Men Are Trash

Yes, Men Are Trash
By: Ryan D. Daniels

A few weeks ago rancor broke out on Twitter over a t-shirt that read as follows, “Men are trash.” A digital Battles of the Sexes broke out and chaos ensued. I remained neutral because I didn’t see the problem with the shirt because I know that all men aren’t trash but many men do have some trash like ways. Like when I say Black Lives Matter that doesn’t mean I’m saying other lives don’t matter. But anyways, I digress.

         To a certain extent all men are trash. Y’all don’t get mad and just ride with me for a minute on this. My grandma has this nice and solid rolling pin (if you don’t know what a rolling pin is look it up). For someone who is a baker you know the importance of having a quality rolling pin and this particular one is top of the line. It is much older than me and her father gifted it to my grandmother many years ago. My great grandfather was a sanitation worker in Baltimore for any years and my grandma often talks about the gems that he found that dumped by the city’s elite: fur coats, expensive cookware, and the list goes on and on. Amongst the treasures found in the flotsam of the Baltimore elite my great grandfather found this rolling pin and gave it to my grandmother.

         So what exactly am I trying to say? Just because something is considered to be trash it doesn’t mean that it can’t be treasure or have value to someone, someone with a discerning eye. My mother is a prolific thrifter, someone who shops in thrift stores. She has found $900 handbags for $40, $100 blouses for $5, and the list goes on. Someone gave those items away because they thought they were useless junk. However, to someone else they were a treasure.

         So again what exactly am I saying? I am saying this. Men y’all are valuable even though many (not all) of y’all conduct yourselves in a trash like manner, which degrades your value. Y’all want a woman to be faithful while you cavort around with numerous women. Y’all want a woman who stays at home and reads books and cooks dinner while you party and gallivant about with your boys. Y’all want a woman who is wholesome, honest, and pure while you sleep around. Please understand that when I say “y’all” I’m speaking in extremely broad terms. It is a trash mentality to want a certain set of rules to apply to you but expecting the opposite from someone else. 

         And again, what exactly am I saying? I am saying this. If you want a woman to truly value you and see the good in you, please be good . Like that rolling pin or a fancy purse found in the thrift store, it took a keen eye to see the value in those discarded items even as it had been discarded as a valueless item. There are a lot of women that see the value in y’all in spite of your bullshit. They are the women who put up with your BS: the left on read texts, the other women, and your other trashy behavior (lying, the game playing, etc). Sadly, they stay because they love you more than they love themselves. A woman who can see your value through the trash is a good woman. However, doesn’t a good woman deserve an actual treasure? So be good. No, I’m not saying be perfect but I’m saying be good. As a matter of fact, just be better for the women who see your true value in spite of the garbage.

         Okay, as I type this piece I can hear the chorus of men saying. Well, women are trash, too. Yes, women too can have trashy ways. However, most women who I know that engage in these behaviors took on this behavior from a trashy man. The heartless woman had her heart stolen by a trashy, heartless man. The woman who juggles numerous men more than likely had her heart broken by a man who was juggling numerous women and she said to herself, never again and two can play that game. No, I’m not saying that this is always the case but more often than not it is.

         If we want better for each other we have to be better to each other. No, none of us are perfect and we fall short of perfection every single day. But we have to recognize our value and live up to it. You can't be trash or engage in trashy activity and expect to be treated like a treasure. And for that woman who sees the treasure in you in spite of your shortcomings, be better for her. And if you have no intentions of being better for her, let her go because she is someone else’s treasure.

         Y’all get what I’m saying or nah?


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