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The 5 Things I Wish I Knew in 2009

The 5 Things I Wish I Knew in 2009 (My Ode to the High School Graduates of 2017) By: Ryan D. Daniels Times has a funny way of flying by without us even realizing it until we decide to pop our head up from whatever task we’ve dedicated ourselves to and we realize that days, weeks, months, or years have passed by since some significant milestone occurred. That’s how I feel about my high school graduation. I graduated from high school on June 9, 2009 and in the eight years that have lapsed since then I have done a lot of living and a whole lot of learning inside and outside of a classroom. I remember who my graduation speaker was but I don’t remember what she spoke about. To be honest, I feel like most high school graduation speakers rely on the same script: quote some random current slang or some current hip hop song to seem relatable to youth, drudge up some old clich├ęs, or use some old anecdotes; sometimes effectively and sometimes not so effectively. I have been to