Kintsugi Part II

Kintsugi Part II
By: Honey B. Baker

“Wow Nadia...” I woke up to that two-word text from Donovan. Dylan was still sleep on the bed beside me. We’d ended up staying up all night just talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. He’d fallen asleep on my old lumpy couch so I’d invited him to bed. He politely refused but eventually gave into my prodding. To my pleasant surprise he didn’t try me; he just went to sleep. I read the text and quickly exited out of it.

I wasn’t about to go back down the rabbit hole with Donovan. I’d clearly seen the jealously in his eyes at the bar the night before. Donovan always thought he was better than me and thus that meant I couldn’t do any better than him so he could just treat me however he deemed fit. Last night he could clearly see he’d lost out it was obvious that Dylan was a better man in so many aspects: better looking, better dressed, and a pure aura. Donovan was not a bad looking man but his insecurities about himself clouded him and made him nasty and arrogant; he always had to be right.

I went into the kitchen and quietly began making breakfast. As I put the finishing touches on my pancakes Donovan slowly emerged from my bedroom shirtless and still wearing the sweatpants. “Good morning, Nadia.” “Good morning, Dylan.” “Something smells good.” He said as he came into the kitchen and look at the small breakfast spread I’d prepared. “Looks good too.” He said before washing his hands and fixing a plate. “No, I got that. Let me do that for you.” “Nah, you already did enough. I haven’t had a homemade breakfast in forever. So this is much appreciated.” He placed a plate in front of me as he joined me at the table.

“What are you getting into on this beautiful Saturday morning?” “Going into the office I need to get some work done.” “You need to get some work done or want to?” “A little of both.” “Take the day off and hang out with me. Give yourself a break.” “What do you have in mind, Dylan?” “Lunch, go check out this art exhibit downtown, see the sights, dinner, and after that whatever you want.” He said as he gave me a warm, inviting smile as he waited for my answer. “I’ll let you know something.” Dylan’s face took on a look of disappointment. “Sounds about like a no.” “I’m sorry, Dylan.”

Dylan reached across the table and gently touched my hand. “Nadia, remember what I said last night. I just want us to get to know each other better. You are different and I want to get to know you better. I want you to give me that chance and I want you to take the time to get to know me.” His voice sounded sincere and honest. “I’m not going to hit you with that I’m not like other dudes shit because I am like other dudes. But I’m ready to do better and to be better for the right woman. I feel like that’s you.” I gave him a skeptical look as skepticism permeated my voice. “What makes me so different?” “Tasha used to talk to me about you a lot. Nadia this, Nadia that. She told me about the shit you went through with dude. And I just listened. She talked about you a lot and I became interested. I mean from my understanding dude put you through a lot but you still wanted to love him. Woman like you are rare. You just need to put your heart in the right hands.”

         I eyed him skeptically. “And you’re the right man?” “Nadia, I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m the one for you. I do not know if I am or not. But I do know this I won’t hurt you. I just want to see where things go.” He sounded sincere but I just didn’t know. “I’ll let you know something before ten.” “Okay Nadia.” He said as his voice took on a clearly disappointed done. We finished breakfast and he did the dishes.

         He hugged me before he left. “Let me know something. I’ll be around.” “Okay Dylan.”  I got dressed to go out for my run when I returned Donovan’s black-on-black S-Class was in my driveway. What the fuck?
         As I walked up my driveway he emerged from his car. “Good morning, Nadia.” “What the fuck are you doing here?” “Damn, no good morning?” He said as he flashed his lady killer smile that used to make me weak in my knees. “Like I said, what the fuck do you want?” “Nadia, can we talk for a minute?” “About?” “Us. I thought we were friends.” “Donovan, we stopped being friends with my grandfather died and you weren’t even decent to come check on me. We stopped being friends when you saw me broke down on the side of 85 and kept right on going. You thought I didn’t see you, huh? Fuck you!” With that being said I stormed past him and went inside.

         This was classic Donovan behavior. Donovan didn’t want me but he didn’t want anyone else to have me, period.

         “Hey, I’ll take you up on your offer.” “I’ll be you up at one. Dress casual.” I peeped out of my blinds to make sure Donovan was gone; I peeked out just in time to see his car turning off of my street.
“You look beautiful.” Dylan said as he gave me a dozen rich red roses. “Awww these are gorgeous. Thanks!” “You’re welcome.”

         As we drove downtown Ari Lennox’s album flowed through the luxury sound system. “Are you familiar with Kehinde Wiley’s work?” “Oh my God! Yes! I love his work! I’ve been trying to get down here to see his exhibit since it’s been in town.” “Well today’s the day.” He said as he flashed me a playful smile.

         As we walked around the gallery he held my hand as we discussed the art. “This is cool. You’re the first guy I’ve met who was into art.” “Yeah, I dabble in painting a little bit myself. Nowhere near this level though.” “I’d love to see your work.” “I’m not that great. It’s just a hobby.” “I hear you.”

         We went to lunch at my favorite restaurant downtown. Over lunch I studied his face. His features were gorgeous; long eyelashes, heavy well-defined eyebrows, warm and expressive eyes, even his nose was beautiful, and his lips had just the right amount of full and were gorgeous. I got so lost in his face that I didn’t even realize he was talking to me.

         “Nadia, Nadia...” “Huh? My bad.” “I was asking is your food good?” “Oh yeah, it’s delicious.” “Cool. I walk past this place everyday on the way to the office but never tried it. But I guess you know all the good places here. Since you’re from here.” “I wouldn’t say all that.” “Well next time you’re going to take me around and give me a tour.” “I can do that. So what’s next?” “It’s on you. I just want to spend time with you.” As he said that he looked directly into my eyes and I felt radiant warmth spread through my body. “So Miss Jones, what’s the move?” “Well since we’re downtown we might as well go to the movies.” “Sounds good.”

         As we sat down in our seats the theater Dylan cautiously pulled me closer. He smelled so good. As the movie started to play Dylan’s cell phone started to ring. He whispered that he had to take the call and briskly walked out. When came back in and sat down he looked dejected. “I have to go. I just got called into the office. I’ll call you an Uber.” I tried to hide my anger and disappointment but it seeped through. “No, I’m good. I’ll get my own ride. Handle your business.” “Nadia, I’m so sorry. Please don’t be mad.” “I said you’re good.”

         Dylan slowly walked away leaving me sitting by myself. I don’t even know why I had wanted to believe in him. After the movie was over I caught a Lyft home and started working on my homework; I needed to get this done anyway. Fuck Dylan!

         “Nadia, I am so, so, so, sorry. Please let me make it up to you ASAP. I know today’s date wasn’t ideal.”  “Yea.” “Nadia don’t be like that.” “No it’s cool. I understand. I honestly do.” 

         I feel asleep on my couch reading about cognitive development and intelligence. I woke up to Roscoe barking alerting me to the fact someone was at the door. I looked out the blinds and saw Dylan’s Porsche Panamera in my driveway. I opened the door and Dylan was standing there with another dozen roses, two bags of takeout from my favorite restaurant, a bottle of Wine, and a Redbox DVD plus a box of my favorite chocolate. “I told you I was going to make it up to you. Can I come in?” He said as he gave me a puppy dog face. I shrugged, “Yeah, come on in.”

         He placed the food on the kitchen table and went into my cabinet and took out plates. Over dinner, I began to thaw towards him. I could tell he was really trying to get on my good side. After dinner he popped in the DVD and sat on the couch beside me. He slowly pulled me closer as we laid down to watch the movie. As the movie progressed gently touched my bare thigh and lightly kissed me on the neck—hitting just the right spot. He moved his other arm and wrapped it around my waist.

         I could feel his heart rate and pulse quickening. He moved his hand to my inner thigh and let it rest there then slowly inching it up as he kissed my neck again this time more passionately. A light moan escaped my lips as his hand moved further up.

         Dylan got on top of me and positioned himself between my legs—he kissed my neck and slowly lifted my shirt kissing on my stomach as he looked up at me. It felt so damn good.  

         “Dylan, we need to stop. This is too soon.”


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