Taking The Good with the Bad

Taking The Good with the Bad
By: Ryan D. Daniels

Friday before last you could not tell me ANYTHING. I had just purchased my dream car, a Mercedes Benz SUV. I had just got a job offer on the spot at the type of school I dream of working at (well funded, great teacher pay, and in a diverse area). Sunday morning I woke up depressed wondering where it had all gone wrong. Saturday night as I was traveling back from an event at my alma mater, Elizabeth City State University, I’d crashed my own car trying to avoid hitting a deer as I coming off an exit. I was two minutes away from my apartment and my mind had been on getting home and devouring my Panera Bread leftovers.

         I was thankful to be alive because I came within mere inches of hitting a large tree head-on. However, my plan of having my Mercedes as my weekend car was totaled right along with my Honda Civic. Someone once told me or maybe I read it a book or maybe I heard it in a movie that if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.
         Life is about learning how to take the good days with the bad days. Sunny days would not seem so special if it weren’t for the rainy days. As my life goes on and I mature I’m learning to accept this. Everyday isn’t going to be MY day, everyday isn’t going to be sunny, and some days I will be the statue and some days I’ll be the pigeon. However, this balance is necessary to life.
         Yes, I’m a bit upset that I totaled reliable vehicle that was paid for. Yes, I’m a bit upset that someone who I called to pick me up from the accident scene hung up on me. However, I’m thankful on two accounts. I’m thankful I have a reliable car to drive and I wasn’t furthered inconvenienced. I’m thankful that someone who called himself my “friend” and “ally” was revealed.
         Look for the lessons in life’s setbacks. If we focus on the negative we’ll never advance. However, if we learn how to see the positive we’ll move in the right direction.

         No, I’m not saying that there is a positive in every situation because there isn’t. However, we must accept that there is both good in life and bad in life; that’s just the nature of life. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people; sometimes there is no rhythm or reason but it is us to accept the good as well as the bad and move forward.


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