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Kintsugi Part II

Kintsugi Part II By: Honey B. Baker “Wow Nadia...” I woke up to that two-word text from Donovan. Dylan was still sleep on the bed beside me. We’d ended up staying up all night just talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. He’d fallen asleep on my old lumpy couch so I’d invited him to bed. He politely refused but eventually gave into my prodding. To my pleasant surprise he didn’t try me; he just went to sleep. I read the text and quickly exited out of it. I wasn’t about to go back down the rabbit hole with Donovan. I’d clearly seen the jealously in his eyes at the bar the night before. Donovan always thought he was better than me and thus that meant I couldn’t do any better than him so he could just treat me however he deemed fit. Last night he could clearly see he’d lost out it was obvious that Dylan was a better man in so many aspects: better looking, better dressed, and a pure aura. Donovan was not a bad looking man but his insecurities about himself clouded h

Kintsugi Part I

Kintsugi Part I By: Honey B. Baker “Nadia, you are such a lame. Why aren’t you coming with us to the party anymore?” “I just don’t feel like it. I want to rest.” Jayla sucked her teeth and I could practically hear her rolling her eyes through the phone. “Well, if you say so.” “I do say so.” “Bye Naddy!” Jayla said before hastily ending the call. Truth be told I was the picture of health but I knew that Jayla and Tasha wanted to introduce me to Tasha’s cousin who’d just moved to the city. I was sick of people trying to “hook” me up with someone in an attempt to help me get over Donovan. I knew the people around me meant well but I was sick of dead end blind dates that only ended in making me further depressed.

BMJ Season Premiere Recap

Being Mary Jane Season Premiere Recap By: Honey B. Baker Okay, I’ll be the first to admit I was no in a rush to watch the season 4 premiere of Being Mary Jane. Because I knew Mary Jane would be coming with the bullshit. And as per usual, she did not let me down. I was disappointed in the lapse of time between this season and last. Obviously, so many things have transpired since the closing scene of last season’s finale and now were left filling in the gaps. To be honest, I would have much rather this season having picked up right where last season left off. But enough about my preferences and let’s get into the recap. The episode began with Mary Jane seductively walking into her bedroom and asking the mystery man to give her a moment. At this moment, I already began rolling my eyes. I love Mary Jane but I was disappointed that she is still trying to sex her way through past hurts with temporary flings with even more temporary men. Later on in the episode it is r