months later, being broke to the point that oodles of noodles were a luxury, moving back home to live in my parents’ guest bedroom, and finally finding a new better paying job. Mind you all of this happened in ten-month time span.
I was finally getting back on my feet, complete with a new fly apartment. I enjoyed my champagne and fell asleep on my couch.
The next morning I went for a jog just to check out my complex. Right outside of my building sat a shiny new silver S-Class Mercedes Benz caught my a…

Are You Getting A Return on Your Investment?

Are You Getting A Return on Your Investment? By: Honey B. Baker
Last week it was bae’s birthday. I was packing a bag to head out of town to surprise him. However, when I ventured onto Snapchat to see who was singing what song and who thougt their weave was extra poppington that day I was the one in for a surprise. He was booed up with another woman. Not wanting to jump the gun I asked who she was and unequivocally he said it was his “boo” like duh you mean I never mentioned my girlfriend. His who? This was a guy I talked to everyday for the past five or six months not nann word was mentioned about a girlfriend as a matter of fact he often spoke of our future together, who I went out with regularly, talked to every night, etc. Was I pissed? Yes. Was I hurt? No.
I wasn’t pissed because he’d lie to me and lead me on basically since the beginning of the year. I was pissed because I’d purchased some raunchy lingerie and it was non-refundable (Damn you, Non-refundable, hmmm that’s…