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You're Good, He's Just Not Ready

You’re Good, He’s Just Not Ready By: Ryan D. Daniels

Originally posted August 29, 2016
Before going any further with this piece commit this phrase to memory: You are never good enough for a man that isn’t ready.
So girl, what’s up? What’s wrong with you? I mean you’re smart, you’re pretty, you can cook, you gave him some soul-snatching sex, you are the total package but yet he isn’t ready.
The conversation may have went a little bit like this:
You: "Hey, so we've been kicking it for a minute. I'm into you and I can tell you're into me too. I wouldn't mind us being exclusive." Him: "I mean you're a good girl. You're cool, I like you. But I'm not ready for a relationship right now." 
Understand this you can have all the characteristics I listed plus some but if a man isn’t ready he isn’t ready. Your positive attributes hold no weight to a man that isn’t ready. Why isn’t he ready?

Self-Care Ain’t Chocolate, Wine, and Retail Therapy

Self-Care Ain’t Chocolate, Wine, and Retail Therapy By: Ryan D. Daniels
Chocolate, a whole bottle of red wine, and a trip to the mall are so often classified as “self-care”. However, they are not the only way to take care of yourself and to treat yourself well. Here are a few more ways we may not consider when it comes to living our best lives.