Say Goodnight to the Good Guy (Insecure Episode 8 Recap)

“Say Goodnight to the Good Guy”
Insecure Episode 8 Recap
By: Honey B. Baker

The series Insecure started out full of effervescent laughs and lighthearted comedy but you could feel a darker tone boiling under even in episode 1.  Take for instance the string Molly felt when Issa performed “Broken Pussy”, a mocking rebuke of Molly's love life at the Open Mic night. The sneaking and the contemplating Issa did when she received the Happy Birthday/I Miss You message from Daniel. Then there was Lawrence’s thoughtlessness when it came to Issa’s birthday.  However, these instances were soon smoothed over and life went on.

            However, the shaky foundation of Issa and Lawrence’s relationship was rocked to its core in episode 5 when Issa acted on her feelings for Daniel and they made studio love. I felt a mix of emotions after Issa and Daniel had sex. On one hand I was sorely disappointed in Issa for falling into Daniel’s not-so-elaborate trap of Henny and intimate conversation. On the other hand, I could kind of understand. Let’s be honest, she and Lawrence were not in a good place. Lawrence like so many men had tied his pride to his wallet and his lack of self-esteem was impacting his ability to be able to do right by Issa. I also felt sorry for Issa because she actually felt guilty. She wasn’t conniving, she wasn’t giggling about it with her girls, the gravity of her actions hit her like a ton of bricks. But anyone with a grain of sense knew Issa’s infidelity would come to light sooner rather than later.

            Lawrence storming out at the end of last week’s episode was doubly devastating in the light of Molly and Issa’s blowup on mere minutes before. There Issa was without her man or her best friend. The last couple of episodes of Insecure left us reeling and the season finale was no different.

            The season finale finds Issa, Molly, Kelly, and the blonde bitch (I don’t know her name nor to do I care to find it) on their way to the pristine coastline of Malibu to celebrate Kelly’s 30th Birthday. Issa and Molly are not speaking at all and an awkward silence permeates the air between them. Molly in spite of all her romantic misfires through the season continues down her path of romantic self-sabotage under the guise of being the New Molly. The only difference between Old Molly and New Molly in my opinion is that cute ass bob cut. Molly finds herself having sloppy drunk sex with a college coed. Molly boo, do better!

            The season finale finds Lawrence commiserating with his homeboy over Issa’s treachery. Lawrence and his boys make their way to the strip club to converse about the perceived slights committed upon them by black women. Lawrence makes his way to the VIP room and comes close to getting it popping with a stripper with a wack clip-on ponytail. However, nothing makes a man come to his senses quicker than $200 head and $400 pussy. Lawrence makes his way outside and calls Issa and they agree to sit down and talk upon her return from Malibu.

            In her joy and elation, Issa rushes down the Pacific Coast Highway to make her way home to discuss matters with Lawrence in person. For a minute, the optimist in me felt for just a moment all was right with the world again. In spite of their issues, I want to see Issa and Lawrence win together. Issa truly loves him although she made a huge mistake and Lawrence loves her even though at times he failed to show it. But he won me over when he called in a favor to get the Broken Pussy video removed from YouTube (that scene actually brought me to tears).

            My hopes of reconciliation were soon dashed when Issa returned home to an empty house. Lawrence had cleared all of his belongings out except for his Best Buy polo. Him leaving that polo behind for me was emblematic of him leaving behind his “good guy” image. All through the episode we are reminded that Lawrence is a “good guy” his homeboy calls him a Drake nigga and his blood did not pump cold. His boys doubt he will do anything with the stripper. The stripper even calls him a good guy after he apologizes for palming her ass. All through the season even if we couldn’t say anything else nice about Lawrence we could say he was a good man.

            The episode comes to a screaming (literally) end as Lawrence is shown putting in work on Tasha from the bank. The Twitterverse had mixed emotions about this scene strongly divided amongst gender lines. Women were clearly disappointed in Lawrence and men were elated that he had gotten “revenge” on Issa. Some men even posted videos of them celebrating as if Lawrence had scored the winning touchdown for their team in the Super Bowl. Personally, I am torn. On one hand, I believe that Lawrence was well within his rights. Technically he’s single, Issa cheated on him, and he didn’t owe her an apology. On the other hand, I was devastated for him and for Issa. What does this mean for them? As Issa and Molly sat out on that decrepit couch and Issa wailed I felt for her.

            I don’t know where Season 2 of Insecure will take us but I do know that Lawrence the good guy is dead. A man can only take so much. Personally, I hope Lawrence and Issa can work through the bullshit. I want them to win because there is love there somewhere under all of the bullshit. As the hours ticked by after the finale my thoughts were drawn to Tasha. It is clear that Tasha clearly has feelings for Lawrence. I mean anybody willing to go buy some expensive ass batteries from Best Buy just to invite a man out for margaritas and jalapeƱo poppers is definitely feeling a dude. Lawrence has never seemed to be all that interested in Tasha; Issa aside. I can see this ending with Tasha being devastated. Lawrence and Tasha seemed to be in two different places in life. No, this isn’t a hit on Tasha. She seems to be a sweet girl but from the jump she was set up for failure because of her eagerness.

            I am relieved that Issa and Molly could move beyond their spat especially because Issa is going to need Molly more than ever. But it is my earnest hope that Molly seeks therapy in season two because I want to see her win too. But Molly has to want herself to win first and right now she is losing badly. 


Anonymous said…
Great review! I came across your link on Twitter and I'm glad I save it. Last night, I watched episode 5 to catch up, because I missed it, then watched my taped finale. This morning at 6am I read your review. You are spot in! I too look forward to season 2. Excited to see some real, authentic black people on TV that are not stereotypical. I will be back to read more....

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